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Xerox 850DP - Phaser Color Solid Ink Printer Release Note

Accxes firmware 10.3.3 b 106 (for hft, pun, cng controllers)
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XEROX FreeFlow
AccXES Firmware
10.3.3 b 106
(for HFT, PUN, CNG
June, 2006


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 XEROX FreeFlow AccXES Firmware 10.3.3 b 106 (for HFT, PUN, CNG Controllers) June, 2006...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction FEATURE KEYS: 1.1.1 Feature Key Descriptions Release Deliverables Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Solution Xerox 8850, 510dp Print Systems Xerox Print System 721p Xerox 8825, 8830 Print Systems Xerox Print System X2 TECH Recommended Configurations Release Installation New Features of 10.3.3 b 106...
  • Page 3 The following Customer issues were resolved in 10.2 b 141 The following Customer issues were resolved in 10.1 b 118 The following Customer issues were resolved in 10.1 b 116 Appendix 10.1 Controller Installation for Xerox Wide Format Solution 10.1.1 AccXES Client Tools 10.1.2 WebPMT 10.1.3...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    The AccXES Controller Firmware Release 10.3.3 b 106 provides multinational software for the Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Solution, Xerox Wide Format Print Systems 8825, 8830, 8850, 510dp, 721p, and for the Xerox Wide Format Scan System. The languages supported are English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Portugues, and Russian.
  • Page 5 Speed Enhancement Turbo III – AccXES – Enables 7.33 IPS Scanning on HFT/PUN model controllers only • Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Printer Print Server Enablement – Enables print and copy mode for remote printer. For more information on Feature Keys, see the Feature Key Instructions and Coupon Exchange screens on the website.
  • Page 6: Release Deliverables

    PUN Controller – PUN_6030_10_3_3b106.disk.bin (file size = 7,736,382 bytes) 2.2 Xerox 8850, 510dp Print Systems The following executables are provided for the Xerox Wide Format Print System 8850 and 510dp and support the Xerox Wide Format Scan System scanner. HFT Controller – HFT_8850_10_3_3b106.disk.bin (file size = 7,639,614 bytes) HFT Controller –...
  • Page 7: Xerox Print System X2 Tech

    PUN Controller – PUN_8830_10_3_3b106.disk.bin (file size = 7,640,368 bytes) CNG Controller – CNG_8830_10_3_3b106.disk.bin (file size = 10,319,876 bytes) N5T Controller – N5T_8830_10_3_3b106.disk.bin (file size = 10,319,876 bytes) 2.5 Xerox Print System X2 TECH The X2 TECH is no longer supported. Page 7...
  • Page 8: Recommended Configurations

    3 Recommended Configurations Table 1: Minimum (Min.) and Recommended (Rec.) RAM Configurations (MB) F5Y, EV4, KLF, and UP8 controllers are no longer supported. CNG/N5T Controller HFT/PUN Controller System Min. Rec. Min. Rec. 8825, 8830, 8850 510, 6030, 6050 Page 8...
  • Page 9: Release Installation

    9.0, you must install 9.0 or higher before upgrading to 10.3.3. Regarding scanner firmware revisions: If you are upgrading the firmware of a system containing a Xerox Wide Format Scanner, you must also ensure that the scanner firmware is upgraded, prior to upgrading the controller, to the following version: Xerox Wide Format Scanner –...
  • Page 10: New Features Of 10.3.3 B 106

    5 New Features of 10.3.3 b 106 Version 10.3.3 build 106 is intended to be a SPAR release for the HFT, and PUN controllers. The following features were added as part of those SPAR fixes. 5.1 Additional Postscript functionality Versions of FreeFlow Accxes prior to 11.3 did not apply the Accxes contrast/lightness settings to PDF or PostScript prints.
  • Page 11: New Features Of 10.3.2 B 201

    6 New Features of 10.3.2 b 201 Version 10.3.2 build 201 is intended to be a SPAR release for the HFT, and PUN controllers, there are no new features beyond 10.3.1. The following is a list of new features since version 10.2 of the Accxes Controller. 6.1 Title-block setting removed from Scanner UI menu (10.3.1) The menu entry for setting the title-block location has been removed from the scanner UI menu in...
  • Page 12: 10.0-10.2 Feature Enhancements

    These messages are especially useful to trained Xerox personnel when diagnosing problems. Turning disk logging off does not erase the log file, it simply closes it and does not write any more records to it. Turning disk logging on begins to append new information to the bottom of the log file.
  • Page 13: Support For 30 Inch Roll On 6030/6050 Printer

    7.6 Support for 30 inch roll on 6030/6050 printer Support of 30 inch rolls on the 6030/6050 printer changed for version 3.2.00. Version 10.1 of AccXES supports 3.2.00 version of 6030/6050 printer and later. See you local Service Representative for proper installation and configuration of the 3.2.00 printer firmware. 7.7 Disk Image Overwrite The main feature for this release is the security feature, disk image overwrite.
  • Page 14: Release Notes

    8 Release Notes The following information supplements the 10.X customer user guides. 8.1 Controller 8.1.1 Disk Image Overwrite OVERVIEW The Disk Image Overwrite feature has two operations: Immediate and On Demand. The immediate operation overwrites image data on the hard drive immediately after it is no longer needed (i.e.
  • Page 15 USING ON DEMAND IMAGE OVERWRITE (ODIO) The On Demand Image Overwrite (ODIO) feature is designed to clean the system after it has been used by overwriting the entire HDD and is activated by pressing the “Start” button on the Security Feature Web Pages shown below.
  • Page 16 USING IMMEDIATE IMAGE OVERWRITE (IIO) The Immediate Image Overwrite (IIO) feature is designed to keep the system clean while it is being used. The status of the feature is displayed on the “Security” page as shown below by the solid circle.
  • Page 17 "RASTER STAMP REJECTED“. Scanned images are deleted after they are processed and are not available for recall In the event of a failure of either an IIO or an ODIO operation, a failure page will be generated. This page has a customizable string that can be used to direct the operator to take a particular action.
  • Page 18 SCAN TO FTP The Scan-To-FTP feature is enabled by the Scan-To-Net feature key and is configured by the “Scan Destinations” web page as shown below. The “Scan Destinations” web page can only be modified by the system administrator, assuming that the system administrator password is set to a non-zero value.
  • Page 19: Firmware Installation Of A Device Failed

    8.1.2 Firmware Installation of a Device Failed If a firmware installation fails, repeat the installation procedure. Occasionally, other events may interrupt the firmware installation on the AccXES controller. 8.1.3 Blank Pages after Firmware Installation If, after a firmware installation, the system begins to print out blank pages the hardware needs to be reset.
  • Page 20: Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Solution

    8.3 Scanner 8.3.1 Clear Last Image When the “Clear Last Image” feature is selected on the Xerox Wide Format Scan System, it may take a few minutes for a Photo or Color mode scanned document to clear out. After scanning a document, this feature is accessed by selecting the “C”...
  • Page 21: Upgrade Test Print

    8.3.3 Upgrade Test Print After upgrading to the latest scanner firmware, check the Scanner Configuration section at the bottom of the Configuration Test Print. If “None” shows for the values of Type, Product, Firmware, and Vendor, then print out another test print to view the correct values. 8.3.4 Scan-to-Print and Margins When performing a scan-to-print operation the scanned image is printed using the current printer processing defaults including margins.
  • Page 22: Accxes Client Tools

    8.4 AccXES Client Tools 8.4.1 Manual feed media source Manual feed media source will be ignored when used with the AccXES Client Tools’ page composition feature. Go to AccXES Client Tools > Job Option tab > Composition tab > Select Overlay Images > Media Source drop down menu.
  • Page 23: Large Scaling Factors

    The WebPMT Linear Media Usage displays the Media Usage in METERS. The mechanical meters used on the Xerox Wide Format Print System 721p IOTs can be programmed using the IOT diagnostics and are determined by which mode (ANSI or ISO) that the IOT is programmed to operate in.
  • Page 24: Default Postscript Page Size

    number of 0, then select the Nesting Length to be 60 cm and press “UPDATE PRINTER”, that setting becomes the Nesting Length setting for Active User 0. If you then enter Active User Setup 1 and select “UPDATE PRINTER”, the Nesting Length for Active User 1 was also changed to 60 cm.
  • Page 25: Printer Password IF YOU ARE USING INTERNET EXPLORER 4.0 ON A WINDOWS NT SYSTEM You may encounter difficulty saving pen patterns. On the WebPMT go to Printer Defaults > Pen Patterns. When you choose the “Save Pattern” button, Internet Explorer may choose to automatically open your pattern in Microsoft Paint instead of the option of saving it to a file.
  • Page 26: Customer Issues Resolved

    9 Customer Issues Resolved 9.1 The following Customer issues were resolved in 10.3.3. b 106 Issue Description Problem Resolution CGM default line width The default line width was The CGM interpreter now calculated incorrectly and properly calculates the default resulted in the first drawing line width.
  • Page 27: The Following Customer Issues Were Resolved In 10.3.1 B 220

    software Controller method. SPAR#884585109 Unable to shift the printed file Modified internal memory on the media area. (Use allocations to support “Used Marked Area not functioning Marked Area” on larger files. properly) SPAR# 899341349 AutoCAD Wipeout does not Modified lightness adjustment block out background when to keep almost white colors lightness is used...
  • Page 28: The Following Customer Issues Were Resolved In 10.2 B 141

    Issue Description Problem Resolution CPR #2005-08-18-SIEM06-01 Default fold settings were Fold settings are now being reset after power cycle maintained across power of the controller. cycles. Initial Folder configuration Intermitantly the folder was The folder configuration issues. not properly recognized by the routine was enhanced to controller resulting in reprinted handle additional error cases...
  • Page 29: The Following Customer Issues Were Resolved In 10.1 B 118

    Issue Description Problem Resolution printers. Image wrap on 721 printers. A large number of files with The error handling was lots of invalid PJL commands batched so as to minimize were submitted causing the impacts on system resources. controller to perform a large A checkbox was also added to amount of error handling the WebPMT to enable...
  • Page 30: The Following Customer Issues Were Resolved In 10.1 B 116

    9.7 The following Customer issues were resolved in 10.1 b 116 Issue Description Problem Resolution Job recovery for the 721 The system did not reliably A new short sheet detection printer fails to reprint a page at detect and reprint short pages. algorithm was devised which end of roll.
  • Page 31: Appendix

    10 Appendix 10.1 Controller Installation for Xerox Wide Format Solution IMPORTANT NOTE: The controller will only accept the installation when there are no active jobs being processed. NOTE: Make sure that the connection to the scanner is enabled. This is done on the WebPMT, by going to Printer Defaults >...
  • Page 32 Page 32...
  • Page 33 ©XEROX Inc. 2006. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America XEROX®, XEROX Wide Format 510DP, 721P, 6030/6050, Xerox Wide Format 8850 Digital Solution, Xerox Wide Format Scan System, AccXES, and acronym, XEROX, are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. 6/2006...