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Sharp R-90GC Operation Manual

High speed convection microwave oven
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• For Customer Assistance ... Inside Front Cover
• Consumer Limited Warranty ...................
• Product Information Card ........................
• Grounding Instructions ............................
• Part Names ............................................. 9- 10
• Before Operating .....................................
• Manual Cooking ...................................... 11-14
• Automatic Cooking .................................. 15-27
Speed Cooking ..................................... 15-22
Microwave Options ............................... 23-27
• Other Convenient Features ..................... 28-30
• Cleaning and Care ..................................
• Service Call Check ..................................
• Specifications ..........................................
R E A D A L L I N S T R U C T I O N S C A R E F U L L Y B E F O R E U S I N G T H E O V E N .



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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    HIGH SPEED CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN OPERATION MANUAL ® MODEL R-90GC C O N T E N T S • Precautions to Avoid Possible Exposure to Excessive Microwave Energy ... Inside Front Cover • For Customer Assistance ... Inside Front Cover •...
  • Page 2: Precautions To Avoid Possible Exposure To Excessive Microwave Energy

    F O R C U S T O M E R A S S I S T A N C E To aid in reporting this High Speed Convection Microwave Oven in case of loss or theft, please record below the model number and serial number located on the unit.
  • Page 3: Consumer Limited Warranty

    Sharp to the purchaser with respect to the Product, and shall constitute full satisfaction of all claims, whether based on contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise. In no event shall Sharp be liable, or in any way responsible, for any damages or defects in the Product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized servicer.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    4. 17. Liquids, such as water, coffee or tea are able 18. If the oven light fails, consult a SHARP 19. Do not operate any heating or cooking ap- 20. Do not mount unit over or near any por- 21.
  • Page 5: Unpacking And Installation Instructions

    If there is any damage, do not oper- ate the oven and contact your dealer or SHARP AUTHORIZED SERVICER. Choosing a Location for Your Oven You will use your oven frequently so plan its lo- cation for ease of use.
  • Page 6: Grounding Instructions

    Notes:1. If you have any questions about the grounding or electrical instructions, consult a qualified electrician or service person. 2. Neither Sharp nor the dealer can accept any liability for damage to the oven or personal injury resulting from failure to observe the correct electrical connection procedures.
  • Page 7: Information You Need To Know

    ABOUT YOUR OVEN This Operation Manual is valuable: read it carefully and always save it for reference. The Sharp High Speed Convection Microwave Cook- book is a valuable asset. Check it frequently for cook- ing principles, techniques, hints and recipes.
  • Page 8: About Utensils And Coverings

    It is not necessary to buy all new cookware. Many pieces already in your kitchen can be used successfully in your new High Speed Convection Microwave Oven. The chart below will help you decide what utensils and coverings should be used in each mode.
  • Page 9: About Children

    Sharp is not responsible for any damage to the oven when accessories are used. CAUTION When using ROAST or during automatic cooking, some metal baking utensils may cause arcing when they come in contact with the turntable, oven walls or accessory racks.
  • Page 10: Information You Need To Know

    I N F O R M A T I O N Y O U N E E D T O K N O W ABOUT SPEED COOKING AND CONVECTION COOKING • The oven cabinet, cavity, door, accessories and dishes will become hot. To PREVENT BURNS, use thick oven gloves when removing the food or turn- table from the oven.
  • Page 11: Part Names

    P A R T N A M E S OVEN PARTS 1 Door handle To open the door, pull the handle down and forward. Never hold the door handle when moving the oven. 2 Oven door with see-through window 3 Safety door latches The oven will not operate unless the door is securely closed.
  • Page 12 P A R T N A M E S CONTROL PANEL 11, 12 23-26 23-26 Number next to the control panel illustration indicates page on which there are a feature 15, 19 15-22 15-22 15, 19 15, 19 description and usage information. 14, 28 11, 28 29, 30 28, 30 29, 30 28, 30...
  • Page 13: Before Operating

    • Before the oven can be used, follow these procedures: 1. Plug in the oven. Close the door. The oven display will show SHARP SIMPLY THE BEST PRESS CLEAR AND PRESS CLOCK. 2. Touch the STOP/CLEAR pad. will appear.
  • Page 14 M A N U A L C O O K I N G 2. ROAST Use the ROAST setting for poultry, meat, fish or other foods you would normally roast that are not included in Basic Cook on pages 16-18. ROAST is a prepro- grammed setting that roasts with high speed air circula- tion, 325°F.
  • Page 15: Convection Cooking

    M A N U A L C O O K I N G CONVECTION COOKING The CONVECTION setting is used when conventional time and temperature are desired. During convection cooking, hot air is circulated through- out the oven cavity to brown and crisp foods evenly. This oven can be programmed for ten different tem- peratures for up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds.
  • Page 16 M A N U A L C O O K I N G MICROWAVE TIME COOKING Your oven can be programmed for 99 minutes 99 sec- onds (99.99). Always enter the seconds after the min- utes, even if they are both zeros. •...
  • Page 17: Automatic Cooking

    A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G SPEED COOKING The 84 basic foods and 100 recipes are cooked with SHARP'S new high speed hot air system. Follow the direc- tions below and those in the Interactive Display to ensure perfectly cooked foods.
  • Page 18: Basic Cook Chart

    A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G BASIC COOK CHART MEATS Number BEEF Frankfurters* Hamburgers 1/4 pound each Meat loaf Roast tender cut, boneless Steaks, bone-in 1-inch thick Steaks, boneless 1-inch thick Number LAMB Chops, bone-in 3/4-1-inch thick...
  • Page 19 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G CASSEROLES Number Food Baked Lasagna Macaroni and Cheese Real baked potatoes PIZZA Number Food Boboli Deli fresh* Pizza crust, from a mix* Pizza crust, refrigerated* Regular crust, frozen* Reheat, refrigerated leftover Rising crust, frozen*...
  • Page 20 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G CAKES / BREADS Number CAKE Angel food cake from a mix Bundt from a mix, baked at 350°F Bundt from a mix, baked at 375°F Layer from a mix* Cupcakes from a mix* Number...
  • Page 21 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G RECIPES There are 100 great recipes in the SHARP HIGH SPEED CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN COOKBOOK. All recipes are preprogrammed with SHARP'S new tech- nology with high speed hot air, so you can get perfect result in a shorter time.
  • Page 22 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G RECIPES MEATS Number Food Apricot Pork Roast Barbecued Steaks Beef and Bean Wheels Chinese Pork Chops Crispy Franks Glazed Ham Slice Glazed Veal Chops Heavenly Hamburgers Meat Loaf Surprise Oriental Flank Steak...
  • Page 23 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G CASSEROLES Number Food Baked Shrimp Salad* Chicken Linguine Casserole Citrus Treasure Fish* Crustless Chicken Quiche Grilled Vegetables Macaroni and Blue Cheese Mexicali Corn Pudding Mushroom Lasagna Party Roasted Potatoes Pasta with Squash and Shallots...
  • Page 24 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G CAKES / BREADS Number Food Banana Apricot Bran Bread Banana Carrot Muffins Banana Streusel Loaf Blueberry Monkey Bread Cinnamon Date Scones Cinnamon Swirl Pound Cake Classic Cheesecake Classic Cranberry Tea Cake Green Onion Biscuits...
  • Page 25: Microwave Options

    A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G MICROWAVE OPTIONS There are 17 microwave settings, including POPCORN REHEAT, COMPUCOOK and COMPUDEFROST. POPCORN The popcorn setting automatically provides the correct cook- ing time for most brands of microwave popcorn. See the chart below.
  • Page 26 A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G REHEAT / COMPU COOK Reheat and CompuCook automatically compute the cor- rect warming or cooking time and microwave power level for foods shown in the charts on page 24 and 25. •...
  • Page 27: Reheat Chart

  • Page 28: Compu Defrost

    A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G COMPU DEFROST CompuDefrost automatically defrosts ground meat, steaks, chops, fish and poultry. • Suppose you want to defrost a 2.0 pound steak. P R O C E D U R E Touch COMPU DEFROST.
  • Page 29: Automatic Cooking

    A U T O M A T I C C O O K I N G MANUAL DEFROST If the food that you wish to defrost is not listed on the COMPU DEFROST CHART or is above or below the limits in the “Amount”...
  • Page 30: Other Convenient Features

    O T H E R C O N V E N I E N T F E A T U R E S DEMONSTRATION MODE To demonstrate, touch CLOCK, the number 0 touch START and hold for 3 seconds. DEMO ON will appear in the display.
  • Page 31: Custom Help

    O T H E R C O N V E N I E N T F E A T U R E S CUSTOM HELP Custom Help provides 4 features that make using your oven easy because specific instructions are provided in the Interactive Display.
  • Page 32: Other Convenient Features

    O T H E R C O N V E N I E N T F E A T U R E S 4. REFRESH CYCLE The oven has a special catalyst which assists with smoke and odor removal. Use the Refresh Cycle to •...
  • Page 33: Cleaning And Care

    C L E A N I N G A N D C A R E Disconnect the power cord before cleaning or leave the door open to inactivate the oven dur- ing cleaning. Exterior The outside surface is precoated metal and plas- tic.
  • Page 34: Service Call Check

    If “NO” is the answer to any of the above questions, please check electrical outlet, fuse and/or circuit breaker. If they are functioning properly, CONTACT YOUR NEAREST SHARP AUTHORIZED SERVICER. A microwave oven should never be serviced by a “do-it-yourself” repair person.
  • Page 35 N O T E S...
  • Page 36 ® TINSEA986WRRZ-D31 SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Printed in Thailand Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2135...