Initial Operation - Bosch AHS 48 LI Original Instructions Manual

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Firstly, place the battery 6 as shown in the figure
onto the front of the battery charger ( ) and
then press the battery 6 down at the rear ( ).
To remove the battery, proceed in reverse order.
Due to the intelligent charging method, the
charging condition of the battery is automatical-
ly detected and the battery is charged with the
optimum charging current, depending on bat-
tery temperature and voltage.
This gives longer life to the battery and always
leaves it fully charged when kept in the charger
for storage.
Note: The charging procedure is only possible
when the battery temperature is within the al-
lowable charging temperature range, see sec-
tion "Technical Data".
Flashing Battery Charge Indicator 10
The charging procedure is sig-
nalled by a flashing battery
charge indicator 10.
Continuous Lighting of the Battery Charge In-
dicator 10
Continuous lighting of the
battery charge indicator 10
indicates that the battery is
fully charged or that the tem-
perature of the battery is not within the allowa-
ble charging temperature range, and cannot be
charged for this reason. The battery is charged
as soon as the allowable charging temperature
range is reached.
When the battery is not inserted, continuous
lighting of the battery charge indicator 10 indi-
cates that the mains plug is inserted in the sock-
et and that the battery charger is ready for oper-
Charging Advice
With continuous or several repetitive charging
cycles without interruption, the charger can
warm up. This is not meaningful and does not in-
dicate a technical defect of the battery charger.
A significantly reduced working period after
charging indicates that the battery is used and
must be replaced.
Bosch Power Tools
The battery is equipped with a NTC temperature
control which allows charging only within a tem-
perature range of between 0 °C and 45 °C. A
long battery service life is achieved in this man-
The "Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)" protects
the lithium ion battery against deep discharging.
When the battery is run down or discharged, the
garden product is shut off by means of a protec-
tive circuit: The blade no longer moves.
Do not continue to press the
On/Off switch after the garden
product has been automatically switched off.
The battery can be damaged.

Initial Operation

Inserting the Battery (see figure A)
Insert the battery into the machine as shown.
The battery must be felt to engage.
Switching On (see figure B)
Press and hold the On/Off switch 5 on the
rear handle.
Pull the safety switch 4 upward.
Then press the front On/Off switch 3.
Switching Off
Release the front 3 or rear 5 On/Off switch.
Working Advice (see figures C–E)
Warning: Hold the hedgecutter away from
yourself using both hands. Stand in a se-
cure and stable position.
Always lubricate the cutting blade with pro-
tective spray before use.
Cuts stems up to 15 mm in thickness (max.).
When cutting, move steadily along the line of
cut, so that stems are fed directly into the cutter
blades. The double edge cutting blade enables
cutting in either direction, or with a side to side
Cut the sides of the hedge first, then the top.
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