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Important Safety Notice - Silvercrest NUK-2100 User Manual And Service Information

Adaptor set for network and usb connections
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Important Safety Notice

Before you use these devices for the first time, please
read the corresponding notes in this manual even if you
are familiar with handling electronic devices.
Keep this manual safe for future reference. If you sell or
pass these devices on to another person, it is imperative
that you also hand over this manual.
Do not allow children to use electrical devices when not
under supervision. Children may not comprehend the
presence of potential risks. Swallowing small parts can
be potentially dangerous.
Install the cables in a safe way. Avoid tripping over them.
Do not expose the devices to direct sunlight or place
them near sources of heat.
Protect the cables and devices from dust, dirt and
abrasive liquids.
Do not open the housing of the devices as they contain
no serviceable parts.
The equipment and cables must not be splashed by
water. Do not place any recipients containing liquids
(such as vases or beverages) onto or next to the
Do not place any fire sources (such as candles) onto or
next to the devices.


Table of Contents