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Husqvarna PW 450 Workshop Manual

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Workshop manual
PW 450, PW 460



  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna PW 450

  • Page 1 Workshop manual PW 450, PW 460 English...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Workshop Manual PW 450, PW 460 Contents 1 Introduction and safety regulations ....3 4.3 Wiring diagram .............28 4.4 Circuit diagram ............29 1.1 General ................3 1.2 Revisions ................3 1.3 Target group ..............3 1.4 Safety instructions ............3 1.4.1 General safety instructions ........3 1.4.2 Special safety instructions ........3...
  • Page 3: Introduction And Safety Regulations

    Introduction and safety regulations 1 Introduction and safety regulations 1.1 General 1.4.2 Special safety instructions This workshop manual gives a full description of how to WARNING: Do not use accessories and/or do troubleshooting, repair and test of the high pressure do changes that are not approved by the washer.
  • Page 4 Introduction and safety regulations WARNING: The appliance is only intended for cleaning outdoors. WARNING: Never use the machine in an environment where there could be a danger of explosion. If any doubt arises, contact the local authorities. WARNING: It is not allowed to clean asbes- tos- containing surfaces with high pres- sure.
  • Page 5: Repair Instructions

    Repair instructions 2 Repair instructions 2.1 Product overview 2.1.1 Cabinet parts overview Rear Front English – 5...
  • Page 6: Motor/Pump Unit Overview

    Repair instructions 2.1.2 Motor/Pump unit overview 15 Nm 4 Nm Loctite 680 1,2 Nm Loctite 680 SEALING SYSTEM SEALING SYSTEM STAINLESS SP CERAMIC SP 15 Nm 8 Nm 20 Nm 6 – English...
  • Page 7: To Disassemble/Assemble The Front Cabinet

    Repair instructions 2.2 To disassemble/assemble the front cabinet CAUTION: Do not use any electrical tools to loose the 2 screws from the bottom! The thread/slider can be damaged if too high torque is used. CAUTION: Press the cabinet before tighten- ing the screws! 1.
  • Page 8: To Disassemble/Assemble The Switchbox And Motor Cover

    Repair instructions 2.3 To disassemble/assemble the 3. Assembly: Fix the capacitor with a cable tie. Make sure that the marking is visible. Make sure that the cable switchbox and motor cover tie is placed correctly, see the arrow in the figure below. 1.
  • Page 9 Repair instructions 5. Remove the detergent hose from the hose connection. 6. Remove the internal high pressure hose (A) and the 6 torx screws (B). The motor can now be removed and the motor/pump unit can be lifted out from the cabinet. English –...
  • Page 10: To Disassemble/Assemble The Pump

    Repair instructions 2.4 To disassemble/assemble the 2.4.1 To do maintenance on the bearing pump 1. Examine the bearing parts and make sure that they are not damaged. It is important to remove all damaged 1. Remove the 3 hex screws. parts and debris from the parts: 2.
  • Page 11: To Do Maintenance On The Pump Head

    Repair instructions 2.4.2 To do maintenance on the pump head Lubricate the plane surface of the U-sleeve. NOTE: If ceramic pistons are used, put the additional 1. Remove the pump head from the cylinder block with a disc on top of the water sealing. screwdriver.
  • Page 12 Repair instructions 9. Do a check that the o-ring is correctly placed around the piston. Install the thrust collar in the groove, see the figure below. NOTE: Remember to install the o-ring around the piston before you install the thrust collar! 12 –...
  • Page 13: To Disassemble The Brass Connector Inside The Outlet

    Repair instructions 2.5 To disassemble the brass 2.6 To disassemble/assemble the connector inside the outlet start/stop valve 1. Remove the brass connector. Use an M8 puller, part 1. Remove the U-pin. number 592 94 49-01. 2. Remove the start/stop valve. 2.
  • Page 14: To Adjust The Micro Switch

    Repair instructions 2.7 To adjust the micro switch 12. Let the product run high pressure for 2 min and verify the data according to “3.1 Technical data PW450 and Adjust the micro switch system at working pressure, see PW 460”. “3.1 Technical data PW450 and PW 460”.
  • Page 15: To Replace The Hose (Hose Reel Version)

    Repair instructions 2.8 To replace the hose (hose reel 2.9 To measure the resistance of the version) electrical motor 1. Lubricate the entire nipple item. 3.3 kW Motor 2.9 kW Motor 2.3 kW Motor 2.6 Ω ±10% 2.8 Ω ±10% 2.8 Ω...
  • Page 16: To Service And Repair The Pressure Regulation

    Repair instructions 2.10 To service and repair the 3. Push the pump housing to the capacitator side and simultaneously pull out the control piston (1). Pay pressure regulation attention to the pin (2). During servicing, always inspect O-rings and replace them if necessary.
  • Page 17: To Prepare For Check Of The Cut-Off Pressure

    2.10.4 To prepare for check of the cut-off 2.10.5 To check cut-off pressure pressure 1. Start machine and open the spray gun for approximately 15 seconds. After installation of a new control piston, the cut-off pressure must be checked and, if necessary, set 2.
  • Page 18: To Fine Adjust The Machine Pressure

    2.10.7 To fine adjust the machine pressure 1. Open the spray gun and turn the adjusting nut somewhat counterclockwise to relieve the tension on the spring. 2. Close the spray gun. 3. Check cut-off pressure. Repeat this procedure until the specified cut-off pressure is reached.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications 3 Specifications 3.1 Technical data PW450 and PW 460 Value Unit PW450 PW460 Max pressure Voltage Frequency Rated current 12.6 14.5 Power consumption Motor speed 2800 2800 Flow rate, HP l/min Pump pressure 126 ±9 135 ±9 Nozzle pressur 105 ±9 114 ±9 Standby pressure...
  • Page 20: Appendices And Schedules

    The wobble disc housing is filled with 80 ml BP Bartran HV68 from the production. In case of service where the oil must be changed, Husqvarna recommends to use 80 ml BP Bartran HV68. Alternative oil types that are allowed: •...
  • Page 21: Tools

    Appendices and schedules 4.1.4 Tools Item Description Used for Article number M6 Puller For valve head 592 94 48-01 M8 Puller For valve head 592 94 49-01 T-handle Torx T20 For screws with torx head 588 59 85-01 T-handle Allen key, 6 mm For screws with hexagonal socked head 504 90 00-01 Screw driver, Flat...
  • Page 22: Function

    Appendices and schedules 4.2 Function 4.2.1 Machine stopped and outlet hose emptied Gun trigger is released S/S piston is pulled by S/S spring, no other force NRV is closed by its spring Ball valve pressed against the right seat by spring at the right side of S/S piston Motor pump is stopped Breaker is inactivated...
  • Page 23: Machine Standby

    Appendices and schedules 4.2.3 Machine standby Gun trigger released. S/S piston is pushed to standby by pressure in hose, spring is pressed. NRV is closed by pressure in hose Ball valve pressed against the right seat by spring at the right side of S/S piston.
  • Page 24: Start Stop System Guide - No Pressure In The System

    Appendices and schedules 4.2.5 Start stop system guide - no pressure in the system 4.2.6 Start-up pressure build up 24 – English...
  • Page 25: Pressure Build Up-Opening Pressure / Close Gun

    Appendices and schedules 4.2.7 Pressure build up-opening pressure / close gun 4.2.8 Motor stop - standby pressure English – 25...
  • Page 26: Gun Is Activated

    Appendices and schedules 4.2.9 Gun is activated 4.2.10 Machine run 26 – English...
  • Page 27: Pressure Control Valve Active

    Appendices and schedules 4.2.11 Pressure control valve active English – 27...
  • Page 28: Wiring Diagram

    Appendices and schedules 4.3 Wiring diagram Ø Brown Blue Black Yellow White Capacitor Switch gu/gr (JP:only green) Single-pole switch/ micro switch Control unit Motor Wireless unit 28 – English...
  • Page 29: Circuit Diagram

    Appendices and schedules 4.4 Circuit diagram br[ro] bl[hv] Ø PE gu/gr (JP:only green) gu/gr (JP:only green) S2M Switch P> Brown Thermo 180° (JP:160°) Blue Black Yellow White Capacitor Switch Single-pole switch/ micro switch Control unit Motor Wireless unit English – 29...
  • Page 30 115 97 61-26 2017–11–24...

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