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Initial Operation; Working Advice - Bosch AHS 48 Li Original Instructions Manual

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The Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects
the lithium ion battery against deep discharging.
When the battery is run down or discharged, the
machine is shut off by means of a protective cir-
cuit: The blade no longer moves.
Do not continue to press the On/Off switch
after an automatic shut-off of the machine.
The battery can become damaged.

Initial Operation

Inserting the Battery
Insert the battery into the machine as shown.
The battery must be felt to engage.
Switching On
Press and hold the On/Off switch 5 on the
rear handle.
Pull the safety switch 4 upward.
Then press the front On/Off switch 3.
Switching Off
Release the front 3 or rear 5 On/Off switch.

Working Advice

Warning: Hold the hedgecutter away from
yourself using both hands. Stand in a se-
cure and stable position.
Power-Tech: The product has a patented
feature which works as follows: If the blade
stalls on a tough branch, the load of the mo-
tor is increasing. The intelligent micro-elec-
tronics senses this overload condition and
repeatedly reverses the motor, in order to
prevent stalling and to cut the branch
through. This audible reversing cut action
continues for up to 3 s. After cutting
through, the machines continues in its nor-
mal mode, or in case the overload condition
continues the blades automatically stop in
the open position (e.g. in case a piece of
metal fence accidentally blocks the ma-
F 016 L70 582 | (17.12.08)
Cuts stems up to 15 mm in thickness (max.).
When cutting, move steadily along the line of
cut, so that stems are fed directly into the cutter
blades. The double edge cutting blade enables
cutting in either direction, or with a side to side
Cut the sides of the hedge first, then the top.
To cut the sides straightly, we recommend cut-
ting from bottom to top in the direction of
growth. Younger stems tend to move outwards
when cutting them from top to bottom, resulting
in shallow patches or holes in the hedge.
To reach a level finish, fasten a piece of string
along the length of the hedge at the required
height and use as an alignment guide. Cut the
hedge just above the string.
In order to encourage strong, healthy growth of
your hedge, it is recommended when trimming
the top, to use the Collecto "clippings-collec-
tion" device (accessory).
This accessory conveniently gathers the clip-
pings as you cut, allowing them to be easily
tipped into a bag or sheet placed alongside the
hedge, and thus preventing cut clippings from
falling into the hedge.
Always take care to avoid cutting into objects
such as wire, which could cause damage to the
cutting blades and the drive.
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