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Mitsubishi Electric Apricot VS Owner's Handbook Manual Page 39

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3. Identify the cache memory socket see appendix B 'System
4. To fit or remove a module in the cache socket, you may have to
5. Remove the existing Cache memory SIMM module (if fitted) by
6. Fit the new Cache memory SIMM module by aligning the
7. If necessary, replace any expansion cards you removed earlier
8. Refit and secure the system unit cover, reconnect the system and
9. Check the BIOS sign-on message to see the new value of cache
Motherboard', in conjunction with the picture below.
remove any expansion cards that are in the way. (Take note of
which way all cables are connected.) Disconnect any cables
connected to the cards, remove the screws that secure the cards
at the rear of the system unit, then remove the cards from the
system unit.
carefully lifting by the edges. It is a tight fit.
module with the slot and carefully pressing home. It will only fit
in one way. Remember, it is a fairly tight fit.
and reconnect all cables etc.
switch on.
memory is displayed.


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