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RCA RCU1010 User Manual

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Universal Learning
Remote with
User's Guide
Limited 90-Day Warranty


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Universal Learning Remote with TOUCHSCREEN User’s Guide Limited 90-Day Warranty...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    RCA All Power Off Feature ........
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Smart Macro feature allows multiple commands to be executed with a single keypress. The RCU1010 is easy to use, easy to program, and it gives you total control—at the touch of your fingertips!
  • Page 4: Product Diagram

    Setup Routine and Procedures The SETUP key is located towards the lower right-hand side of the RCU1010 unit. The SETUP key is used to walk you through the steps in setting up the remote. To enter the Setup Mode, press and hold the SETUP key on the rubber keypad for 2-3 seconds until the LED indicator light remains on.
  • Page 5: Enter Setup Mode

    Enter Setup Mode The following are the screen selections available in the Setup Mode. 1. Code Setup Mode? 2. Code Search Mode? 3. Key Labels Mode? 4. Set SmartMacro? 5. Delete a Macro? (Only appears once a Macro function has been programmed.) 6.
  • Page 6: General Setup Notes

    Component Control Screens for one second to confirm the action. Component Control Screens Your RCU1010 displays a different control screen for each of the nine components. You can easily switch between these components by simply pressing the desired LCD component key.
  • Page 7: Code Entry

    Code List Entry, Code Search or Code Autosearch. You can enter codes in your RCU1010 from the Code Lists using the SETUP key. (Refer to the Code Lists of the most popular brands at the end of this User’s Guide.) When you enter a valid code for any given mode (e.g., when you enter a valid code for a TV), the default key labels are displayed on the touchscreen,...
  • Page 8: Code Search

    LCD EXIT key and then the LCD OK key on the Exit Setup Screen. 7. With the component on, aim the RCU1010 at the component and press and release the ON•OFF key. If you have entered the correct code number for your component, it responds to the ON•OFF key.
  • Page 9: Code Autosearch

    LCD EXIT key, followed by the LCD OK key on the Exit Setup Screen. Code Autosearch Your RCU1010 has the ability to automatically scroll through the entire Code Lists by using the Autosearch feature. To start a Code Autosearch, follow these steps: 1.
  • Page 10: Code Autosearch

    If your component responds to the command, and the Note: RCU1010 sends the next code before you have a chance to press and release the LCD OK key, you can backtrack through the Code List by pressing CH- or the LCD DOWN ARROW.
  • Page 11: Key Label Options

    Key Label Options With the RCU1010, you have the ability to customize the LCD key labels to meet your needs. Key Label Options allow you to change the LCD key labels to match the functions on your original component remote controls. It is recommended that the Key Label Options feature be used only after you have finished programming all your components.
  • Page 12: Change Lcd Key Labels Within A Component

    Change LCD Key Labels Within a Component (continued) To reset the current key labels within a component to Note: their default settings, press and hold the current component key for three seconds. Resetting any key label within a component to its power-on default setting results in an automatic save for that mode.
  • Page 13: Learned Key Reference

    Learned Key Reference Page IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot learn any commands under the LCD LEARN, LCD MACRO, SETUP, BACKLIGHT or any LCD component keys. The following screen can be used to store learned keys under a component mode. This page can be used to document the learned keys. Component:________________ Component:________________ Component:________________...
  • Page 14: Learning

    This clears all Learned commands for all component modes. (See section on Master Clear.) 3. Point the top of the original remote at the base of the RCU1010 so the IR LED on the original remote is in line with the RCU1010 Learn sensor, located at the bottom of the remote.
  • Page 15: Clear All Stored Learned Commands Under A Mode

    2. Place the first original remote in the Learning position (see Learning Tips section on pg. 14). Point the top of the original remote at the base of the RCU1010 so the IR LED on the original remote is in line with the RCU1010 Learn sensor, located at the bottom of the remote.
  • Page 16: Master Clear

    Clear All Stored Learned Commands Under a Mode (continued) 4. Press and release the desired component key for the Learned commands you want the RCU1010 to clear (TV, VCR, SAT, AUX, etc.). Only the components that have Learned commands are Note: shown on the LCD touchscreen.
  • Page 17: Smartmacro Key Operations

    SmartMacro Key Operations Your RCU1010’s SmartMacro feature allows you to execute a sequence of commands with one keypress. A SmartMacro learns any sequence of original remote commands. A total of 20 Learned commands can be stored under each of the nine available LCD Macro keys. If you program all 20 keys into a SmartMacro, the Macro is automatically stored after the twentieth Learned command is completed.
  • Page 18: Program A Smartmacro

    Program a SmartMacro (continued) 12. Once you are finished programming the Macro, press and release the LCD OK key to confirm and save. 13. The touchscreen returns to the Set SmartMacro? Screen. 14. The SmartMacro programming is complete. To exit the Setup Mode, press and release the LCD EXIT key, followed by the LCD OK key on the Exit Setup Screen.
  • Page 19: Edit A Smartmacro Inter-Key Delay

    5. The LCD touchscreen displays the Confirm To Delete? Screen. Press and release the OK key on the LCD. If you are in the process of deleting a SmartMacro and Note: you decide not to delete it, you can abort the deletion process by pressing the LCD EXIT key.
  • Page 20: Event Timer

    Event Timer Set an Event Timer The Event Timer lets you program your RCU1010 to turn a component (TV, VCR, AUDIO, etc.) on or off at the preprogrammed time. For example, you can program your AUDIO equipment to turn music on, program your TV as a Sleep Timer to turn off at a certain time, or program your VCR to turn on and record.
  • Page 21: Delete An Event Timer

    7. The minutes (MM) digits are now flashing. Press and release the LCD UP or DOWN ARROW key to select the minutes. Press and release the LCD OK key. 8. Press and release the LCD OK key again to confirm and save. 9.
  • Page 22: Tv Or Cd/Audio Volume Punch-Through

    Exit Setup Screen. TV or CD/AUDIO Volume Punch-through Your RCU1010’s Volume Punch-through feature allows you to choose which component mode (either TV or AUDIO 1, 2, 3 or 4) controls the VOL+, VOL- and MUTE keys on the rubber keypad.
  • Page 23: Vcr/Dvd Punch-Through

    LCD OK key on the Exit Setup Screen. VCR/DVD Punch-through Your RCU1010 punches through the five transport keys (REVERSE, PLAY, FORWARD, STOP and PAUSE) to VCR or DVD Mode, whichever was used most recently. Punch-through to VCR or DVD transport keys on the rubber keypad is only allowed for TV, VCR, DVD and CABLE Modes.
  • Page 24: Additional Features

    Additional Features Keypress Beep Feature Your RCU1010 beeps whenever a key is pressed to acknowledge the keypress. You can turn this feature on or off. The default setting is On. To turn the Keypress Beep on or off, follow these steps: 1.
  • Page 25: Set Day And Time For Lcd Display

    4. Press and release the SETUP key or the LCD UP ARROW key repeatedly until the Set LCD On Time? Screen is displayed. Press and release the LCD OK key. 5. The LCD displays the LCD On for 10 Secs Screen (or the length of time previously programmed).
  • Page 26: Backlighting

    Set Day and Time for LCD Display (continued) 8. The HOURS (HH) digits will now be flashing. Press and release or press and hold the LCD UP or DOWN ARROW keys to select the hour. Press and release the LCD OK key once you have reached the correct hour.
  • Page 27: Master Reset

    LCD EXIT key, followed by the LCD OK key on the Exit Setup Screen. Master Reset A Master Reset returns all the RCU1010 defaults back to the original factory settings. The Master Reset clears all customer-programmed codes, Learned commands and SmartMacros, and resets all key labels.
  • Page 28: Rca All Power Off Feature

    RCA All Power Off Feature The RCA All Power Off feature is available in all normal operating modes. If the ON•OFF key on the rubber keypad is pressed twice consecutively (within two seconds), all RCA equipment is turned off. The touchscreen shows the Power Off Screen while this routine is active.
  • Page 29 LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) acts as the “virtual keypad” on the remote. The touchscreen is normally blank when the remote is not in use. Pressing the SETUP or BACKLIGHT key, or touching anywhere on the LCD, turns the display on. The remaining rubber keys do not activate the display. Please use only your finger to touch the LCD screen.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    You have trouble changing the channels on key to be pressed after a channel is selected, your TV. press the LCD ENTER key on the RCU1010 to select the channel. Try using the LCD MENU, GUIDE, or The LCD SELECT key is not responding.
  • Page 31: Code Lists

    Code List Televisions Abex ..................... . .185 Acme .
  • Page 32 RCA ........
  • Page 33 VCR/PVR Admiral ....................001 Adventura .
  • Page 34 RCA ........
  • Page 35: Satellite Receivers

    DSS RCA ........
  • Page 36: Audio Systems

    RCA ........
  • Page 37: Laser Disc Players

    RCA ........
  • Page 38: Helpline


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