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Voxtel D550BT


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  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    BECAUSE WE CARE Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product with a quick installation guide to reduce the number of paper (pages) and therefor save trees to be cut for making this paper.
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    7. NEVER use your phone outdoors during a thunderstorm-unplug the base from the telephone line and the mains socket when there are storms in your area. Damage caused by lightning is not covered by the guarantee. 8. Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak.
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Phone

    • To use your handset and base together, you must be able to establish a radio link between them. The signal between the handset and the base is in accordance with the normal standards for a DECT phone: Maximum range up to 300 metres outdoors or 50 metres indoors. •...
  • Page 6 Off Hook/Flash key • In idle / predialling mode: Press to make a call • In Redial list / Call List / Phonebook list: Press to make a call to the displayed entry. • During ringing: Press to answer a call •...
  • Page 7 On Hook / ON • During a call: Press to end a call and go back to idle screen • In menu / editing mode: Press to go back to previous menu • In idle mode: Press and hold to power off the handset •...
  • Page 8 Indicates when you have a new Voice Mail message. This is a network service please check with your operator. Indicates that the handset ringer is switched off. Indicates when the battery is fully charged. The internal segments cycle when the battery is charging.
  • Page 9 (2) Press to start an intercom call. Indicates a mobile is linked via Bluetooth Corded base station Meaning Paging/Find • Press to page your registered handset(s). It will ring for approximately 60 seconds. • Press and hold to put base into registration mode. Menu structure •...
  • Page 10: Installing Your Phone

    In editing mode, a cursor is displayed to indicate the current text entry position. It is positioned at the right of the last character entered. Writing tips: • Once a character is selected, the cursor will move to the next position after a short pause.
  • Page 11: Using Your Phone

    Warning: Install the base unit in a position where the mains adapter plug will reach an easily accessible mains socket. Never try to lengthen the mains power cable. Note: The base unit needs mains power for normal operation, not just for charging the handset batteries.
  • Page 12 mobile phone and telephone base to a location where the mobile signal may be stronger. • Charge your Bluetooth mobile phone while it is connected to the telephone base because your mobile phone’s battery will discharge faster while it is connected wirelessly to the telephone base. Bluetooth setup To use a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with your telephone, you must first pair and connect your Bluetooth mobile phone with the...
  • Page 13 • Press and then / to select “REPLACE“. • Press to confirm and the screen will display “MOBILE READY?”. • Press to confirm and the screen will display “REMOVING”. • When the device is removed, you will hear a confirmation tone and “REMOVED”...
  • Page 14 Make a call 7.3.1 Preparatory dialing Enter the phone number (up to 24 digits) and press or to connect to line and dial the number. When entering the number, if you make a mistake, press to delete digits. 7.3.2 Direct dialling Press or to connect to the line and then enter the phone number.
  • Page 15 Answer a call If handset is not on the charging cradle: • When the phone rings, press or to answer a call: Note: If AUTO ANSWER is set to ON, then lifting the handset off the base or charger will answer the call automatically, and no buttons need to be pressed.
  • Page 16 Note: The display will still flash the Call icon and show Incoming call or the Caller Display number, when there is an incoming call, even if the ringer is turned off. • To turn the ringer back on, press and hold again.
  • Page 17 Note: If there is no Bluetooth enabled mobile phone paired up and MOBILE connected, when pressing , the screen will display “NO MOBILE”. 7.11.3 Store a redial number into the phonebook • Follow Steps in section 7.11.1. • Press and / to select Store number. •...
  • Page 18 Note: If there is an incoming call during paging, the phone will ring with the incoming call instead of paging. 7.13 Make an internal call (Multi-handset versions only) This feature is only applicable when there are at least two registered handsets.
  • Page 19: Private Phonebook

    • Press to show all the other registered handset numbers, plus “9”. Enter the number for the handset you want to transfer the call • The external call is put on hold automatically and the called handset rings. • Press on the called handset to establish an internal call. •...
  • Page 20 Add a new phonebook entry In idle: • Press to access the phonebook • Press to show “ADD”. • Press and then enter the name. • Press and then enter the number. • Press to select the desired ringtone for your phonebook entry from the 10 ringtones available.
  • Page 21: Caller Display (Network Dependent)

    • Edit the number and press • Press / to change the ringtone and press to confirm. Delete a phonebook entry In idle: • Press to access the phonebook. • Press to select the desired phonebook entry. • Press and then / to select “DELETE“. •...
  • Page 22 If the call is from someone who withheld their number, “WITHHELD” will display. If the call is from someone whose number is unavailable, e.g. an international call or from a private exchange, “UNAVAILABLE” will display. If you’ve got new Caller Display records, the handset will display “1 NEW CALL”...
  • Page 23: Phone Settings

    Delete all calls list entries • Follow Steps 1 and 2 in Section 9.1. • Press and then / to select “DELETE ALL“. • Press to display “DELETE ALL?“. • Press to confirm. All entries will be deleted and the display will show “LIST EMPTY“.
  • Page 24 • Press and then enter the time information in 24 hour format. • Press to confirm. Note: If a time was set previously, the current time is shown, otherwise “HH:MM” is shown. 10.1.4 Set the date • Press and / to select “HS SETTINGS“. •...
  • Page 25 and holds to disable the alarm, the display will revert to the call duration. >During paging or ringing, the alarm will not sound when the alarm time is reached. However, if the snooze function is enabled and there is no paging or ringing the alarm will sound again at the end of the snooze period.
  • Page 26 • Press and then to select the melody you want to hear for external calls. Note: The respective melody will play as you select each of the 10 ringtones. • Press to confirm your choice. 10.3.3 Set the ringer melody for mobile calls •...
  • Page 27 • Press and then / to select “HS SETTINGS“. • Press and then / to select “TONES“. • Press and then to select “KEY BEEPS“ / “BATTERY LOW“ / “OUT OF RANGE“. • Press and then / to turn on or off these tones. •...
  • Page 28 Note: You cannot de-register the handset that you are currently using. • Press and then / to select “BS SETTINGS“. • Press to show “DELETE HANDSET“. • Press and the display shows “ENTER PIN”. • Enter the 4-digit system PIN. •...
  • Page 29 10.5 Registration Important: When you purchase your phone system, all handsets are already registered to your base, so you do not need to register them. Handset registration is only necessary when you buy extra handsets or if a handset has become faulty. You can register additional handsets to have up to five handsets per base unit, with each handset’s number (1 to 5) shown on its display.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Causes Solutions No dialling tone when • The connection cord • Check of the base station is connections. Unplug pressing not plugged in. and plug back in the • The adapter cord mains. Check that the is not plugged in telephone cord has correctly in the base been plugged into...
  • Page 31: Guarantee And Service

    GUARANTEE AND SERVICE The phone is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase shown on your sales receipt. This guarantee does not cover any faults or defects caused by accidents, misuse, fair wear and tear, neglect, faults on the telephone line, lightning, tampering with the equipment, or any attempt at adjustment or repair other than through approved agents.
  • Page 32: Technical Details

    TECHNICAL DETAILS Standard Digital Enhanced Cordless (DECT) Frequency range 1.88 to 1.9 GHz (bandwidth = 20 MHz) Channel bandwidth 1.728 MHz Operating range Up to 300m outdoors; Up to 50m indoors Operating time Standby: 100 hours, Talking: 10 hours Battery charge time: 15 hours Temperature range Operating 0°...
  • Page 33: Disposal Of The Device

    CE DECLARATION This product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC. The Declaration of conformity can be found on: DISPOSAL OF THE DEVICE (ENVIRONMENT) At the end of the product lifecycle, you should not throw this product into the normal household garbage but bring the product to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipments.
  • Page 36 © 2014 Binatone Electronics International Limited All rights reserved Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux (publ)

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