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Troubleshooting - GE JGP628 Technical Service Manual

36/30-inch cooktop revitalization gas model
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Table of Contents
Possible Causes
Burner flames are
very large, yellow
or yellow-tipped
Burners do not light
Ticking sound of
spark igniter
persists after burner
Ticking sound
persists after burner
is turned OFF
Tiny scratches (may
appear as cracks)
or abrasions on
glass ceramic
Hot sugar mixtures
or plastic melted to
the surface


The combustion quality
of burner flames needs
to be determined visually.
Plug on cooktop is not
completely inserted in
the electrical outlet.
Gas supply is not
connected or turned ON.
A fuse may be blown or a
circuit breaker tripped.
Burner parts not replaced
Igniter tip broken or bent.
Igniter switch defective.
Spark module defective.
Control knob is still in
the LITE position.
Be sure the knob is in
the OFF position.
Incorrect cleaning
methods being used.
Hot cooktop came into
contact with these
– 21 –
What to Do
• Use the illustrations below to determine if the burner
flames are normal. If the burner flames look like A, see
Flame Adjustments. Normal burner flames should look
like B or C, depending on the type of gas you use. With
LP gas, some yellow tipping on outer cones is normal.
A–Yellow flames
B–Yellow tips
Call for service
on outer cones
Normal for LP gas
• Make sure electrical plug is plugged into a live,
properly grounded outlet.
• See the Installation Instructions that came with the
• Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
• Make sure the pins in the burner head are properly
located in the burner base holes.
• Replace igniter.
• Replace igniter switches.
• Replace spark module.
• Turn the knob beyond the LITE position to the desired
• Turn the burner off and relight. If ticking is still
present, replace the igniter switches.
• Remove knob by pulling it straight off the stem and
check the bottom of the knob for any buildup of soil. If
ticking persists, replace the igniter switches.
• Use recommended cleaning procedures as described
in Use and Care manual.
• See the Cleaning the Glass Ceramic Cooktop
section of the Use and Care manual.
C–Soft blue flames
Normal for natural

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Table of Contents

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