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Accessory Product Details
HP 15 m Multimode OM3
LC/LC Optical Cable
DA - 13850 North America — Version 19 — August 19, 2013
Cable type:
50/125 µm (core/cladding) diameter, mulitimode fiber optic, with effective
modal bandwidth of 2000 MHz/km as detailed in TIA-492AAAC for distances of
up to 300 m;
Maximum distance:
10Gbps Transfer Rate (Ethernet): 300m
Cable Specs: Tight buffered duplex fiber optic multimode OM3 50/125 um
fiber optic cable and Ethernet assembly with LC duplex connectors on one end
and LC duplex connectors on other end.
Dimensions: Core diameter: 50 ± 3.0um Cladding diameter: 125 ± 2.0um
Coating diameter: 245 ± 10um
Optical Glass Bandwidth: For LED sources: 1500/500 MHz-km
Optical Glass: For Laser sources: 2000/500 MHz-km @850/1300nm.
VCSEL Laser sources: Shall achieve 600 / 600 meters @850/1300nm for
Gigabit Ethernet compliant links.
CABLE: The cable is duplex zipcord graded index 50/125um multimode
optical fiber. The cable is designed to work in both the 850 and 1300 nm
wavelength windows.
Jacket Material: Riser Grade - Low Smoke Zero Halogen thermoplastic.
Jacket Color: Aqua for OM3 multimode per TIA 598
Boot Color: White
Insertion Loss: less than 0.5 dB @ 850 with LED source, 0.003 dB/M
added for lengths > 30 meters.
Maximum Cable attenuation: 3.0 dB/km @ 850 nm, 1.0 dB/Km @ 1310
nm @ 23°C as tested in accordance with EIA 455-46.
Weight: Air Packed Weight: 1 LB Net Weight: 0.454Kg
Refer to the HP website at
the service-level descriptions and product numbers. For details about services
and response times in your area, please contact your local HP sales office.
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