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To cut the sides straightly, we recommend cut-
ting from bottom to top in the direction of
growth. Younger stems tend to move outwards
when cutting them from top to bottom, resulting
in shallow patches or holes in the hedge.
To reach a level finish, fasten a piece of string
along the length of the hedge at the required
height and use as an alignment guide. Cut the
hedge just above the string.
Always take care to avoid cutting into objects
such as wire, which could cause damage to the
cutting blades and the drive.


The following chart lists problem symptoms, possible causes and corrective action, if your garden
product does not operate properly. If these do not identify and correct the problem, contact your
service agent.
Warning: Switch off and remove the battery prior to any troubleshooting.
Possible Cause
Hedgecutter does
Battery discharged
not operate
Safety switch not activated correctly see "Initial Operation"
Hedgecutter oper-
Internal wiring of garden product
ates intermittently
On/Off switch defective
Motor reverses repeatedly then stalls
after 3 s.
Motor runs but
Internal fault
blades remain sta-
Cutting blade hot
Cutting blade blunt
Cutting blade has dents
Too much friction, due to lack of lu-
Blade will not move
Battery discharged
Garden product defective
Garden product defective
F 016 L70 729 | (13.12.10)
Anti Blocking
The garden product has a patented feature
which works as follows:
If the blade stalls on a tough material, the load
of the motor increases. The intelligent micro-
electronics senses this overload condition and
repeatedly reverses the motor, in order to pre-
vent stalling and to cut the material through.
This audible reversing cut action continues for
up to 3 s.
After cutting through, the garden product con-
tinues in its normal mode, or in case the over-
load condition continues the blades automati-
cally stop in the open position (e. g. in case a
piece of metal fence accidentally blocks the gar-
den product).
Corrective Action
Recharge battery; also see "Battery
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
see "Working Advice" (Anti Blocking)
Contact Service Agent
Have blade sharpened
Have blade inspected/overhauled
Apply lubricant spray
Recharge battery; also see "Battery
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents