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Husqvarna K 3600 MKII Operator's Manual: Trouble Shooting; Mechanics

Husqvarna concrete ring saw operator's manual.
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The blade does not rotate.
The blade rotates too slowly.
The blade jumps out of its position. Roller setting too loose.
The blade warps.
Segments break.
The blade cuts too slowly.
The blade slips.


Probable cause
Roller knobs not tightened fully.
The blade not fitted on guide rollers correctly.
Rollers tensioned too much.
Possible faulty hose connection to the hydraulic system.
Possible faulty hose connection to the drive source or other hydraulic problem.
Roller knobs not tightened fully.
Worn drive wheel.
The V-shaped inner diameter of the blade is worn.
The springs on the guide rollers are weakened.
Dirty overpressure valve in the hydraulic system.
Valve knob on the hydraulic motor does not move the correct distance.
Defective roller bearings.
Inadequate oil flow, check the hydraulic oil flow.
Worn guide rollers.
The blade not fitted on guide rollers correctly.
Damaged blade.
Rollers tensioned too much.
Blade overheating.
Bent, twisted or badly maintained blade.
Wrong blade for the material in question.
Check that the right amount of water reaches the blade.
The guide rollers does not move in and out freely. A seized roller can not press the blade hard
enough against the drive wheel.
Worn drive wheel. Abrasive material and too little water when cutting increases the wear on
the wheel.
Worn guide roller flange. When more than half of the width of the flange is worn the blade
The blade's groove and inner edge are worn. Caused by inferior flushing of abrasive material
and/or a worn drive wheel causing the blade to slip.
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