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Safety Guidelines; Important Safety Guidelines - Husqvarna 1335PW Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas pressure washer operator's manual
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Important Safety Instructions
The engine exhaust from
this product contains chemicals
known to the State of California to cause cancer,
birth defects or other reproductive harm.
When using this product, basic precautions should
ALWAYS be followed, including the following:
Read all instructions before using
the product.
To reduce the risk of injury, close
supervision is necessary when the
product is used near children.
Follow all safety codes as well as the Occupational
Safety and Health Act (OSHA).
Ensure safety devices are operating properly
before each use. DO NOT remove or modify any
part of the gun or unit.
Know how to stop this product and bleed
pressure quickly. Be thoroughly familiar with the
Stay alert – watch what you are doing.
DO NOT operate the product when fatigued or
under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Keep operation area clear of all persons.
DO NOT overreach or stand on
unstable support. Keep good
footing and balance at all times.
Follow the maintenance instructions
specified in the manual.
Risk of injection or
severe injury. Keep
clear of nozzle. DO NOT discharge
streams at persons. This product is to
be used only by trained operators.
ALWAYS remove lance from gun before
cleaning debris from tip.
Keep clear of nozzle. NEVER direct high pressure
spray at a person, animal, or yourself.
ALWAYS wear safety glasses or
goggles and protective equipment
(hearing protection, gloves, rubber
boots, protective clothing) when
operating or performing
NEVER put hand or fingers over the spray tip
while operating the unit.
NEVER try to stop or deflect leaks with any body
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exceeds the operating pressure of any
of the parts (hoses, fittings, etc.) in
the pressurized system. Ensure all
equipment and accessories are rated
to withstand the maximum working
pressure of the unit.
cause injury. Examine hoses regularly and replace if
damaged. DO NOT attempt to mend a damaged
ALWAYS engage the trigger safety latch in the
safe position when spraying is stopped even if
only for a few moments.
ALWAYS follow detergent manufacturer's label
recommendations for proper use of detergents.
ALWAYS protect eyes, skin, and respiratory
system from detergent use.
DO NOT use
pressure that
Explosion hazard.
NEVER spray flammable liquids or use pressure
washer in areas containing combustible dust,
liquids, or vapors.
NEVER operate this machine in a closed building
or in or near an explosive environment.
DO NOT remove fuel tank cap or fill fuel tank
while engine is hot or running (allow engine to
cool two minutes before refueling). ALWAYS fill
the tank slowly.
NEVER disconnect the high pressure discharge
hose from the machine while the system is
pressurized. To depressurize machine, turn
power and water supply off, then press the gun
trigger 2-3 times.
NEVER permanently engage the trigger
mechanism on the gun.
NEVER operate the machine without all
components properly connected to the machine
(handle, gun/wand assembly, nozzle, etc.).
Keep hose away from sharp
objects. Bursting hoses may
Equipment damage.
ALWAYS turn water supply "ON" before turning
pressure washer "ON." Running pump dry causes
serious damage.
DO NOT operate the pressure washer with the
inlet water screen removed. Keep screen clear of
debris and sediment.
NEVER operate pressure washer with broken or
missing parts. Check equipment regularly and
repair or replace worn or damaged parts

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