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Machine's Safety Equipment - Husqvarna 1152450-26 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna electric cut off saw operator's manual
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Machine' ' ' ' s safety equipment
This section describes the machine's safety equipment, its
purpose, and how checks and maintenance should be carried
out to ensure that it operates correctly. See the "What is
what?" section to locate where this equipment is positioned
on your machine.
WARNING! Never use a machine that has
faulty safety equipment! Carry out the
inspection, maintenance and service
routines listed in this section.
All servicing and repair work on the machine
requires special training. This is especially
true of the machine' ' ' ' s safety equipment. If
your machine fails any of the checks
described below you must contact your
service agent. When you buy any of our
products we guarantee the availability of
professional repairs and service. If the
retailer who sells your machine is not a
servicing dealer, ask him for the address of
your nearest service agent.
The power switch should be used to start and stop the
Checking the power switch
Start the machine, release the power switch and check
that the engine and the cutting blade stop.
A defective power switch should be replaced by an
authorized service workshop.
Power switch lock
The power switch lock is designed to prevent accidental
operation of the switch. When the lock (A) is pressed in the
power switch (B) is released.
The power switch lock remains depressed as long as the
power switch is depressed. When the grip on the handle is
released both the power switch and power switch lock are
reset. This movement is controlled by two independent return
springs. This position results in the machine stopping and the
power switch being locked.
Checking the power switch lock
Make sure the power switch is locked when the power
switch lock is in its original position.
Press in the power switch lock and make sure it returns to
its original position when you release it.
Check that the power switch and power switch lock move
freely and that the return springs work properly.
Start the machine, release the power switch and check
that the engine and the cutting blade stop.
Gradual start and overload protection
The machine is equipped with electronically controlled
gradual start and overload protection.
The engine starts to pulsate if the machine is loaded above a
specific level. If the load is reduced the engine reverts to its
normal state and cutting can resume.
The electronics will cut the current after a set time if the
machine continues to be run with a pulsating engine. The
higher load the faster the shutoff.
The electronics cut the current immediately if the blade jams.
Guard for the blade
This guard is fitted above the cutting blade and is designed to
prevent parts of the blade or cutting fragments from being
thrown towards the user.
Checking the blade guard
WARNING! Always check that the guard is
correctly fitted before starting the machine.
Check that the cutting blade is fitted
correctly and does not show signs of
damage. A damaged cutting blade can cause
personal injury. See instructions under the
heading Assembly.
Check that the guard is complete and without any cracks
or deformations.
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