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Assembly; Fitting The Cutting Blade; Guard For The Blade - Husqvarna 1152450-26 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna electric cut off saw operator's manual
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WARNING! Always pull out the plug from the
outlet socket before cleaning, maintenance
or assembly.

Fitting the cutting blade

Husqvarna's blades are approved for hand-held power
cutters. Blades are manufactured with three different
diameters of centre holes: 20 mm (0.787"), 22.2 mm (7/8")
and 25.4 mm (1"). Bushings can be fitted on the machine axle
to adjust the machine to the centre hole of the blade. Use a
bushing with the correct diameter! The blades are marked
with the diameter of the centre hole.
The blade is placed on the bushing (C) between the inner
flange washer (A) and the flange washer (B). The flange
washer is turned so that it fits on the axle.
Tightening torque for the bolt holding the blade is: 15-25 Nm
The cutting blade/axle can be locked by holding in the locking
button on the rear of the machine. The button is spring-loaded
and is reset when button is released.
When a diamond blade is mounted on the power cutter make
sure that the diamond blade will rotate in the direction
indicated by the arrow on the blade.
There is an arrow on the machine that indicates the axleís
direction of rotation that the disc is mounted on.
When the blade is replaced with a new one, check the flange
washers and the drive axle. See instructions under the
heading Checking the drive axle and flange washers.
14 –
Checking the drive axle and flange
Check that the threads on the drive shaft are undamaged.
Check that the contact surfaces on the blade and the flange
washers are undamaged, of the correct dimension, clean,
and that they run properly on the drive axle.
Do not use warped, notched, indented or dirty flange
washers. Do not use different dimensions of flange washers.

Guard for the blade

The guard must always be fitted on the machine.
The guard for the cutting equipment should be adjusted so
that the rear section is flush with the work piece. Spatter and
sparks from the material being cut are then collected up by
the guard and led away from the user.



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