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  • Page 1 USER GUIDE CORDLESS TELEPHONE Voxtel D210/D215...
  • Page 2 PQRS WXYZ 11 12 MEMO PQRS WXYZ...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    BECAUSE WE CARE Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product with a quick installation guide to reduce the number of paper (pages) and therefor save trees to be cut for making this paper. A full and detailed user guide with all the features descripted can be found on our website
  • Page 4: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Radio signals between the cordless handset and the base unit: To use your cordless handset and base together, you must be able to establish a radio link between them. The signal between the handset and base is in accordance with the normal standards for a DECT phone: maximum range up to 300 metres outdoors or 50 metres indoors.
  • Page 5 Left soft key (menu/ok) In idle mode: press to access the main menu In sub-menu mode: press to confirm the selection During a call: press to access Intercom/phonebook/ redial list/ call list Cordless handset display (see P2) The LCD display gives you information on the current status of the telephone. Meaning Steady when the handset is in range of the base.
  • Page 6 Corded Base Station Meaning Ans On/Off In Idle: Press to switch the answering machine ON or OFF. Repeat/OGM In Idle mode: Press and hold to record an OGM. Press to playback the OGM. In TAM message playback mode: Press once to repeat the current message, or twice to go back to the previous message.
  • Page 7 Base Station Display Indicates a call is in progress. Indicates that handsfree is being used. Indicates the time of day. Indicates that the base ringer volume is switched off. This will display when you are in the phonebook menu. Indicates when you have a new Voice Mail message. (This is a network service depend on your operator).
  • Page 8: Installing Your Phone

    Using the corded base: 5.6.2 Character table À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï Ł Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö Ø Š ß Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Ž & INSTALLING YOUR PHONE Connecting the corded base station (see P6) Use the coiled cord to connect the corded handset to the base station, making sure the plugs are...
  • Page 9 7.1.2 Direct dialling Press to connect to the line and then enter the phone number. Note: If you enter a wrong digit you cannot correct it with the “C” ( ) key. 7.1.3 Call from the phonebook Press to access the phonebook and press to select the desired phonebook entry.
  • Page 10 Turn off the handset ringer In idle, press and hold # to turn off the handset ringer. The icon is displayed on the LCD. Note: The display will still flash the call icon and show “CALL” or the caller display number, when there is an incoming call, even if the ringer is turned off.
  • Page 11 Using the corded base: 7.10 Make an External Call 7.10.1 Preparatory dialling Enter the phone number and lift up the corded handset or press to dial the number. When entering the number, if you make a mistake, press to delete digits. Note: To insert a pause in the dialling sequence, press and hold the <...
  • Page 12 Note: It is not possible to dial numbers from memories or use the speakerphone when the mains power is off. When the mains power is off, you can also answer an incoming call with the corded handset. When the phone rings, pick up the corded handset to talk to the caller. 7.16 Redial You can redial any of the last 10 numbers called.
  • Page 13 All handsets registered to the base will produce the paging tone and “PAGING“ flashes on the screen. You can stop the paging by pressing / on any handset or on the base to stop paging. 7.18 Make an Internal Call This feature allows you to make internal calls, transfer external calls.
  • Page 14: Private Phonebook

    Using the corded base: During an external call: 1. Press to show all the other registered handset numbers, plus a „9“. 2. Enter the number for the handset you want to transfer the call to. The external call is put on hold automatically and the called handset rings. 3.
  • Page 15 View a Phonebook Entry In idle: Press to select “PHONEBOOK“ and then press to access the phonebook. Press to select the desired phonebook entry. Press to select “VIEW“. Press to review the name, number and ringtone of the selected phonebook entry. Note: If the number is more than 12 digits, press to view the remaining digits.
  • Page 16: Caller Display (Network Dependent)

    Note: If there is no more space in the phonebook, “PB FULL” will appear on the display. Edit an entry In idle: Press to show ”PHONEBOOK”. Press to show ”EDIT”. Press and the display will show the first phonebook entry in alphabetical order. Scroll until you see the contact you want to edit.
  • Page 17 The handset and base will ring with the melody associated with that phonebook entry. If the call is from someone who withheld their number, “WITHHELD “ will display. If the call is from someone whose number is unavailable, e.g. an international call or from a private exchange,”OUT OF AREA “...
  • Page 18: Phone Settings

    Press to confirm the name. The number is shown with the cursor at the end. Modify the number, if necessary, using the digit keys. Press to confirm the number, and display “MELODY 1“. Press to scroll through the melodies. Press to confirm your selection.
  • Page 19 Press to select “DATE & TIME“. Press to select “SET DATE“. Press and then enter the date information in the format you set in Section 10.1.1. Press to confirm. Note: By default, the current date will display, starting from 01--01--11 (DD--MM--YY) on power-up. 10.2 Alarm Settings You can set an alarm time on this phone.
  • Page 20 Press to select “RING SETUP“. Press to select “EXT RING“. Press to select melody you want to hear for external calls. Note: The respective melody will be played while browsing the ringtone list. Press to confirm. 10.3.3 Set the Ringer Volume Press to select “HS SETTINGS“.
  • Page 21 10.4 Set the Auto Answer If you turn on the Auto Answer, you can answer a call automatically by just lifting the handset off the base or charger, without having to press any key. Press to select “HS SETTINGS“. Press to select “AUTO ANSWER“.
  • Page 22 Press and the display shows “PIN?------“ Enter the old system PIN. Press to display “NEW PIN?------“, and enter your new 4-digit system PIN. Press to display “CONFIRM?------“, and enter your new 4-digit system PIN again. Note: If the new PIN entered in Step 6 is not the same as the new system PIN entered in Step 5, you must enter the new system PIN at step 5 again.
  • Page 23 10.8 Ringer Setup 10.8.1 Change Ringer Melody There are 10 base ringer melodies to choose from for external calls. Press to select “SETTINGS“. Press to show “RING SETUP“. Press to show “EXT. RING“, then press to show “MELODY“, then press to show “MELODY X“...
  • Page 24: Handset Registration

    Press to select your desired language. Press to confirm. 10.13 Change the System PIN A 4-digit system PIN code is used for changing the system settings of the base station, and is used to protect your phone from unauthorised use. The default system PIN code is 0000. Press to select “SETTINGS“.
  • Page 25: Answering Machine

    ANSWERING MACHINE (ONLY for D215 Your phone includes a telephone answering machine that records unanswered calls when it is on. The display on the base will show the number of messages recorded. The answering machine can store up to 59 messages within the maximum recording time of up to about 18 minutes, depending on the compression rate set.
  • Page 26 Press to select “STOP”, “FORWARD”, “PREVIOUS”, “DELETE” to perform the following functions during message playback. STOP Stop the current message playback and return to the ANS. MACHINE menu. FORWARD Skip to play the next message. The date and time information of the next message will display if there is another message.
  • Page 27 When your answering machine memory is full and it is in “ANS & RECORD“, the answer mode will change to “ANSWER ONLY“ automatically. It will return to “ANS & RECORD“ mode automatically after some messages have been deleted. 12.5.2 Set the Outgoing Message (OGM) Language. The answering machine announces the outgoing message when it answers a call.
  • Page 28 message, so if you call in and you don‘t get an answer after 3 or 4 rings, you can hang up and save on call charges. Press to select “ANS. MACHINE“. Press to select “TAM SETTINGS“. Press to select “ANSWER DELAY“. Press to select your desired answer delay from the available options “2 RINGS“, “4 RINGS“, “6 RINGS“, “8 RINGS“...
  • Page 29 Press to select “CHANGE PIN“. Press to show “PIN?----“, then enter the Old PIN. (Default Remote Access PIN is 0000). Press to show “NEW PIN?----“, then enter your new 4-digit PIN. Press to show “CONFIRM?----“, then enter your new 4-digit PIN again. Note: If the new PIN entered in Step 6 is not the same as the new PIN entered in Step 5, you must enter the new system PIN at step 5 again.
  • Page 30 If the TAM is turned off, the TAM ON/OFF indicator will be off unless there are new messages. 12.6.1 Using the direct key From idle mode, press to switch the TAM on or off. 12.6.2 Using the menu Press to select “ANS. MACHINE“. Press to go to “TAM ON/OFF“...
  • Page 31 Note: If a pre-set OGM is playing, you are not allowed to delete it, so pressing “DELETE“ will have no effect. Using the Menu Press to select “ANS. MACHINE“. Press to select “TAM SETTINGS“. Press to select “OGM SETTINGS“. Press to select “ANS &...
  • Page 32 Note: You cannot delete New Messages, so you will have to start to play them before trying to delete them. 12.10 Record a Memo on the TAM You can record a memo message for another user. When you record a memo, it is saved as a new message and can be played back in the same way as answering machine messages.
  • Page 33: Guarantee And Service

    Warning: If the network message service (e.g. 1571) is enabled on your line, you must set the answering machine to answer calls after either 2 or 4 rings, otherwise the message service will take the call first. 12.12.2 Set the Maximum Recording Time for Incoming Messages You can set the maximum length of the recording time of the incoming messages to be either 1, 2 or 3 minutes, or of unlimited length up to the available memory left on the answering machine.
  • Page 34: Technical Details

    Please keep your sales (till) receipt this is your proof of guarantee. 13.1 While the unit is under Guarantee Disconnect the base unit from the telephone line and the mains electricity supply. Pack up all parts of your phone system, using the original package. Return the unit to the shop where you bought it, making sure you take your sales receipt.
  • Page 35: Cleaning And Care

    CLEANING AND CARE Do not clean any part of your phone with benzene, thinners or other solvent chemicals as this may cause permanent damage which is not covered by the Guarantee. When necessary, clean it with a damp cloth. Keep your phone system away from hot, humid conditions or strong sunlight, and don‘t let it get wet.
  • Page 36 © 2012 Binatone Electronics International Limited All rights reserved Subject to avaibility. Rights of modification reserved. AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux (publ)

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