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Calls; Make A Call; Answer A Call - Philips S10 User Manual

S10; s10a
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7 Calls

When the power fails, the phone cannot access
emergency services.
Check the signal strength before you make a call or
when you are in a call (see 'Check the signal strength'
on page 9).

Make a call

» The virtual keypad is displayed.
Dial the phone number, then press
Select the landline or mobile line from
which you want to make an outgoing call.
The call timer displays the talk time of your current call.
If you hear warning tones, the phone is almost out of
battery or out of range. Charge the battery or move
the phone close to the base station.
You can also make a call from the contact list (see
'Make a call from the contacts' on page 21), call log
(see 'Return a call' on page 27) and your favourite list
(see 'Make a call from the favorite list' on page 24).
You can make a call using a certain line (see 'Line
settings' on page 35), but make sure this line is available.
You can select from the landline or one of the mobile
lines for an outgoing call. If a mobile line is selected and
it is busy, the landline will be selected automatically.

Answer a call

When there is an incoming call from the mobile
line, you will see if the call is from the landline
or mobile lines:
select [Divert to answering machine]
to send incoming call to the answering
machine (available for calls made to the
landline of S10A only).
select [Silence] to turn off the ringer of the
current incoming call.
When there are incoming calls from the
landline and mobile line at the same time, tap to
select a call, then, press
When the handset rings or when the handsfree is
activated, keep the handset away from your ear to
avoid ear damage.
When there is a missed call, a notification message is
If a Bluetooth headset is connected, you can pick up the
call by accepting the call from that headset (see 'Pair
your Bluetooth headset' on page 12).
Once a call has been accepted from the headset, it
cannot be transferred to the phone.
If you have subscribed for a caller ID service with
the service provider, you will see the caller number
displayed on the handset. If the number is saved in the
contact list, the name will be displayed.
to answer the call.
to answer the call.



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