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Flare Connection (Pipe Connection) - Fujitsu Compact Wall Mounted Type Installation Manual

Air conditioner outdoor unit, compact wall mounted type
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Table of Contents
Installation method of Drain cap
Use a hexagonal wrench 4 mm
(5/32 in.) at opposite side to
insert the drain cap, till the drain
cap contacts the tip of drain
Right piping
Bottom piping
Indoor unit
drain hose
Removal method
of drain hose
Remove the screw at
the left of
drain hose and pull
out drain hose.
Drain hose
Drain ¿xture
Please hold around the joint of the drain hose during
As the screw is inside, be sure to use screwdriver treated
with magnet.
For left piping and left rear piping, align the marks on the wall
hook bracket and shape the connection pipe.
Bend the connection piping at a bend radius of 70 mm
(2-3/4 in.) or more and install no more than 35 mm (1-3/8
in.) from the wall.
After passing the indoor piping and drain hose through the
wall hole, hang the indoor unit on the hooks at the top and
bottom of the wall hook bracket.
9332279030-04_IM.indb 7
9332279030-04_IM.indb 7
No gap
Drain cap
Bind with vinyl tape
Refrigerant pipes (top)
Rear piping
Indoor unit drain hose (bottom)
For left outlet piping,
cut off the piping
outlet cutting groove
with a hacksaw.
Drain cap
Remove the drain cap by pull-
ing at the projection at the end
of the cap with pliers, etc.
Installation method
of drain hose
Vertically insert the drain
hose toward the inside, so
that the drain ¿ xture (white)
can accurately align with
the screw hole around the
drain cock.
After inserting and before
replacing, please rein-
stall and fix the removed
Drain cock
Drain hose
Screw hole
Drain ¿xture
[Installing the indoor unit]
Hang the indoor unit from the hooks at the top of the wall
hook bracket.
Insert the spacer, etc. between the indoor unit and the
wall hook bracket and separate the bottom of the indoor
unit from the wall.
Indoor unit
Wall hook bracket
Connection pipe (6.35 mm (1/4 in.) dia.)
Align the marks.
Bend R70 mm
(2-3/4 in.) with a
Connection pipe (9.52 mm (3/8 in.) dia.)
pipe bender
Indoor unit
Top hooks
Bottom hooks
After hooking the indoor unit to the top hook, hook the ¿ ttings
of the indoor unit to the two bottom hooks while lowering the
unit and pushing it against the wall.

6.6. Flare connection (Pipe connection)

• Tighten the flare nuts with a torque wrench using the
specified tightening method. Otherwise, the flare nuts
could break after a prolonged period, causing refriger-
ant to leak and generate hazardous gas if the refrigerant
comes into contact with a À ame.
6.6.1. Flaring
Use special pipe cutter and À are tool exclusive for R410A.
(1) Cut the connection pipe to the necessary length with a
pipe cutter.
(2) Hold the pipe downward so that cuttings will not enter the
pipe and remove any burrs.
(3) Insert the À are nut (always use the À are nut attached to the
indoor unit(s) and outdoor unit or branch box respectively)
onto the pipe and perform the À are processing with a À are
tool. Use the special R410A À are tool, or the conventional
À are tool. Leakage of refrigerant may result if other À are nuts
are used.
(4) Protect the pipes by pinching them or with tape to prevent
dust, dirt, or water from entering the pipes.
Wall hook bracket
Check if [L] is flared uniformly
and is not cracked or scratched.
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9/8/2010 9:56:08 AM


Table of Contents

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