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Fujitsu Wall Mounted Type Installation Manual

Air conditioner outdoor unit.
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Wall Mounted Type
For authorized service personnel only.
PART NO. 9318739022


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   Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Wall Mounted Type

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    AIR CONDITIONER INDOOR UNIT Wall Mounted Type INSTALLATION MANUAL For authorized service personnel only. Contents 8. FINISHING ..............10 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ..........2 1.1. IMPORTANT! Please read before starting ..... 2 9. FRONT PANEL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION ..10 1.2.

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    When Installing... 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ...In a Ceiling or Wall Make sure the ceiling/wall is strong enough to hold the unit’s 1.1. IMPORTANT! Please read before starting weight. It may be necessary to construct a strong wood or metal frame to provide added support. This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating standards.

  • Page 3: About The Unit

    Copper pipes 2. ABOUT THE UNIT It is necessary to use seamless copper pipes and it is desirable that the amount of residual oil is less than 2.1. Precautions for using R410A refrigerant 0.004 oz/100ft. Do not use copper pipes having a collapsed, deformed or discolored portion (especially on the interior sur- The basic installation work procedures are the same face).

  • Page 4: Accessories

    2.4. Accessories 2.5. Optional parts The following installation accessories are supplied. Use them Refer to each installation manual for the method of installing as required. optional parts. Name and Shape Q’ty Name and Shape Q’ty Parts name Model No. Application Operating Manual Drain hose insulation Wired Remote...

  • Page 5: Operating Range

    3.3. Operating range • Do not use the unit for special purposes, such as storing food, raising animals, growing plants, or preserving precision devices or art objects. Cooling/ Dry Mode Heating Mode It can degrade the quality of the preserved or stored Temperature About 64 to 90 °F About 60 to 88 °F...

  • Page 6: Cutting The Hole In The Wall For The Connecting Piping

    6.3. Cutting the hole in the wall for the connecting piping 6.5. Forming the drain hose and pipe (1) Cut a 80 mm (3-5/32 in.) diameter hole in the wall at the [Rear piping, Right piping, Bottom piping] position shown in the fi gure. •...

  • Page 7: Flare Connection (pipe Connection)

    • For left piping and left rear piping, align the marks on the Check if [L] is flared uniformly and is not cracked or scratched. wall hook bracket and shape the connection pipe. • Bend the connection piping at the bend radius of 100 mm (3-30/32 in.) or more and install no more than 35 mm (1-3/8 in.) from the wall.

  • Page 8: Electrical Wiring

    7. ELECTRICAL WIRING CAUTION • Connect the piping so that the control box cover can 7.1. Wiring system diagram easily be removed for servicing when necessary. • In order to prevent water from leaking into the control box, INDOOR UNIT SIDE OUTDOOR UNIT 14AWG make sure that the piping is well insulated.

  • Page 9: How To The Install The Indoor Unit Wire Harness

    7.2. How to the install the indoor unit wire harness 7.3. How to connect wiring to the terminals Caution when wiring cable 1. Remove the screws, then remove the conduit holder. 2. Fasten the indoor unit wire harness to the conduit holder •...

  • Page 10: Finishing

    ] 1 ] 1 8. FINISHING 9. FRONT PANEL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION (1) Insulate between pipes. 9.1. Intake grille removal ● Insulate suction and discharge pipes separately. ● For rear, right, and bottom piping, overlap the connection (1) Open the intake grille. pipe heat insulation and indoor unit pipe heat insulation (2) Pull down the knob.

  • Page 11: Test Run

    10. TEST RUN 11. REMOTE CONTROLLER INSTALLATION WARNING CAUTION Do not turn on the power until all installation work is complete. • Check that the indoor unit correctly receives the signal from the remote controller, then install the CAUTION remote controller holder. When restarting after a long period of disuse in the winter, turn •...

  • Page 12: Optional Kit Installation(option)

    12. OPTIONAL KIT INSTALLATION(OPTION) 12.3. External input / output Wire modifi cation This air conditioner can be connected with the following op- (1) Remove insulation from wire attached to wire kit connector. tional kits. Refer to each installation manual for the method of Remove insulation from field supplied cable.

  • Page 13: Connecting Cable To Control Board Connector

    (5) Fix the binder clamp with the screw and bind the wire of 12.5. Connecting cable to control board external kit with the binder. connector (1) Pass the cable from the hole in the back of indoor unit. (2) Connect the cable to the control board connector. (3) Hook the cable to the rib.

  • Page 14: Function Setting

    The air conditioner signal code is set to A prior to ship- 13. FUNCTION SETTING ment. Contact your retailer to change the signal code. • Perform the “FUNCTION SETTING” according to the installation conditions using the remote controller. The remote controller resets to signal code A when the batteries in the remote controller are replaced.

  • Page 15

    Cooling Room Temperature Correction Remote controller signal code • Depending on the installed environment, the room tempera- • Change the indoor unit Signal Code, depending on the ture sensor may require a correction. remote controllers. The settings may be selected as shown in the table below. (♦...

  • Page 16: Error Codes

    14. ERROR CODES If you use a wired type remote controller, error codes will appear on the remote controller display. If you use a wireless remote controller, the lamp on the photodetector unit will output error codes by way of blinking patterns. See the lamp blinking patterns and error codes in the table below.

  • Page 17: Customer Guidance

    Wired Remote Controller Display (Option) Error code 15. CUSTOMER GUIDANCE Explain the following to the customer in accordance with the operating manual: (1) Starting and stopping method, operation switching, temperature adjustment, timer, air fl ow switching, and other remote controller operations. (2) Air fi...

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