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Safety Instructions; Delivery; Installation; In Daily Use - Siemens Dishwasher Operating Instructions Manual



Table of Contents

Safety instructions


– Check the packaging and dishwasher
immediately for damage caused in
transit. Do not switch on a damaged
appliance, but contact your supplier.
– Please dispose of the packaging
material in an environmentally friendly
– Do not let children play with packaging
and its parts. There is a risk of
suffocation from collapsible boxes and


Read the "Installation" chapter to learn
how to install and connect the appliance

In daily use

– Use the dishwasher only in the
household and only for its designed
purpose: for washing domestic dishes.
– Children or people whose physical,
sensory or mental abilities prevent
them from using the appliance safely
must not use this appliance without
supervision or instruction
by a responsible person.
– Do not lean or sit on the open door.
The appliance could tip.
– Please note that free-standing
appliances may tip over if the baskets
are overloaded.
– Do not add any solvents to the washing
chamber. Danger of explosion!
– Open the door carefully when the
programme is still running. There is a
risk of hot water spraying out of the
– To prevent injuries, e. g. caused by
stumbling, open the dishwasher only
briefly in order to load and unload
the dishwasher.
– Read and observe the safety
information and instructions for use on
the packaging for cleaning and rinsing
Knives and other utensils with sharp points
must be placed in the cutlery basket with
the points downwards or horizontally on
the knife shelf *.
* depending on model

Children in the household

– If fitted, use the childproof lock. An
exact description can be found in the
back of the envelope.
– Do not allow children to play with or
operate the appliance.
– Keep children away from detergents
and rinse aid. These may cause
chemical burns in the mouth, throat
and eyes or asphyxiation.
– Keep children away from open
dishwasher. The water in the rinsing
compartment is not drinking water and
could contain detergent residue.
Childproof lock (door lock) *
The description of the childproof lock is at
the back in the envelope.
* depending on model


– The appliance may be repaired and
opened up by a technician only. To do
this, disconnect the appliance from the
power supply. Pull out the mains plug
or switch off the fuse. Turn off the tap.


– Make redundant appliances unusable
to prevent subsequent accidents.
– Dispose of the appliance in an
environmentally friendly manner.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents