GE JGP328 Installation Instructions Manual
GE JGP328 Installation Instructions Manual

GE JGP328 Installation Instructions Manual

30" sealed gas cooktop
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Available languages

30" SealedGas Cooktop
JGP328, JGP330, JGP933,
JGP940, JGP945
Ouestions? Call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737) or Visit our Website at:
In Canada, call 1.800.561.3344
or Visit our Website at:
• This product must be installed by a licensed
or gas fitter.
• When using ball-type gas shut-off
valves, they
shall be the T-handle type.
• A flexible gas connector,
when used, must not
exceed 3 feet.
Read these instructions
and carefully.
- Save these
forlocal inspector's use.
- Observe
codes and ordinances.
• Note to Installer-
Be sure to leave these
with the Consumer.
• Note to Consumer
- Keep these instructions
future reference.
• Product failure due to improper
is not
covered under the Warranty.
- This appliance
must be
properly grounded.
- Leak testing of the
applianceshall be conducted accordingto the
• Proper installation
is the responsibility
of the
installer and product failure due to improper
is NOT covered under warranty.
-&WARN ING - Disconnect
all electrical
power at the main circuit breaker
or fuse box beforeinstalling.
If the information
in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire,
explosion or gas leak may result causing property
damage, personal injury or death.
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other
Do not try to light any appliance.
Do not touch
any electrical
switch; do not use any phone in
your building.
call your gas supplier from a
phone. Follow the gas supplier's
• If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire
and service must be performed
by a qualified
installer, service agency or
the gas supplier.
This cooktop
has been design certified
by CSA International.
You'll find safety precautions
in your Owner's Manual.
Read them carefully.
of this cooktop
must conform
local codes or in the absence of local codes with
the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA
Be sure your cooktop
is installed properly
by a
installer or service technician.
To eliminate
reaching over surface burners,
cabinet storage above burner should be avoided.
Do not install the unit near an outside door or
where a draft may affect its use.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for GE JGP328

  • Page 1 Installation 30" SealedGas Cooktop Instructions JGP328, JGP330, JGP933, JGP940, JGP945 Ouestions? Call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737) or Visit our Website at: In Canada, call 1.800.561.3344 or Visit our Website at: IN THE COMMONWEALTH FOR YOUR SAFETY: MASSACH USETTS: _WARNING If the information •...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PARTS INCLUDED ELECTRICAL REOUIREMENTS This appliance must be supplied with the proper voltage and frequency and connected to an individual, properly grounded branch circuit, protected by a circuit breaker or fuse having 2 Screws Foam Tape amperage as noted on the rating plate.
  • Page 3: Pre-Installation

    Installation Instructions PRE-INSTALLATION CHECKLIST Remove Installation Instructions from When preparing cooktop opening, make sure the inside of the cabinet and the literature pack and read them carefully cooktop do not interfere with each other. before you begin. (See section on preparing the opening.) Be sure to place all literature, Use and Care,...
  • Page 4: Preparing The Opening

    Installation Instructions PREPARING THE OPENING MAINTAIN THE FOLLOWING RECOMMENDED GAS SUPPLY MINIMUM CLEARANCE LOCATION FROM BACKWALL DIMENSIONS 1" Min. From Backwall 15" MAX. Depth of unprotected 6" IVllN.clearance from Recommended II cutout to side wall on the gas supply location "_ 15-i/_' overhead cabinets...
  • Page 5: Installing The Cooktop Unit

    Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE COOKTOP UNIT LOCATE ELECTRICAL OUTLET AND LOCATE MOUNTING PARTS GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE BENEATH Remove the hold down brackets from the CABINET literature package. s¢ NEVER REUSE OLD CONNECTORS WHEN shutoff :\ INSTALLING THIS Valvo iElectrical UNIT. Outlet 12"...
  • Page 6 Installation Instructions INSTALLATION--GAS CONNECTIONS PROVIDE ADEQUATE INSTALL REGULATOR ONTO GAS SUPPLY BURNER BOX BOTTOM This cooktop is designed to operate on natural Screw the regulator gas at 4" of water column manifold pressure and onto the burner 7" of water column (W.C.) supply pressure. It is box bottom pipe shipped from the factory set for natural gas.
  • Page 7 Installation Instructions INSTALLATION OVER BUILT-IN CHECK FOR LEAKS OVEN Before testing for leoks, moke sure oll burner knobs (]re in the OFF position. See built-in oven installation for complete installation instructions. After connecting the cooktop to gas, check system for leaks with (] manometer. If (] manometer is not available, turn the gas supply on to the cooktop...
  • Page 8 Installation Instructions INSTALLATION--ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS ./I,WARN ING ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AND OUTLET - Disconnect oil electricol power ot the main circuit breoker An odequote electricol supply ond outlet must or fuse box before instolling. be used to operote the electricol ports of your cooktop.
  • Page 9 Installation Instructions A _^,|'T'|_L, USAGE SITUATIONS WHERE _ILI,.,/'_U/IU I_1: Attaching the adaptor ground APPLIANCE POWER CORD terminal to the wall receptacle cover screw does not ground the appliance unless the screw is metal, and WILL BE DISCONNECTED not insulated, and the wall receptacle is grounded INFREQUENTLY through...
  • Page 10: Cooktop Burners

    Installation Instructions COOKTOP BURNERS Burner Hake sure the pins in ASSEMBLING THE COOKTOP the burner heads BURNERS match the burner The electrode of the spark igniter is exposed. Be bose indentutions careful not to push any cooktop controls while the Burner head and that they ore top of the burner is removed.
  • Page 11 Installation Instructions CHECK IGNITERS THE BURNER FLAMES Operation of the electric igniters should be checked Turn each burner on. Flames should be blue in color after the cooktop and supply line have been with no trace of yellow. The burner flames should carefully checked for leaks and not flutter or blow away from the burner.
  • Page 12: Operation Checklist

    Installation Instructions OPERATION CHECKLIST Hake sure all controls are left in the OFF When ordering parts, always include the serial position. Check to be sure the cooktop is in the number, model number and a code letter to UNLOCKED position (on models so equipped). ensure proper replacement parts.
  • Page 13: Making The Lp Conversion

    WB28T10228 JGP945 WB28T10230 JGP933 WB28T10232 Small Flat-Head JGP330 WB28T10234 Screwdriver (4mm or JGP328 WB28T10236 5/32" tip size, 60mm Safety Glasses long) SAFETY INFORMATION ADJUST YOUR COOKTOP FOR USE SHOULD KNOW WITH LP GAS The pressure regulator and burner orifices are set...
  • Page 14 Installation Instructions MAKING THE LP CONVERSION (CONT.) CHANGE COOKTOP BURNER CHANGE COOKTOP BURNER ORIFICES ORIFICES (CONT.) Remove the top grotes, NOTE: On most burners, burner cops, ond burner the orifices hove o spring- Retoiner _[ Remove This heods. Iooded retoining ring Ground Ring the hex heud to hold the...
  • Page 15 Left Rear Left Front Right Front These marks denote the precise location of each Model Orifice Orifice Orifice orifice to the cooktop burner. JGP328 OOOO JGP330 JGP933 JGP940 18,000 BTU/HR Burner (on some models) JGP945 Replace: With: Main 206XN --) 108XL Simmer markings located in the sides only.
  • Page 16 Installation Instructions MAKING THE LP CONVERSION (CONT.) ADJUST BURNER FLAMES Make the adjustment by slowly turning the screw until flame appearance is correct. Turn all burners full on and check the flames. Note: Some models may contain a silicone shield They should be blue in color with some yellow which covers the valve switch and access hole.
  • Page 17 Instructions Table de cuisson scell d°installation au gaz de 76 cm (30") JGP328, JGP330, JGP933, JGP940, JGP945 Web 8 I'odresse ' I Pl Questions? Appelez le Centre de r_ponse 1.800.561.3344 ou visitez notre site AVANT DE COMMENCER POUR VOTRE SI_CURITI_...
  • Page 18 Instructions d'instollotion INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES DE SI CURITI PII_CES COMPRISES La conception de votre table de cuisson a 6t6 approuv6 par I'ACNOR International. Vous trouverez des pr6cautions _] prendre en mati_re de s6curit6 duns votre Guide d'utilisation et de soins. Lisez-les attentivement.
  • Page 19 Instructions d'installation LISTE DE VITRIFICATION AVANT INSTALLATION Enlevez les instructions d'installation de la Pour pr6parer I'ouverture de la surface de trousse de documentation et lisez-les cuisson, vous devez vous assurer que I'int6rieur de I'armoire ne touche pas la table soigneusement avant de commencer.
  • Page 20 Instructions d'installation PRI:!PARATION DE L°OUVERTURE VOUS DEVEZ RESPECTER LES EMPLACEMENT RECOMMA.NDI_ DE DEGAGEMENTS MINIMAUX L'ALIMENTATION DE GAZ A SUIVANT PARTIR DU MUR ARRII_RE Profondeur max de 33 cm (13") des armoires en surplomb non prot6g6es D6gagement min. de 15 2.5 cm (1") min. du mur arri_re cm (6") d6coupage au i,r_prpdaeeiCl6t6 6 droite de...
  • Page 21: Installation

  • Page 22 Instructions d'installation INSTALLATION--BRANCHEMENT DU GAZ FOURNISSEZ UN BON INSTALLEZ LE RI_GULATEUR EN APPROVISIONNEMENT BAS DE LA BO/TE DE BROLEURS EN GAZ Vissez le r6gulateur dans le raccord du bas de Cette table de cuisson est congue pour fonctionner la boTtede br01eurs. gaz nuturel (_une pression de tubulure d'admission Assurez-vous que le de 4 po.
  • Page 23 Instructions d'installation VI_RIFIEZ QU°IL N'Y A PAS INSTALLATION SUR UN FOUR DE FUITE ENCASTRI_ Avant de v6rifier qu'il n'y a pas de fuite, assurez- Consultez I'installation du four encastr6 pour y trouver les instructions d'installation. vous que tousles boutons de brGleurs soient en position OFF (arr#t).
  • Page 24 Instructions d'installation INSTALLATION--RACCORDS I LECTRIQUES -A AV ERTISSEM ENT - D6branchez tout ALIMENTATION I_LECTRIQUE ET PRISE courant 61ectrique au niveuu du disjoncteur la maison ou de la boTte 6 fusibles avant d'installer. Vous devez utiliser une bonne alimentation 61ectrique et une bonne prise pour faire fonctionner les 616ments 61ectriques de votre table de cuisson.
  • Page 25 Instructions d'instollotion INSTALLATION--RACCORDS I LECTRIQUES (SUITE) A MISE EN GARDE : sivous fixez SITUATION D'UTILISATION OU LE CORDON D'ALIMENTATION D'UN broche de raise 5 Ioterre de l'adaptoteur 5 une visdu couverclede Io prise murole,celo ne met pas 5 APPAREIL I_LECTROMI_NAGER EST Ioterre l'opporeil, 5 mains que Iovissalt en m6tol et INFRI_QUEMMENT DI_BRANCHI_...
  • Page 26 Instructions d'instollotion BROLEURS DE LA TABLE DE CUISSON Capuchon de brOleur Assurez-vous que les ASSEMBLEZ LES BROLEURS DE LA broches des t#tes de TABLE DE CUISSON brOleur L'61ectrode de I'allumeur est expos6e. Faites correspondent attention de ne pas pousser un contr61e de la table T_te de brOleur creux de lu base de de cuisson quand le haut du brGleur est enlev&...
  • Page 27 Instructions d'installation VI_RIFIEZ LES ALLUMEURS ALLUMAGE DES BRULEURS Vous devez v#rifier le fonctionnement Allumage de la table de cuisson- Ouand vous des allumeurs 61ectriques upr_s vous #tre mettez le bouton de la table de cuisson en position soigneusement ussur6 que lu table de cuisson et lu LITE (allumage), I'allumeur fair une s6rie d'6tincelles ligne d'upprovisionnement n'ont pus de fuite et que...
  • Page 28 Instructions d'instollotion BROLEURS DE LA TABLE DE CUISSON (SUITE) LES FLAMMES DU BRULEUR GRILLES DE BRULEUR Les quatre grilles de br_leur sont conques pour leur Allumez chaque brOleur. Les flammes doivent @tre emplacement particulier. Pour obtenir une stabilit6 bleu sans trace dejaune. Les fiammes du br01eur maximum,...
  • Page 29 Instructions d'installation CONVERSION AU GAZ PROPANE (LP) RENSEIGNEMENTS RELATIFS .a,LA AJUSTEZ VOTRE PLAQUE DE CUISSON _, UN USAGE SI_CURITI_ QUE VOUS DEVEZ CONNATTRE AU GAZ LP Les diaphragmes du r#gulateur de pression et D#branchez tout le courant #lectrique, du brOleur sont r6gl6s pour le gaz naturel. Pour utiliser niveau du disjoncteur principal ou de la boTte...
  • Page 30 Instructions d'installation CONVERSION AU GAZ PROPANE (LP)(SUITE) CHANGEZ LES DIAPHRAGMES DES CHANGEZ LES DIAPHRAGMES DES BRULEURS DE LA TABLE DE BRULEURS DE LA TABLE DE CUlSSON CUISSON {SUITE) Enlevez les grilles du NOTE : Sur I(] plup(]rt des haut, les copuchons brOleurs, les diaphragmes Bague de r6tention...
  • Page 31 Ces signes indiquent I'emplacement pr6cis de ModUle gauche gauche droit chaque diaphragme sur le br01eur de la table de cuisson. JGP328 OOOO JGP350 JGP955 JGP9/40 JGP9/45 Remptacez: Avec: Principal 206XN -) 108XL Br01eur de 18,OOOBTU/HR (sur certaines modules) iVlijoteur 57N...
  • Page 32 Instructions d'installation CONVERSION AU GAZ PROPANE (LP)(SUITE) AJUSTEZ LES FLAMMES DES Continuez _ ujuster en tournant lentement visjusqu'_ ce que les flummes soient normules. BRULEURS Remarque : Quelques modules sont _quip_s d'un _crun Allumez tousles brGleurs au maximum en silicone recouvrunt les volunts et le trou d'ucc_s. v6rifiez les fiammes.

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