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Color Management Sdk - Xerox FreeFlow Manual

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Press and Xerox
Both the Xerox
Color 800/1000 Press and Xerox
as well as Alternative Grace Period Licensing.

Color Management SDK

The Color Management SDK provides third party access to color measurement data generated by the
Inline Spectrophotometer (ILS). A Color Management service uses the SDK to submit a test print job
with a specific target PDF document. When the job prints, the output is measured with the ILS and the
resulting data file is automatically returned to the submitting application. A Color Management service
typically uses this data to do the following:
Determine whether the print quality is within a target tolerance, and/or
Generate new ICC profiles to adjust the color output.
The Color Management SDK uses the industry standard protocol JDF/JMF to support the print
submission with an associated measurement request, as well as to return the resulting data.
The initial deployment is as part of a Xerox Cloud Color Management (CM) Solution. In this solution, a
Cloud CM service user is allowed to submit a test print job from the Cloud CM service and FreeFlow
Print Server returns the color measurement reading of the job Cloud CM service. The color
measurement data is used by the CM service to generate a set of new International Color Consortium
(ICC) profiles to improve the color output of the printer. In this release, these new profiles must be
downloaded manually into FreeFlow Print Server. In the future, the new profiles will download
While the Cloud Color Management Solution is the initial deployment, the FreeFlow Print Server
functionality is considered to be an Software Development Kit (SDK) interface. The SDK must be
licensed, whether it is being used with the Cloud solution or not.
Color 800/1000
150 Press now offer Color Management SDK
Print Server
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