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Sharp Carousel R-990C Operation Manual

Convection microwave oven
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    ® CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN MODEL R-990C(S) OPERATION MANUAL CONTENTS Page Warranty Introduction Warning Special Notes Installation Instructions Oven Diagram Operation of Touch Control Panel Control Panel Display Touch Control Panel Layout Before Operating Getting Started Clock Setting Stop/Clear To Cancel Program...
  • Page 2: Warranty

    Consumer Electronic Products Congratulations on Your Purchase! This Sharp product is warranted against faults in materials and manufacture for a period of twelve (12)*months from the date of original purchase. If service is required during the warranty period, please contact your nearest Sharp Approved Service Cen- tre.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Please take some time to read your operation manual carefully, the automatic cooking menus programmed into your new oven have been carefully developed to give optimum results when the step-by-step instructions are followed. When selecting another home appliance, please again consider our full range of Sharp products.
  • Page 4: Warning

    Do not try to adjust or repair the oven yourself. It is hazardous for anyone other than a qualified service technician trained by SHARP to carry out any service or repair operation. Especially those which involve the removal of a cover which gives protection against exposure to microwave energy are very hazardous.
  • Page 5: Special Notes

    SPECIAL NOTES DON’T Eggs, fruits, * Puncture egg yolks and whites and * Cook eggs in shells. This prevents nuts, seeds, oysters before cooking to prevent "explosion", which may damage the vegetables, "explosion". oven or injure yourself. sausages and * Pierce skins of potatoes, apples, * Reheat whole eggs.
  • Page 6: Installation Instructions

    If there is any damage, please do not operate the oven until it has been checked by a SERVICE CENTRE APPROVED BY SHARP and repaired, if necessary.
  • Page 7: Operation Of Touch Control Panel

    OPERATION OF TOUCH CONTROL PANEL The operation of the oven is controlled by pressing the appropriate pads arranged on the surface of the control panel. An entry signal tone should be heard each time you press the control panel to make a correct entry. In addition an audible signal will sound for approximately 2 seconds at the end of the cooking cycle, or 4 times when cooking procedure is required.
  • Page 8: Before Operating

    BEFORE OPERATING * This oven is preset with the INFORMATION GUIDE ON. To assist you in programming your oven, the information guide will appear in the display. In this manual, the display of information guide is abbreviated. * When you become familiar with your oven, the information guide can be turned off. Check page 22. Getting Started Step Procedure...
  • Page 9: Microwave Cooking

    MICROWAVE COOKING Microwave Time Cooking This is a manual cooking feature. First enter the cooking time then the power level. You can programme up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds. There are five different power levels. – – – – – – –...
  • Page 10: Sequence Cooking

    Instant Cook™ For your convenience Sharp’s Instant Cook allows you to easily cook for one minute on HIGH power. Step Procedure Pad Order Display Press the INSTANT COOK/START pad.
  • Page 11: Heating Without Food

    HEATING WITHOUT FOOD Before the first use and after cleaning the convection heater must be conditioned. The procedure involves heating for a period of 20 minutes. You may notice some smoke and odour during this process, the oven is not out of order.
  • Page 12: To Preheat And Cook By Convection

    To Preheat and Cook by Convection * Suppose you want to preheat the oven to 200°C then cook for 20 minutes at 200°C. Step Procedure Pad Order Display Press the PREHEAT pad. CONV PREHEAT CONV CONV (Operation guide off : Press desired preheat temperature CONV pad.
  • Page 13: Mix Cooking

    MIX COOKING Your Convection Microwave Oven has two preprogrammed settings that make it easy to cook with both convection heat and microwaves automatically. The LOW MIX pad is preprogrammed for 180°C with 10% microwave power, while the HIGH MIX pad is preprogrammed for 200°C with 30% microwave power.
  • Page 14: To Preheat And Cook With Automatic Mix Settings

    To Preheat and Cook with Automatic Mix Settings * Suppose you want to preheat the oven to 200°C and roast a chicken for 20 minutes on HIGH MIX. Step Procedure Pad Order Display Press the PREHEAT pad. CONV PREHEAT CONV CONV (Operation guide off : Press desired preheat temperature...
  • Page 15: Convection And Microwave Cooking

    Convection and Microwave Cooking Your Convection Microwave Oven can be programmed to combine convection and microwave cooking operations. * Suppose you want to roast chicken pieces for 15 minutes at 180°C and then cook at 8 minutes on MEDIUM. Step Procedure Pad Order Display...
  • Page 16: Grilling

    GRILLING The grill effect is achieved using fan forced heat at a temperature of 250°C. Preheating is automatic when the GRILL setting is used. Only actual cooking time is entered; the oven signals when it is preheated to 250°C. Use Grill setting for steaks, chops, chicken pieces and many other foods. The turntable should remain in oven when preheating.
  • Page 17: Preheating

    PREHEATING For best results, preheat to the required temperature with the turntable in the oven. Add food after preheating. Caution: The oven cabinet, cavity, door and accessories will become hot. Use thick oven gloves when opening the door to prevent burns. * To preheat the oven to 200°C Step Procedure...
  • Page 18: Automatic Operations

    AUTOMATIC OPERATIONS Notes for Automatic Operations 1. Wipe off any moisture from the outside of cooking containers and the interior of the oven with a dry cloth or paper towel prior to cooking on SENSOR INSTANT ACTION or REHEAT SENSOR. will be displayed if: (a) more or less than the quantity or weight of foods suggested in the MULTI COOK or EASY DEFROST MENU GUIDE are programmed when the START pad is pressed.
  • Page 19: Reheat Sensor

    Reheat Sensor Press to select 3 popular reheat menus. Follow the details provided in REHEAT SENSOR MENU GUIDE on page 8 in the cooking guides. Step Procedure Pad Order Display To reheat a Dinner Plate, press REHEAT the REHEAT SENSOR pad SENSOR SENSOR SENSOR...
  • Page 20: Multi Cook

    Multi Cook Press to select 6 popular convection and Mix 1.Roast Beef 4.Roast Dinner cooking menus. 2.Roast Lamb 5.Grilled Steak/Chops Follow the details provided in MULTI COOK 3.Roast Chicken 6.Biscuits MENU GUIDE or MULTI COOK RECIPES on page 9 - 11 in the cooking guides. * Suppose you want to cook 1.0 kg Roast Beef (Medium).
  • Page 21: Easy Defrost

    Easy Defrost The Easy Defrost feature allows you to defrost meats by entering weight. EASY Follow the details provided in EASY DEFROST MENU GUIDE on page 12 in the cooking DEFROST guides. * Suppose you want to defrost 1.0 kg of Chicken Pieces. Step Procedure Pad Order...
  • Page 22: Other Convenient Features

    OTHER CONVENIENT FEATURES Help Feature The HELP feature has 6 different programs. Auto Start The Auto Start feature allows you to set your oven to start automatically. * Suppose you want to start cooking a casserole for 20 minutes on MEDIUM at 4:30 in the afternoon. (Check that the correct time of day is displayed.) Step Procedure...
  • Page 23: Child Lock

    Information Guide On/Off This oven is preset with the Information Guide On. As you get more familiar with your oven, the Information Guide can be turned off. * To turn off the Information Guide. After step 1 for Auto Start. Step Procedure Pad Order...
  • Page 24: Demonstration Mode

    Demonstration Mode This feature is mainly for use by retail outlets, and also allows you to practice key operations. * To demonstrate. After step 1 for Auto Start. Step Procedure Pad Order Display Press the number 4 pad. Press the INSTANT COOK/ START pad.
  • Page 25: Less/More Setting

    Multi Cook Less/More Setting The cooking times programmed into the automatic menus are tailored to the most popular tastes. To adjust the cooking time to your individual preference –use the “more” or “less” feature to either add (more) or reduce (less) cooking time. The LESS/MORE pads can be used to adjust the cooking time of the following features –...
  • Page 26: Memory

    Memory Your oven has a memory to allow you to preset a frequently used cooking programme. The oven "memorises" the instruction and can recall this information when the time of day is displayed. This feature can be used for frequently prepared foods such as scrambled eggs, or special recipes you like to cook.
  • Page 27: Care And Cleaning

    If "NO" is the answer to any of the above questions, please check your wall socket and the fuse in your meter box. If both the wall socket and the fuse are functioning properly, CONTACT YOUR NEAREST SERVICE CENTRE APPROVED BY SHARP. NOTE: If time in the display is counting down rapidly, check Demonstration Mode. (See P.23 for detail.)
  • Page 28: Cooking Guides

  • Page 29: Quick Reference Guide

    QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE FEATURE QUICK OPERATION GUIDE Sensor Instant Action JACKET PRESS Once to automatically cook 1 to 10 potatoes. POTATO Reheat Sensor Once for DINNER PLATE REHEAT INSTANT COOK PRESS REHEAT SENSOR Twice for SOUP SENSOR START Three times for CASSEROLES/CANNED FOOD Multi Cook Menu Weight...
  • Page 30: Helpful Hints

    HELPFUL HINTS MICROWAVE COOKING CONVECTION COOKING 1. ARRANGEMENT 1. Can be used the same a conventional oven. Arrange foods carefully. Place thickest areas toward outside of dish. Eg. Arrange vegetables in a shallow dish in the following way: 2. When cooking your own recipes; cook for a slightly shorter cooking time, at the Hard Vegetables around the outside, Soft Vegetables in the temperature the recipe suggests.
  • Page 31 HELPFUL HINTS MIX COOKING GRILLING 1. There are two automatic, pre-programmed mix settings. 1. Preheat is automatic for this menu. Add food after pre-heating. a) Low Mix - Convection 180°C with 10% microwave power. 2. Place food on the high rack in the oven after preheating. (Round pizza trays Use for baking cakes, may be used if necessary).
  • Page 33 SENSOR INSTANT ACTION MENU GUIDE The final cooking result will vary according to the food condition (e.g. initial temperature, shape, quality). Check the food after cooking and if necessary continue cooking manually. Initial Cooking Standing Procedure Menu Weight Temperature Method Time Range (approx.)
  • Page 34 Sensor Instant Action Recipes CASSEROLES Beef Stroganoff The oven will stop and display at this stage stir the casserole, add Serves 1 serve 2 serves 3 serves 4 serves the corn and celery. Cover with lid. Press Start pad to continue cooking. 250 g 500 g 750 g...
  • Page 35 DESSERTS Apple Crunch Muesli Custard Delight Serve Serve 2-4 serves 4-6 serves 6-8 serves 2-4 serves 4-6 serves 6-8 serves Ingredients; Ingredients; can pie apples 400 g 600 g 800 g sour cream x 300 g 300 g carton 300 g carton White Wings butter cake mix cups carton...
  • Page 36 REHEAT SENSOR MENU GUIDE 1. Dinner Plate This feature is designed to give best results for the foods 2. Soup listed in the chart below. 3. Casseroles/Canned Food To reheat other foods, refer to your Sharp Cook Book. Initial Cooking Standing Procedure Menu...
  • Page 37 MULTI COOK MENU GUIDE When you cook the following menus with MULTI COOK, press the MULTI COOK pad and the number pad of the menu. The final cooking result will vary according to the food condition (e.g. initial temperature, shape, quality). Check the food after cooking and if necessary continue cooking manually. Cooking Initial Standing...
  • Page 38 MULTI COOK MENU GUIDE Cooking Initial Standing Procedure Menu Weight Temperature Method Time (approx.) Range (minutes) Grilled Steak/Chops 0.1-1.5 kg +3°C Preheat • Remove turntable before preheating. CONV. Refrigerated • Preheat is automatic for this menu. See recipes on page •...
  • Page 39: Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Multi Cook Recipes GRILLED STEAK/CHOPS BISCUITS MARINADE FOR LAMB CHOPS/PORK CHOPS Chocolate Chip Cookies Spicy Plum Marinade 125g butter 1 3/4 cups self-raising flour, sifted cup caster sugar teaspoon salt (for 8 chops) cup brown sugar, lightly packed 125g choc bits tablespoons tomato sauce teaspoon vanilla walnut pieces...
  • Page 40: Easy Defrost Menu Guide

    EASY DEFROST MENU GUIDE Standing Menu Quantity Procedure Time min-max (minutes) (kg's) Minced Meat 0.1-3.0 • Place shielded frozen minced meat on a defrost rack. 10-15 Beef • When the oven has stopped, remove defrosted portions of mince, turn over and shield edges with foil strips.

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