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Frequently Asked Questions; How Do I Start My Pressure Washer; What Type Of Oil Do I Use; Why Don't I Have Any Water Pressure - Husqvarna 1335PW Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas pressure washer operator's manual
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How do I start my pressure
1. Make sure you have gas and oil in the engine.
2. Turn the water on, then squeeze the trigger on
the gun to make sure the water will flow
smoothly out of the nozzle or tip.
3. Put the engine throttle control in the
"Fast/Start" position. Set the fuel valve to "ON"
Set the On/Off switch to "ON" (if applicable).
4. Close the choke.
5. Squeeze and hold the trigger (to relieve any
back pressure in the pump) while pulling the
starter cord.
6. If the engine does not start after three tries, see
Troubleshooting Section (Pages 20-21).

What type of oil do I use?

engine oil types and quantities refer to Pages 16
and 19 of this manual and also refer to the included
engine owner's manual for oil changing instructions.
See Page 17 for pump oil types and quantities.
Please note the 5525PW model has a pump that is
sealed and does not require service.
Why don't I have any water
• Is the water hose attached to the pressure
• Is the water turned on?
• Check for any kinks, leaks, or blockage in the
hoses, fittings, or the nozzle.
• Is the inlet filter screen free of debris? Check and
remove debris if needed.
• Is the quick connect tip in place? (See Page 9.)

How do I get high pressure?

• Use any color tip except black. The black tip is
only used for low pressure detergent application.
How do I get the soap
suction to work?
For Detergent Tanks:
1. Attach clear plastic tube to plastic barb on
detergent tank (see Figure 2).
2. Fill detergent tank with detergent formulated
for use with pressure washers.
3. Install the black spray tip to apply low pressure
For Other Units:
1. Attach clear plastic tube to brass barb on pump
(see Figure 3).
2. Put the other filter end of the clear tube into
the detergent container.
3. Install the black spray tip to apply low pressure
Why doesn't the pressure
washer apply detergents
with high pressure?
The reason you don't apply detergents with high
pressure is that the detergents "bounce" off the
cleaning surface as fast as you apply them.
Detergent is only effective when you allow it time
to work on the surface of whatever you are
cleaning. You can only apply detergent at low
pressure, wait 1-3 minutes to allow it to work, and
rinse the surface with high pressure.
What maintenance do I
need to perform on my
pressure washer?
1. After turning off the pressure washer and the
water, depressurize the hose by triggering the
2. Remove the garden hose and high pressure hose
from the pump.
3. Pull the start rope slowly five times to purge
water from the pump. This will help protect the
pump from damage.
4. DO NOT store your pressure washer in an area
where the temperature will drop below 32˚F /
0˚C) unless pressure washer is properly
winterized (see Page 15).
Where can I buy accessories
for my pressure washer?
• Call your local Husqvarna Dealer.
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