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Supplied Items; Safety Instructions; Intended Use; General Precautions - Silvercrest SUNL 1.2 A1 User Manual


Table of Contents

Supplied items

1 x USB charger adapter
1 x user manual

Safety instructions

Intended use

The USB charger adapter SUNL 1.2 A1 is used
as intended if it is solely used for charging
devices with a USB charge socket from a
110/240 V mains socket. Any other use is not
as intended.
The manufacturer does not assume any liability
if ...
 The USB charger adapter is not used in
accordance with its intended purpose.
 The USB charger adapter is damaged,
incomplete or modified prior to connection
and use.
 Devices are connected to the USB charger
adapter which are not suitable for charging
via a USB connection. Consult the documen-
tation of the device which you want to con-
nect to ensure that it is suitable for charging
with this device.
This is an information technology device. It may
only be used for private purposes, but not for
industrial or commercial purposes.

General precautions

 Keep electric devices away from children or
persons with mental or physical limitations!
Never let such persons use electric devices
without supervision. They cannot always
recognise possible hazards.
USB charger adapter SUNL 1.2 A1


Table of Contents

Table of Contents