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General Cleaning Tips; Cleaning Power; Final Rinse; Shutdown - Husqvarna 1335PW Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas pressure washer operator's manual
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On particularly tough stains, use a brush in
combination with detergents and high pressure
1. Follow manufacturer's label directions for mixing
correct concentrations of soap/detergents. The
soap detergent to water ratio through the pump
is approximately 10% (1 to 10).
2. Insert the filter end of the clear plastic detergent
tube into the detergent container (Models
9030PW and 1335PW).
3. Use the BLACK 65° quick connect spray tip (all
models) (See Figure 16).


1. Apply the detergent so that it thoroughly covers
the cleaning surface. Apply the detergent from
bottom to top to prevent the detergent from
sliding down and streaking. Wait a couple of
minutes for the detergent to break down the
dirt and grime. Use a brush to lightly scrub
heavily soiled areas. NEVER allow the detergent
to dry on the cleaning surface.
2. Replace black 65° quick connect tip with another
color tip.
NEVER replace quick connect tip
when gun is triggered.
3. After using detergents, flush the suction system
by placing the detergent suction tube into a
bucket of clean water.

5. Cleaning Power

The easiest way to regulate the cleaning power of
your pressure washer is by changing the distance
from the surface you are cleaning. Begin spraying
with a wide fan pattern while standing several feet
from the surface. Slowly move closer to the object
you are cleaning, adjusting the spray pattern as
necessary, until you find the most effective cleaning
NOTE: Some units also may have a pressure
adjustment knob on the pump that can adjust the
pressure (models 9030PW and 1335PW).

6. Final Rinse

The final rinse should start at the bottom and work
upward. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse the
surface and that you remove all detergent.
14 — English
To reduce the risk of bodily injury or property
damage, ALWAYS follow this procedure
whenever spraying is stopped, when work is
completed, and before checking or repairing
any part of the system.
1. Engage the trigger safety latch.
2. Turn the unit off.
3. Shut off the water supply.
4. Disengage the trigger safety latch and
trigger the gun to relieve pressure.
5. Re-engage the trigger safety latch.
6. Before overnight storage, long term
storage, or transporting unit, disconnect
the water supply and turn off the fuel
supply valve.

7. Shutdown

1. Be sure all detergent is flushed from system.
2. Turn the engine OFF.
3 Turn the water supply OFF.
4. After the engine and water supply are turned
OFF, trigger the gun to depressurize the system.
engine/motor off. Serious damage could occur to the
pump and/or engine/motor.
the machine while the system is pressurized. To
depressurize, turn engine/motor off, turn water
supply off and squeeze gun trigger 2-3 times.
5. After each use, when engine has cooled, wipe all
surfaces of the pressure washer with a clean,
damp cloth.
DO NOT store the pressure washer outdoors.
DO NOT store the pressure washer where it
might freeze unless it has been properly
NEVER turn the water supply
off before turning the
NEVER disconnect the high
pressure discharge hose from

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