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Maintenance; General; Cleaning; Electrical Feed - Husqvarna 1152450-26 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna electric cut off saw operator's manual
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WARNING! Inspection and/or maintenance
should be carried out with the motor
switched off and the plug disconnected.


Cooling system
The machine is equipped with an efficient fan to cool the
motor. Cooling air which is drawn in through the grille by the
machines rear handle passes over the stator and rotor and
out through the front of the motor housing.
In order for the machine to always be cooled sufficiently the
cooling air openings must be kept clear and clean. Blow down
the machine regularly with compressed air.
WARNING! K3000 is not equipped with
ground fault circuit interrupter. Do not wash
the machine with water, as water can enter
the electrical system or the engine and
cause damage to the machine or short
K3000 Wet
WARNING! Do not use a high pressure
washer when rinsing the inside of the
The machine can withstand taking in damp air and splashes
during the cutting process. Clean water does not affect the
machine's function.
When cutting materials such as concrete or brick, which can
contain salt, you must rinse the machine after the work is
finished. The cleaning reduces the risk for accretions building
up inside the engine, which can cause leakage current
between electric components, which in turn can cause the
ground fault circuit interrupter to turn off without intention.
Clean the machine daily by rinsing it with clean water after
the work is finished.
Place the machine with the rear handle facing upwards.
Rinse the air intakes at the rear handle with clean water.
The water will run out through the front air outlets.
Connect the plug and run the engine dry for approx. 30
sec in order to speed up the drying of the engine.
16 –


Electrical Feed

Check that the cord and extension cord are intact and in good
condition. Never use the machine if the cord is damaged,
hand it in to an authorized service workshop for repair.

Replacing the carbon brushes

Check the carbon brushes at least once a month. The carbon
brushes should be replaced with new brushes if they are
worn, cracked or in any other way deformed.
All carbon brushes must be replaced when the brushes are
Remove both inspection covers by loosening both screws.
Unscrew the cable holding the carbon brush. Now lift up
the spring and then lift out the carbon brush from the
brush retainer.
Clean the brush retainers with a dry brush.
Carefully blow away the dust.
Fit the new carbon brushes and, at the same time, check
that they slide easily in the brush retainers.
Fold down the springs and tighten the cable.
New carbon brushes must be run in for approximately 40
minutes while idling.
WARNING! Never use damaged cables. They
can cause serious, even fatal, personal



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