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General Working Instructions - Husqvarna 1152450-26 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna electric cut off saw operator's manual
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General working instructions

WARNING! This section describes basic
safety directions for using a power cutter.
This information is never a substitute for
professional skills and experience. If you get
into a situation where you feel unsafe, stop
and seek expert advice. Contact your dealer,
service agent or an experienced power
cutter user. Do not attempt any task that you
feel unsure of!
Cutting technique
The technique described below is of a general character.
Check information for each blade regarding individual cutting
characteristics (for example, diamond blades requires less
feeding pressure than an abrasive discs).
Support the work piece in such a way that it is possible to
predict what will happen, and so that the cut remains open
while cutting.
Ensure that the cutting blade is fitted correctly.
Always hold the machine in a firm grip with both hands.
Hold it so that the thumbs and fingers grip round the
Check that the blade is not in contact with anything when
the machine is started
Start cutting with the machine running at maximum
Start cutting smoothly, allowing the machine to work
without forcing or pressing in the blade. Always cut at
maximum speed.
Move the blade slowly forwards and backwards to achieve
a small contact area between the blade and the material
to be cut. This reduces the temperature of the blade and
ensures effective cutting.
12 –
The guard for the cutting equipment should be adjusted so
that the rear section is flush with the work piece. Spatter
and sparks from the material being cut are then collected
up by the guard and led away from the user.
Feed down the machine in line with the blade. Pressure
from the side can damage the blade and is very
WARNING! Under all circumstances avoid
grinding using the side of the blade; it will
almost certainly be damaged, break and can
cause immense damage. Only use the
cutting section.
Do not pull the power cutter to one side, this
can cause the blade to jam or break
resulting in injury to people.
How to avoid kickback
WARNING! Kickback can happen very
suddenly and violently; kicking the power
cutter and cutting blade back at the user. If
this happens when the cutting blade is
moving it can cause very serious, even fatal
injuries. It is vital you understand what
causes kickback and that you can avoid it by
taking care and using the right working
What is kickback?
The word kickback is used to describe the sudden reaction
that causes the power cutter and cutting blade to be thrown
from an object when the upper quadrant of the blade, known
as the kickback zone, touches an object.



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