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Husqvarna K 3600 MKII Operator's Manual: General Safety Precautions; General Working Instructions

Husqvarna concrete ring saw operator's manual.
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Checking the blade guard
WARNING! Always check that the guard is
correctly fitted before starting the machine.
Also check that the blade is fitted correctly
and is not damaged in anyway. A damaged
blade can cause personal injuries. See
instructions under the heading Assembly.
Check that the guard is complete and without any cracks or

General safety precautions

A power cutter is designed to cut hard materials, such as
masonry. Observe the increased risk of kickback when
cutting soft materials. See instructions under the heading
How to avoid kickback.
Do not use the power cutter until you have read the entire
contents of this Operator's Manual.
All servicing, in addition to the points listed in the section
"Control, maintenance and service of the power cutter's
safety equipment", should be carried out by trained
service specialists.
Never use the machine if you are tired, if you have drunk
alcohol, or if you are taking medication that could affect
your vision, your judgement or your co-ordination.
Wear personal protective equipment. See instructions
under the heading Personal protective equipment.
Never use a machine that has been modified in any way
from its original specification.
Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry out the checks,
maintenance and service instructions described in this
manual. Some maintenance and service measures must
be carried out by trained and qualified specialists. See
instructions under the heading Maintenance.
Never allow anyone else to use the machine without first
ensuring that they have understood the contents of the
operator's manual.
Transport and storage
Do not store or transport the power cutter with the blade fitted.
Store the power cutter in a lockable area so that it is out of
reach of children and unauthorised persons.
The blade should be removed from the machine after use and
stored well. Store the blade in the dry.
General working instructions
WARNING! This section describes basic
safety directions for using a power cutter.
This information is never a substitute for
professional skills and experience. If you get
into a situation where you feel unsafe, stop
and seek expert advice. Contact your dealer,
service agent or an experienced power
cutter user. Do not attempt any task that you
feel unsure of!
Basic safety rules
Look around you:
- To ensure that people, animals or other things cannot affect
your control of the machine.
- To make sure that none of the above might come into
contact with the cutting equipment.
Do not use the machine in bad weather, such as dense
fog, rain, strong wind, intense cold, etc. Working in bad
weather is tiring and can lead to dangerous conditions,
e.g. slippery surfaces.
Never start to work with the power cutter before the
working area is clear and you have a firm foothold. Look
out for any obstacles with unexpected movement. Ensure
when cutting that no material can become loose and fall,
causing operating injury.Take great care when working on
sloping ground.
Make sure that no clothes or parts of the body come in
contact with the cutting equipment when it is rotating.
Keep at a safe distance from the cutting equipment when
it is rotating.
The guard for the cutting equipment must always be on
when the machine is running.
Ensure that the working area is sufficiently illuminated to
create a safe working environment.
Do not move the machine when the cutting equipment is
Always ensure you have a safe and stable working
Make sure that no pipes or electrical cables are routed in
the area to be cut.
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