Product Description And Specifications - Bosch AHS 48 LI Original Instructions Manual

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Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the battery charg-
Children or persons with mental or physical
limitations may only use the charger under
supervision or after having been instructed.
A thorough introduction reduces operating
errors and injuries.
Products sold in GB only: Your product is fitted
with an BS 1363/A approved electric plug with
internal fuse (ASTA approved to BS 1362).
If the plug is not suitable for your socket outlets,
it should be cut off and an appropriate plug fit-
ted in its place by an authorised customer serv-
ice agent. The replacement plug should have the
same fuse rating as the original plug.
The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a
possible shock hazard and should never be in-
serted into a mains socket elsewhere.
Product Description and
Read all safety warnings and all in-
structions. Failure to follow the
warnings and instructions may re-
sult in electric shock, fire and/or se-
rious injury.
While reading the operating instructions, unfold
the graphics page for the garden product and
leave it open.
Intended Use
The machine is intended for cutting and trim-
ming hedges and bushes in domestic use.
F 016 L70 729 | (13.12.10)
Delivery Scope
Carefully remove the garden product from its
packaging and check if the following parts are
– Hedgecutter
– Blade guard
– Operating instructions
Battery and charger are included in certain exe-
When parts are missing or damaged, please con-
tact your dealer.
Product Features
The numbering of the garden product features
refers to the illustration of the garden product
on the graphics page.
1 Cutting blade
2 Front handle guard
3 Front handle with On/Off switch lever
4 Lock-off button for On/Off switch
5 Rear handle with On/Off switch
6 Battery
7 Ventilation slots
8 Blade guard
9 Battery charger
10 LED indicator
11 Serial number
Accessories shown or described are not part of the
standard delivery scope of the product. A complete
overview of accessories can be found in our acces-
sories program.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents