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Maintenance Schedule; Information - Husqvarna 1335PW Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas pressure washer operator's manual
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Maintenance Schedule

Each use
After first 5 hours of operation
After first 50 hours of operation
Every 25 hours of operation
Every 50 hours of operation
Each 100 hours of operation or every 3
Every 500 hours of operation (5 months)
NOTE: This is a general maintenance schedule. Refer to the Engine operation manual for specific information
on your engine.
18 — English
Action needed
• Check water inlet screen and filter.
• Check engine and pump oil levels. Fill as necessary. Cannot check
pump oil on the 5525PW.
• Check gasoline level. Fill as necessary.
• Change engine break-in oil. Use SAE30 or 10W-30 detergent
oil if below 60° F (15.7° C).
• Change pump oil. Cannot check or change pump oil on the
• Change engine oil if operating under heavy load or high
ambient temperature.
• Remove and clean foam pre-cleaner or foam air filter (if
applicable). Wash with water and mild detergent. Dry
thoroughly. Rub with oil and squeeze to distribute oil.
• Change engine oil.
• Replace spark plug.
• Clean or replace paper air cleaner cartridge. Tap gently to
remove dirt.
• Change engine oil.
• Change pump oil. Cannot check or change pump oil on the

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