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Check Pump Oil And Pump Oil Changing - Husqvarna 1335PW Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas pressure washer operator's manual
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Checking oil level: Most pumps have either a sight
glass or a dipstick (or both) to check the pump oil
level. The correct oil level is at the center of the
sight glass (center of red dot). The sight glass is
usually located on the back side of the pump [See
Figure 19 (B)].
Figure 19 - Pump Oil Filler Vent Cap (A), Sight Glass
(B), and Drain Plug (C) Locations
For model 5525PW: Pump is factory sealed.
Changing or refilling the oil in the pump requires
removal of the pump from the engine and should
not be required unless oil has leaked out due to
worn or damaged oil seals in the pump. If oil has
leaked out of the pump, bring the pressure washer
to a certified service center for repair.
For models 6026PW, 9030PW, and 1335PW: These units
all have a sight glass to check the oil level and have a
drain plug to remove the old oil when changing. To
add oil remove vent cap from top of pump [See
Figure 19 (A)].
Changing oil: Remove the oil drain plug located at
the backside of the pump [See Figure 19 (C)]. Drain
old oil. Replace drain plug. Refill pump with the
correct type and amount of oil (see below for oil
types and amounts). Check oil level. Upon starting
the pressure washer check for any pump oil leaks.
Pump Oil Type
5525PW - AR Pump - Special. See pump parts
6030PW, 9030PW, 1335PW - CAT Pumps -
Special CAT pump oil. Use 531 30 74-83.
DO NOT use any oil in pumps other than the
manufacturer's oil.
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