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Mount Flexible Arm - NEC MultiSync E224Wi User Manual

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Mount Flexible Arm

This LCD monitor is designed for use with a fl exible arm.
1. Follow the instructions on how Remove Monitor Stand for Mounting to remove the stand.
2. Use the 4 screws removed from the stand to attach the arm to the monitor (Figure F.1).
Caution: Use ONLY the screws (4 pcs) that were removed from the stand to avoid damage to the monitor or stand.
To meet the safety requirements, the monitor must be mounted to an arm which guaranties the necessary
stability under consideration of the weight of the monitor. The LCD monitor should only be used with an
approved arm (e.g. GS mark).
Additional VESA Holes for Lower Monitor Head Position
Additional 4 VESA holes are provided for those users needing a lower monitor head position than that is available from the
monitor stand in shipping confi guration. The monitor stand can be re-attached by using the 4 screws to the lower position VESA
1. The monitor head tilt function may experience impaired operation when attached to the lower position VESA holes.
2. The monitor head pivot function should not be used when attached to the lower position VESA holes.
4 Screws (M4)
Max Depth: 12 mm (E224Wi)
100 mm
100 mm
Weight of LCD assembly: 3.9 kg (E224Wi)
Figure F.1
10 mm (E243WMi)
Thickness of Bracket (Arm)
2.0~3.2 mm
4.3 kg (E243WMi)
Additional 4 VESA

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Table of Contents

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