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Husqvarna K 3600 MKII Operator's Manual: How To Avoid Kickback

Husqvarna concrete ring saw operator's manual.
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Large work
Cuts exceeding 1 m - secure a batten along the line to be cut.
The batten acts as a guide. Use this guide to make a marking
cut along the entire length of the cut, 50-70 mm (2-3 inches)
in depth. Remove the guides once the marking cut has been
Small work
First make a shallow marking cut, max 50-70 mm (2-3 inches)
in depth. Now make the final cut.
Cutting sequence
First make the lower horizontal cut. Now make the two vertical
cuts. Finish with the upper horizontal cut.
Remember to divide the blocks up into manageable pieces so
that they can be transported and lifted safely.
CAUTION! If the upper horizontal cut is made before the
lower horizontal cut, the work piece will fall on the blade and
jam it.

How to avoid kickback

WARNING! Kickback can happen very
suddenly and violently; kicking the power
cutter and cutting blade back at the user. If
this happens when the cutting blade is
moving it can cause very serious, even fatal
injuries. It is vital you understand what
causes kickback and that you can avoid it by
taking care and using the right working
What is kickback?
The word kickback is used to describe the sudden reaction
that causes the power cutter and cutting blade to be thrown
from an object when the upper quadrant of the blade, known
as the kickback zone, touches an object.
General rules
Never start to cut with the upper quadrant of the blade as
shown in the figure, also known as the kickback zone.
Always hold the machine in a firm grip with both hands.
Hold it so that the thumbs and fingers grip round the
Keep a good balance and a firm foothold.
Always cut at maximum speed.
Stand at a comfortable distance from the work piece.
Take care when inserting the blade in an existing cut.
Never cut above shoulder height.
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