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Xerox 6030 Release Note

Accxes firmware 12.2 b 107
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XEROX FreeFlow™
Accxes Firmware
12.2 b 107
Release Notes
(For YKE, YKE-N,
and FRX Controllers)
May, 2007


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 XEROX FreeFlow™ Accxes Firmware 12.2 b 107 Release Notes (For YKE, YKE-N, and FRX Controllers) May, 2007...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction FEATURE KEYS: 1.1.1 Feature Key Descriptions Release Deliverables Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Solution Xerox 8850, 510dp Print Systems Xerox Print System 721p Xerox 8825, 8830 Print Systems Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution Recommended Configurations Release Installation 4.1.1...
  • Page 3 8.4.1 Manual feed media source will be ignored when used with the Accxes Client Tools’ page composition feature. Web Print Manager Tool (WebPMT) 8.5.1 Printer Queue – Main WebPMT Screen 8.5.2 German users only 8.5.3 Large Scaling Factors 8.5.4 HPGL Page – End of File 8.5.5 Display of Media Usage 8.5.6...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    The FreeFlow™ Accxes Controller Firmware Release 12.2 b 107 provides multinational software for the Xerox 510dp, 721p, 6030, 6050, 6204, 8825, 8830, 8850 and for the Xerox Wide Format Scan System. The languages supported are English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Portugues, and Russian.
  • Page 5 Scan to Print To scan, create a preview, and send the scanned image to the printer. • Xerox Wide Format Scanner Features: Color Enablement –Accxes - Allows color scanning when scan to net license is present. Speed Enhancement Turbo II – Accxes - Enables 4 ips scan speed for 36” wide.
  • Page 6: Release Deliverables

    2 Release Deliverables 2.1 Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Solution The following executable is provided for the Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Solution and supports the Xerox Wide Format Scan System. YKE/YKEN/FRX Controller: YKE_YKEN_FRX_6030_12_2b107.disk.bin (file size = 43,638,760 bytes) 2.2 Xerox 8850, 510dp Print Systems The following executables are provided for the Xerox Wide Format Print System 8850 and 510dp and support the Xerox Wide Format Scan System scanner.
  • Page 7: Recommended Configurations

    The following table specifies the RAM requirements for the various systems and configurations supported by the FreeFlow Accxes controller. YKE Controller System Recommend 510, 721, 512 MB 1 GB 6030, 6050, 8825, 8830, 8850 6204 1 GB Any system 1 GB with...
  • Page 8: Release Installation

    Accxes revisions. Regarding scanner firmware revisions: If you are upgrading the firmware of a system containing a Xerox Wide Format Scanner, you must also ensure that the scanner firmware is upgraded, prior to upgrading the controller, to the following version: Xerox Wide Format Scanner –...
  • Page 9: New Features Of

    5 New Features of 12.2 The following is a list of new features since 12.1 of the FreeFlow Accxes Controller. 5.1 Support for Time Zones The FreeFlow Accxes controller now fully implements world wide time zones including automatic daylight saving adjustments. This feature is supported on the Web Printer Management Tool on the Configuration >...
  • Page 10: New Features Of

    6 New Features of 12.1 The following is a list of new features since 12.0 of the FreeFlow Accxes Controller. 6.1 Secure Mailbox support for 6204 This feature allows the user to assign a unique password to each scan-to-net mailbox on a 6204. The password can be set for scanning into the mailbox only, or retrieving only, or for any access.
  • Page 11: New Raster Dfi's Supported

    6.4 New Raster DFI’s supported The following Raster formats are now supported when enabled with a Raster feature key. • JPEG 2000 • • • 6.5 Login Page for the Web Interface In the upper right corner of the Web Interface there is now a login link which will allow the system administrator to enter in the system password to allow him to make changes to the configuration.
  • Page 12: New Features Of

    7 New Features of 12.0 The following is a list of new features since version 11.1 of the FreeFlow Accxes Controller. 7.1 Updated Postscript interpreter For FreeFlow Accxes 12.0 on YKE Controllers, the Adobe rendering engine has been upgraded from 3016.103 to 3017.102. This includes several advantages: •...
  • Page 13 Netscape 8.0 Internet Explorer 6.0 Mozilla 1.7 FireFox 1.5 Opera 9.01 Mac OS X with latest security patches. Page 13...
  • Page 14: Release Notes

    8 Release Notes The following information supplements the 12.0 customer user guides. 8.1 6204 Specific 8.1.1 Copying ARCH-E size prints To maximize copying of ARCH-E size prints always copy them using the preset output format ARCH-E. When copied in synchro mode it is likely that ARCH-E documents will scan as 1220mm and will incur unneeded pauses between printing pages.
  • Page 15: Wide Format Scanner

    8.3.2 Clear Last Image When the “Clear Last Image” feature is selected on the Xerox Wide Format Scan System, it may take a few minutes for a Photo or Color mode scanned document to clear out. After scanning a document, this feature is accessed by selecting the “C”...
  • Page 16: Recalling Sets

    pages ahead of the printer causing a queue that is larger than the system can hold. The solution is to wait for several of the pages to complete printing before copying any additional documents. 8.3.9 Recalling sets When a set is recalled, the scanner UI settings are not set to reflect their state for the last page scaled, but are in a “neutral”...
  • Page 17: Large Scaling Factors

    The units of measurement may not be the same. Both the WebPMT and Test print display Linear Media Usage as zero (0) for the 6030 and 6050 printers. This is caused by a limitation in the interface between the FreeFlow Accxes controller and the printer.
  • Page 18: Disk Image Overwrite

    inappropriate data is sent, an error message is returned. To verify valid changes to printer settings, a test print can be printed to view the changed settings. 8.5.8 Disk Image Overwrite OVERVIEW The Disk Image Overwrite feature has two operations: Immediate and On Demand. The immediate operation overwrites image data on the hard drive immediately after it is no longer needed (i.e.
  • Page 19: Customer Issues Resolved

    9 Customer Issues Resolved 9.1 The following customer issues were resolved in 12.2 b 107 Issue Description Problem SPAR# 335098581 Selection of different image – 6204 Copier Image types on the 6204 scanner Types did not request specific image type processing. SPAR# 705110594 Certain PDF files would print –...
  • Page 20: The Following Customer Issues Were Resolved In 12.1 B 110

    SPAR# 76492593 – When recalling a scanning 6204 UI not template on the 6204, the recalling all STN format always reverts to settings . TIFF. SPAR# 312764109 Scan-to-FTP functionality – Novel FTP was not working when submitting to certain versions of Novell. 6204 Image Type Copies made with different selection not...
  • Page 21: The Following Customer Issues Were Resolved In 12.0 B 256

    Issue Description Problem SPAR# 624754302 New http interface in 12.0 – Unable to would only support a certain download large number of bytes for the Account Database to Accounting database. Accxes 9.6 The following customer issues were resolved in 12.0 b 256 Issue Description Problem SPAR# 491325836 -...
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