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Kenmore Elite 110.C8580 Series Use & Care Manual page 12

He4 electric dryer
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3. Lift and pull forward on the door so that the keyhole clears
the screw head. Remove the door.
4. Lay the dryer door on a flat, protected surface with the inside
door assembly facing up. Remove the last screw from Step 2.
Remove the 6 screws to release the outer door assembly
from the inner door assembly, as indicated below. See
illustration. It is important that you remove only the
6 indicated screws.
5. Lift the inner door assembly off of the outer door assembly.
Set the outer door assembly aside.
Reverse the hinge and hinge cover
1. Place the inner door, screw head side up, on the work space.
2. Gently pull the plastic cover out and down. This unsnaps the
plastic hinge cover from the inside door assembly.
3. Remove the 4 screws that hold the hinge to the door.
4. Move the 2 large hole screw plugs to the opposite side and
insert in the original screw holes.
A. Hinge screws
B. Hole screw plugs
5. Move hinge to the other side and reattach with the 4 screws
removed in Step 3.
6. Reverse the plastic cover. Slide it up over the inner door
assembly edge and gently snap into place.
7. Set the inner door assembly aside.
Reverse the door handle
1. Place the outer door assembly face down on work space.
2. Remove the 2 screws that hold the door handle and the
2 screws holding the hole plugs. If hole plugs do not easily fall
out after screws are removed, insert a small screwdriver into
the holes and gently push the plugs out.
A. Door handle
B. Hole plugs
3. Move the door handle to the other side and reattach with the
2 screws removed from the door handle in Step 2.
4. Move the hole plugs to the new hinge side and attach with
the 2 screws removed from the hole plugs in Step 2.
Reinstalling the door
1. Check for fingerprints on the glass. Clean the glass if
2. Place the inner door assembly into the outer door assembly.
Align the hinge cover and hinge in the openings on each side.
To fit correctly, the inside door assembly edge is completely
inside the outside door assembly edge.

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Table of Contents

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