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  • Page 1 Online user’s manual w w w.v t e c h c a n a d a . c o m Models: CS6124/CS6124-11/ CS6124-2/CS6124-21/ CS6124-31...
  • Page 2 Important safety instructions on page 40 of this manual. This manual has all the feature operations and troubleshooting necessary to install and operate your new VTech telephone. Please review this manual thoroughly to ensure proper installation and operation of this innovative and feature rich VTech product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Getting started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Alphabetical search ..16 Parts checklist .
  • Page 4 Table of contents Appendix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Display screen messages.
  • Page 5: Cs6124/cs6124

    Your telephone contains the following items. Save your sales receipt and original packaging in the event warranty service is necessary. Battery compartment Battery Telephone base Telephone (1 for CS6124/CS6124-11) power adapter cover line cord (2 for CS6124-2/CS6124-21) (1 for CS6124/CS6124-11)
  • Page 6: Telephone Base And Charger

    Getting started Telephone base and charger installation Install the telephone base and charger as shown below. If you subscribe to digital subscriber line (DSL) high-speed Internet service through your telephone line, you must install a DSL filter between the telephone line cord and telephone wall jack.
  • Page 7: Battery Installation

    Getting started Battery installation Install the battery as shown below. Plug the battery connector Place the battery with the wires securely into the socket. inside the battery compartment. Slide the battery compartment Place the handset in the telephone cover towards the center of the base or charger to charge.
  • Page 8: Handset Layout

    Getting started Handset layout CHARGE light On when the handset is charging in the telephone base or charger (page 3). CID/VOL- (caller ID/volume) Press to review the call log when the telephone is not in use (page 19). During a call, press to decrease the listening volume.
  • Page 9 Getting started Handset layout MENU/SELECT Press to show the menu. While in a menu, press to choose an item, or save an entry or setting. /VOL + (directory/volume) Press to review the directory when the telephone is not in use (page 16). During a call, press to increase the listening volume.
  • Page 10: Telephone Base Layout

    Getting started Telephone base layout Message window X/DELETE Shows the number of Press to delete the messages and other message currently playing (page 27). answering system information (page 29). When the telephone is not in use, press twice to delete all previously reviewed messages (page 28).
  • Page 11: Telephone Settings

    Telephone settings Using the menu To enter the handset menu: Press MENU/ when the telephone is not in use. SELECT CID or Press until the screen displays the desired feature menu. /SELECT to enter that menu. Press MENU To return to the previous menu, press OFF/CANCEL. •...
  • Page 12: Lcd Language

    Telephone settings LCD language The LCD language is preset to English. You can select English, French or Spanish to be used in all screen displays. Settings To select a language: Press MENU/ when the handset is not in use. SELECT CID or until the screen displays Settings, Press...
  • Page 13: Key Tone

    Telephone settings Key tone Settings You can turn the key tone on or off. Press MENU/ when the handset is not in use. SELECT CID or until the screen displays Settings, Press /SELECT. then press MENU Key tone CID or until the screen displays Key tone, Press /SELECT.
  • Page 14: Home Area Code

    Tone or Pulse, then press /SELECT to Press MENU confirm your selection. You hear a confirmation tone. Website Use this feature to view the VTech website address. Press MENU/ when the handset is not in use. SELECT Press CID or until the screen displays Website, then press /SELECT.
  • Page 15: Telephone Operation

    Telephone operation Make a call • Press and then use the dialing keys (0-9) to FLASH dial the telephone number. Predial a call CANCEL • Enter the telephone number using the dialing keys (0-9), then press to dial. FLASH • The screen shows the elapsed time as you talk (in hours, minutes and seconds).
  • Page 16: Temporary Ringer Silencing

    Telephone operation Temporary ringer silencing When the telephone is ringing, you can temporarily silence the ringer of the handset or telephone base without disconnecting the call. The next call rings normally at the preset volume. To silence the handset ringer: Ringer muted Press OFF/ or MUTE/...
  • Page 17: Multiple Handset Use

    Telephone operation Multiple handset use (for multi-handset models only) You can use both handsets at the same time on an outside call. To share an outside call: • When a handset is already on a call and you would like to join the call, press on the other handset to join the call.
  • Page 18: Redial List

    CANCEL Telephone operation Redial list The telephone stores the five most recently dialed numbers. • When there are already five entries, the oldest entry is deleted to make room for the new entry. • Entries are shown in reverse chronological order. Review and dial from the redial list Press REDIAL/ when the handset is not in use.
  • Page 19: Add A Directory Entry

    Telephone operation Add a directory entry /SELECT, Enter the number when the handset is not in use and press MENU then go to step 3. -OR- Directory When the handset is not in use, press MENU/ SELECT then scroll to Directory and press MENU/ twice.
  • Page 20: Review And Dial From The Directory

    Telephone operation Review and dial from the directory Review Entries are sorted alphabetically. Press when the handset is not in use. Press CID or to browse. When the desired entry displays, press to dial. FLASH Mike Smith 800-267-7377 -OR- When the handset is not in use, press MENU/ SELECT then scroll to Directory and press MENU/ again.
  • Page 21: Edit A Directory Entry

    Telephone operation Edit a directory entry Search for the desired entry in the directory (see Review and dial from the directory or Alphabetical search on page 16). /SELECT. The screen displays When the desired entry appears, press MENU Edit number and the stored number. Edit number •...
  • Page 22: About Caller Id

    Telephone operation About caller ID This product supports caller ID services provided by most telephone service providers. Caller ID allows you to see the name, number, date and time of calls. Some names and numbers may not show because they are not available or blocked by the caller.
  • Page 23: Missed Call Indicator

    Telephone operation Missed call indicator When there are calls that have not been reviewed in the call xx missed calls log, the handset displays XX missed calls. Each time you review a call log entry marked NEW, the 10:15 12/25 number of missed calls decreases by one.
  • Page 24: View Dialing Options

    Telephone operation View dialing options Although the call log entries received have 10 digits (the area code plus the seven-digit number), in some areas, you may dial only the seven digits, or a 1 plus the seven digits, or a 1 plus the area code plus the seven digits.
  • Page 25: Delete The Call Log Entries

    Telephone operation Delete the call log entries To delete an entry: CID or When in the call log, press to browse. Press /DELETE to delete the selected entry. The screen displays MUTE Deleting . . . and then you hear a confirmation tone. To delete all entries: Press MENU/ CID or...
  • Page 26: Answering System Settings

    Answering system settings Answering system setup Most of the answering system settings are changed with a system handset. Answer ON/OFF The answering system must be turned on to answer and record messages. /ANS ON/OFF light on the When the answering system is turned on, the telephone base turns on and ANS ON displays on the handset.
  • Page 27: Number Of Rings

    Answering system settings Number of rings You can choose from two, three, four, five or six rings; or toll saver. With toll saver selected, the answering system answers after two rings when you have new messages, and after four rings when you have no new messages. This enables you to check for new messages and avoid paying unnecessary long distance charges if you are calling from outside your local area.
  • Page 28: Recording Time

    Answering system settings Recording time You can set the recording time for each incoming message. Press MENU/ when the handset is not in use. SELECT CID or to select Answering sys, then press /SELECT. Press MENU CID or to select Ans sys setup, then press /SELECT.
  • Page 29: Announcement

    Answering system settings Announcement The telephone is preset with a greeting that answers calls with “Hello, please leave a message after the tone.” You can use this preset announcement, or replace it with your own. Record your own announcement Announcement Press MENU/ when the handset is not in use.
  • Page 30: Answering System Operation

    Answering system operation Answering system and voicemail Your telephone has separate indicators for two different types of voice messages: those left on its built-in answering system and those left at your service provider’s voicemail. Your telephone’s built-in answering system messages and voicemail messages are separate. Each alerts you to new messages differently.
  • Page 31: New Message Indication

    Answering system operation New message indication and XX new messages When there are new answering system messages, display on the handset and the message window on the telephone base and NEW display on flashes. When you are reviewing a new message, the handset.
  • Page 32: Delete All Messages

    Answering system operation Delete all messages To delete all messages with the telephone base: Press X/DELETE when the phone is not in use. The telephone announces, “To delete all old messages, press DELETE again.” Press X/DELETE again. All previously heard messages are erased and the telephone announces, “All old messages deleted.”...
  • Page 33: Message Window Displays

    Answering system operation Message window displays Window display Description No messages. Total number of old messages recorded. 1-99 Current message number during old message playback. Total number of new messages recorded, or the current message 0-99 (flashing) number during new message playback. The clock needs to be set.
  • Page 34: Remote Access

    Answering system operation Remote access A two-digit security code is required to access the answering system remotely from any touch-tone telephone. The preset code is 19; see Remote access code on page 23 to change it. Dial your telephone number from any touch-tone telephone. When the system plays your announcement, enter the two-digit security code.
  • Page 35: Cs6124

    Appendix Display screen messages Your recorded announcement is deleted. Annc deleted There are no call log entries. Call log empty There are no directory entries. Directory empty The directory is full. Directory full You have just ended a call. Ended X:XX:XX There is an incoming call.
  • Page 36: Handset And Telephone Base Indicators

    Appendix Handset and telephone base indicators Handset light CHARGE On when the handset is charging in the telephone base or charger. Telephone base light On when the telephone is in use. IN USE On when the answering system is answering a call. Flashes quickly when there is an incoming call.
  • Page 37: Battery

    Appendix Battery It takes up to 16 hours for the battery to be fully charged . When it is fully charged, you can expect the following performance: Operation Operating time While in use (talking*) Seven hours While not in use (standby**) Five days *Operating times vary depending on your actual use and the age of the battery.
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Appendix Troubleshooting If you have difficulty with your telephone, please try the suggestions below. For customer service, visit our website at or call 1 (800) 267-7377. My telephone does not work at all . • Make sure the battery is installed and charged correctly (pages 3). For optimum daily performance, return the handset to the telephone base or charger after use.
  • Page 39 Appendix Troubleshooting Low battery shows on the handset screen . • Place the handset in the telephone base or charger for recharging. • Remove and install the battery again and use it until fully depleted, then charge the handset in the telephone base or charger for up to 16 hours. •...
  • Page 40 Appendix Troubleshooting • Reset the telephone base by unplugging the electrical power to the base. Wait for 15 seconds and plug it back in again. Allow up to one minute for the cordless handset and the telephone base to synchronize. •...
  • Page 41 Appendix Troubleshooting • If you subscribe to high-speed Internet service (DSL - digital subscriber line) through your telephone line, you must install a DSL filter between the telephone line cord and the telephone wall jack. The filter prevents noise and caller ID problems caused by DSL interference.
  • Page 42 Appendix Troubleshooting • In some cases, the answering system is affected by the ringing system used by your telephone service provider. • If you subscribe to voicemail service, change the number of rings so that your answering system answers before your voicemail answers (page 26). To determine how many rings activate your voicemail, please contact your telephone service provider.
  • Page 43 Appendix Troubleshooting The answering system does not respond to remote commands . • Make sure your remote access code is correct (page 23). • Make sure you are calling from a touch-tone telephone. When dialing a number, there should be tones. If there are clicks, then it is not a touch-tone telephone and cannot activate the answering system.
  • Page 44: Important Safety Instructions

    Appendix Important safety instructions When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury, including the following: Read and understand all instructions. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.
  • Page 45: Precautions For Users Of Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers

    Appendix Precautions for users of implanted cardiac pacemakers Cardiac pacemakers (applies only to digital cordless telephones): Wireless Technology Research, LLC (WTR), an independent research entity, led a multidisciplinary evaluation of the interference between portable wireless telephones and implanted cardiac pacemakers. Supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, WTR recommends to physicians that: Pacemaker patients •...
  • Page 46: About Cordless Telephones

    VTech product service centers. Please call ® 1 (800) 8 BATTERY for information on Ni-MH battery recycling and disposal bans/restrictions in your area. VTech’s involvement in this program is part of its commitment to protecting our environment and conserving natural resources. ® RBRC...
  • Page 47: Limited Warranty

    Consumer for Products purchased and used in the United States of America and Canada. What will VTech do if the Product is not free from defects in materials and workmanship during the limited warranty period (“Materially Defective Product”)? During the limited warranty period, VTech’s authorized service representative will repair or replace at...
  • Page 48 Product in transit. If the Product failure is not covered by this limited warranty, or proof of purchase does not meet the terms of this limited warranty, VTech will notify you and will request that you authorize the cost of repair prior to any further repair activity. You must pay for the cost of repair and return shipping costs for the repair of Products that are not covered by this limited warranty.
  • Page 49: Fcc, Acta And Ic Regulations

    Appendix FCC, ACTA and IC regulations FCC Part 15 This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the requirements for a Class B digital device under Part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. These requirements are intended to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 50: Technical Specifications

    Appendix FCC, ACTA and IC regulations (continued) If this equipment is malfunctioning, it must be unplugged from the modular jack until the problem has been corrected. Repairs to this telephone equipment can only be made by the manufacturer or its authorized agents.
  • Page 51: Index

    Index Directory 14 Display screen messages 31 About caller ID 18 DSL filter 2 About cordless telephones 42 Add a directory entry 15 Alphabetical search 16 Edit a directory entry 17 Announcement 25 End a call 11 Answer a call 11 Answering system and voicemail 26 Answering system setup 22 Find handset 12...
  • Page 52 Index Message recording time 24 Message window displays 29 Safety instructions 40 Missed call indicator 19 Screen display language 8 Multiple handset use 13 Screen icons 32 Mute 11 Set date and time 9 Share an outside call 13 Store a directory entry 15 New message indication 27 Store from redial 15 Number of rings 23...
  • Page 53 VTECH TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD. A member of THE VTECH GROUP OF COMPANIES. VTech is the registered trademark of VTech Holdings Limited. Copyright © 2012 for VTECH TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD. All rights reserved. Version 7 03/12.

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