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Husqvarna K 3600 MKII Operator's Manual: Drive; Fitting The Blade

Husqvarna concrete ring saw operator's manual.
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On account of the machine's unique design the driving power
is not transferred at the centre of the blade. The flanges on the
two guide rollers run in the blade's grooves. Springs on the
guide rollers press out the rollers, which in turn press the V-
shaped edge on the inside diameter of the blade against the
V-shaped groove in the drive wheel. The drive wheel is fitted
on an axle which is driven by the hydraulic motor.
This allows a total cutting depth of 260 mm (10 inches) with a
350 mm (14 inches) diamond blade.
1 Blade
2 Support rollers
3 Drive wheel
4 Guide rollers
5 V-shaped edge
Basic service
As the blade is used the inside diameter and the groove in the
drive wheel become worn.
The ring cutter will also work well in the future if:
the drive wheel is not too worn
A) New
B) Worn
the guide rollers are not too worn
A) New
B) Worn
adjustment between the rollers and blade is correct.
The roller setting should be checked twice during the life of
the diamond blade, once after fitting the blade and when the
blade is semi worn.
Fitting the blade
WARNING! Always disconnect the power
cutter from the hydraulic connection when
performing a service. Unexpected blade
movements can cause serious injuries.
We offers a number of blades for different materials in its
range. Check with your Husqvarna dealer to see which blades
are best suited for your usage.
WARNING! It is forbidden to reconstruct a
used blade. A used blade may be weakened.
A reconstructed blade can crack or break
into pieces and seriously injury the operator
or other persons.
WARNING! Check that the blade is not
damaged before fitting it on the machine.
Damaged blades can disintegrate and cause
serious personal injury.
Wipe off any dirt from the surface of the blade.
Loosen the locking nuts on the support roller cover.
Unscrew the adjuster screws a few turns.
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