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Initial High Pressure Rinse; Pressure Adjustment; Adjusting The Spray Fan Angle - Husqvarna 1335PW Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas pressure washer operator's manual
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3. Initial High Pressure Rinse

After the engine starts, trigger the gun 3 to 5 times
to get any trapped air out of the system. After the
spray becomes constant, you may need to adjust
the pressure (see pages 13 and 14 for cleaning


Models 9030PW and 1335PW have a pressure
adjustment knob located on the pump (see Figure
11). Turn the knob clockwise to increase the
pressure. Turn the knob counter clockwise to
decrease the pressure. DO NOT try and force the
knob to turn. The knob may already be at either
the lowest or highest setting.
If there is not a plastic adjustment knob located on
the pump (See Figure 11), then the pressure cannot
be adjusted. The only way to adjust the pressure is
to move closer or further away from the cleaning
surface and adjust the spray fan angle as shown in
the next section.
Figure 11 - Camshaft pump pressure adjustment


Your unit has quick connect tips that have a range
of spray fan angles. Model 5525PW includes the
black detergent and yellow 15° quick connect tips
The quick connect tips can be switched out from a
0° narrow high impact stream to a 65° wide fan
The color of the tip shows what spray angle it is:
Red – 0° – Maximum Duty
Yellow – 15° – Heavy Duty
Green – 25° – General Duty
White – 40° – Light Duty
Black – 65° – Low Pressure Detergent
12 — English
Figure 12 - Installing Quick Connect Tip
A narrow stream has high impact force on the
cleaning surface and results in maximum deep
cleaning in a concentrated area. However, this
narrow high impact spray can damage some
surfaces, so use it cautiously. Not recommended for
use on automotive paint, trim and vinyl siding.
Figure 13 - Narrow high impact stream
A wide fan pattern will distribute the impact of the
water over a larger area resulting in excellent
cleaning action with reduced risk of surface
damage. Clean large surface areas quickly using a
wide fan pattern.
Figure 14 - Wide fan pattern
Quick connect tip
Pull collar back

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