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Philips S10 User Manual

S10; s10a
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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Always there to help you Register your product and get support at Question? S10A Contact Philips User manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Delete a contact My favorites 6 Bluetooth 11 Call log Pair your Bluetooth headset Pair S10/S10A with your mobile phones 12 View call records Manage your mobile phone's connection 13 Call log options Change the Bluetooth PIN/passcode Block a caller from the call log...
  • Page 4 Edit an alarm 13 Settings Delete an alarm Phone settings Call settings 22 Family notes Setup wizard Set the date and time Phone software version 23 Baby monitor Register additional handsets Activate/Deactivate the baby unit Unregister handsets Send an alert Set the sensitivity level of the baby unit 14 Blacklist View the blacklist...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    1 Important safety • Do not allow the product to come into contact with liquids. instructions • Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives as these may harm the set. • Do not expose the phone to excessive heat caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight.
  • Page 6: Your Phone

    It features a large touchscreen for easy access to all its features. To fully benefit from the support that Philips User manual offers, including latest software updates, register your product at
  • Page 7: Overview Of The Base Station

    Overview of the base station • Press to find handsets. • Press and hold for approximately 5 a Earpiece seconds to enter registration mode. b LCD touch screen b Micro USB socket (back of the base station) • End a call. •...
  • Page 8: Get Started

    3 Get started Caution • Make sure that you have read the safety instructions in the 'Important safety instructions' section before you connect and install your handset. Connect the base station Warning • Risk of product damage! Make sure that the power Connect the power adapter to (for extra supply voltage corresponds to the voltage printed on handset versions only):...
  • Page 9: Check Your Phone's Software Version

    [ECO+ mode] or [Silent mode]. For or through Philips service network). information, refer to the chapter on [Phone If a new software is available, the [Philips settings]. Phone Manager] will display a message. You can also check the current software version >...
  • Page 10: Change The Remote Access Pin Code

    • You can order replacement batteries through www. What is standby mode? or the Philips Service organization. • When the phone is not in use, place the handset to the base station or charging cradle. Your phone is in standby mode when it is idle.
  • Page 11: Check The Signal Strength

    screen will dim or turn off if the handset is not on the base station or charging cradle. Check the signal strength The number of bars indicates the connection status between the handset and base station. The more bars are shown, the better the connection is.
  • Page 12: Overview Of The Home Screens

    Center home screen Main menu screen It is an overview of the menu options that are available in your S10/S10A. For detailed explanation of the menu options, see the corresponding sections in this user manual. a The pull-down menu Pull down to quickly activate/deactivate [Alarm] and [Silent mode].
  • Page 13: Display Icons

    5 Display icons The alarm is activated. Answering machine: it flashes when there is a new message. It is displayed when the telephone answering machine In standby mode, the icons shown on top of is turned on. the main screen inform you about the status of It flashes when there is a new voice your phone.
  • Page 14: Bluetooth

    MobileLink, you can connect your phone to a compatible mobile phone to make and receive Pair S10/S10A with your mobile calls on your S10/S10A handset, or you can download the contacts from your mobile mobile phones phone or computer. You can also connect a Bluetooth headset to your phone's base station.
  • Page 15: Manage Your Mobile Phone's Connection

    [Auto range] : no PIN/passcode • • If the name of S10/S10A exists in your mobile phone, is required to access the mobile's you have to remove it from your mobile phone. Then contacts which are available for viewing you can do the pairing again.
  • Page 16: Change The Bluetooth Pin/Passcode

    Set your phone's Bluetooth device name The Bluetooth device name of your phone is Philips S10 by default. This name will be shown in the Bluetooth device list of your mobile phone or computer. You can rename it in this way: from the main menu screen.
  • Page 17: Calls

    7 Calls • You can also make a call from the contact list (see 'Make a call from the contacts' on page 21), call log (see 'Return a call' on page 27) and your favourite list Note (see 'Make a call from the favorite list' on page 24). •...
  • Page 18: End A Call

    Press during a call. End a call » The first call is put on hold. to access the options menu. Press Dial the second number, then press Adjust the earpiece/speaker » The number displayed on the screen is volume dialed out. Press +/- on the left side of the handset to Answer a second call with adjust the volume during a call.
  • Page 19: Switch Between Two Calls

    Switch between two calls Press during a call. » The current call is put on hold, and you are now connected to the other call. Switch between two calls on the landline and mobile line You can switch the calls between the landline and mobile line.
  • Page 20: Intercom And Conference Calls

    8 Intercom and While you are on the phone conference calls You can go from one handset to another during a call: to access the options menu. » The current caller is put on hold. Note » For multi-handset versions, The •...
  • Page 21: During The Conference Call

    » You are now in a 3-way conference call with an external call and a selected handset. Press to end the conference call. During the conference call • to put the external call on hold and go back to the internal call. »...
  • Page 22: Text And Numbers

    9 Text and numbers Your phone has a virtual keypad with which you can enter text and numbers for handset name, contact records, and other menu items.
  • Page 23: 10 Contacts

    10 Contacts Update the mobile's contact You can select this option to download/update This phone has a contact list that stores the mobile's contacts through the Bluetooth up to 1000 entries entered on the phone connection. or downloaded from a computer. You can from the main menu screen to download up to 500 entries each for up to 2 access the contact lists.
  • Page 24: Add A Record

    Add a record Silent mode exception You can select a contact to be excluded them from the main menu screen to from silent mode. When a contact, who has access the contact lists. been added to the silent mode exception list, Tap the drop-down menu ( ) to select calls you, the phone will ring, even while silent...
  • Page 25: Block A Caller From The Contact List

    Block a caller from the Delete a contact contact list from the main menu screen to You can choose to block a contact. When this access the contact lists. contact calls you, the phone does not ring. Tap the drop-down menu ( ) to select a However, you will still see the call notification contact list from the landline/mobile line.
  • Page 26: Delete A Record

    » The number is dialed. • To remove the contact from the favorite list, tap again. • You can set the phone to automatically select a line for you, or to always make a call using a certain line (see 'Line settings' on page 35).
  • Page 27 • If you select [Delete all], a confirmation request is displayed. Tap [Yes] to delete all records. » The selected records are deleted.
  • Page 28: Call Log

    11 Call log Select a contact, then tap to view the call record's information. The call log stores the call history of all Call log options incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. The incoming call history includes the name and number of You can sort your call log by missed calls, the caller, call time, and date.
  • Page 29: Return A Call

    Return a call from the main menu screen to access the call log. » The call log from the landline is displayed. Select a call record. Select an outgoing line. » The number is dialed. • You can set the phone to automatically select a line for you, or to always make a call using a certain line (see 'Line settings' on page 35).
  • Page 30: Telephone Answering Machine

    12 Telephone Note answering • If the memory is full, the answering machine switches to [Answer only] mode automatically. machine Announcements Note • The announcement is the message your caller The answering machine feature is available only for S10A. hears when the answering machine picks up the call.
  • Page 31: Incoming Messages

    Restore the default announcement Listen to the incoming messages You can listen to the incoming messages in the from the main menu screen. sequence they are recorded. Select [Announcement] > [Answer & from the main menu screen. rec.] or [Answer only] > [Use default]. Select [Play].
  • Page 32: Remote Access

    from the main menu screen. from the main menu screen. Select [Ring delay]. Select [Remote access]. Select a new setting. Tap the switch to turn it on or off. » The setting is saved. » The setting is saved. Note •...
  • Page 33 Note • When there is no message, the phone hangs up automatically if no key is pressed for 8 seconds. Remote access commands Function Repeat the current or listen to the previous message. Listen to messages. Skip to the next message. Delete the current message.
  • Page 34: Settings

    • Make sure that all the handsets registered to the base phone to your preferences. station are S9 series or S10 series in order to have the ECO+ feature functioning properly. • When ECO+ is activated, the standby time is reduced.
  • Page 35: Call Settings

    Display settings Call settings You can change the display of the phone during Auto prefix standby mode. Set the brightness, wallpaper and This feature checks and formats your outgoing backlight call number before it is dialed out. The prefix You can change the display properties during number can replace the detect number you standby mode, such as display brightness, set in the menu.
  • Page 36: Select The Recall Duration

    Select [Call settings] > [First ring]. codes from local numbers, as they can lead to unsuccessful calls when dialed on a landline. Select [On]/[Off]. For example if on your computer you have » The setting is saved. stored the number +49 40 1234567, with +49 being the local country code and 40 being the Note area code, the phone will save that number in...
  • Page 37: Setup Wizard

    Select [Setup wizard]. • To update your phone's software, download the » The setup screens are displayed. [Philips Phone Manager] software for your computer from • For information, see the chapters on 'Settings' and 'Silent mode'.
  • Page 38: Register Additional Handsets

    Register additional handsets You can register additional handsets to the base station. The base station can register up to 5 handsets. from the main menu screen. Select [Registration] > [Register]. Press and hold on the base station for 5 seconds. Enter the system PIN/passcode.
  • Page 39: Blacklist

    14 Blacklist Select [On]/[Off] to activate/deactivate the blocking of calls without identity. The blacklist contains all contacts whom you block from calling. • For information on how to add the callers to blacklist, see the chapter 'Contacts', section 'Block a caller from the contact list'.
  • Page 40: Sounds

    15 Sounds Set your sound preferences You can set the sound in the earpiece or Set the handset's ringtone handsfree mode among 5 different profiles volume using the [MySound Pro] application. from the main menu screen. You can select among 5 ringtone volume levels, Select [MySound Pro].
  • Page 41: Set Your Sound Preferences

    16 Set your sound preferences You can set the sound in the earpiece or handsfree mode among 5 different profiles using the [MySound Pro] application. from the main menu screen. Select a profile. » The setting is saved. Set your sound preferences during a call to access the options menu, then tap to change the sound profile during a call.
  • Page 42: Screen Saver

    17 Screen saver You can select your favorite pictures to be displayed as a screen saver in idle mode. from the main menu screen. Select one or multiple pictures, then tap [Set] to confirm. to enter the options menu. Select an option from: [Transition time] to set the time •...
  • Page 43: Silent Mode

    18 Silent mode You can set your phone to silent mode and enable it for a specific duration when you do not want to be disturbed. When the silent mode is turned on, your phone does not ring or send any alerts or sound. Note •...
  • Page 44: Call Barring

    19 Call barring Enter the call barring PIN/passcode. The default PIN is 0000. Activate [Call barring]. Tap [Enter number], then enter/edit the You can block outgoing calls to numbers, such number, then tap [OK] to confirm. as overseas calls or undesirable hotlines by »...
  • Page 45: Calendar

    20 Calendar • If you select [Delete all], a confirmation request is displayed. Tap [Yes] to delete all events. • Birthdays and anniversaries are also displayed in the By default the monthly view is displayed in the calendar but the reminder tone is disabled by default. calendar and the current date is highlighted.
  • Page 46: Alarm Clock

    21 Alarm clock Edit an alarm from the main menu screen. Your phone has a built-in alarm clock. Check the information below to set your alarm clock. » The existing alarms are displayed. to enter the options menu. Create an alarm Select [Edit].
  • Page 47: Family Notes

    22 Family notes You can leave your family a message on the phone screen. from the main menu screen. Tap + to create a note. Enter the text, then tap [Done] to save the message. to add the photo. Tap [Post] to post the message. •...
  • Page 48: Baby Monitor

    23 Baby monitor Send an alert You can send an alert to other handsets within Your phone can act as a baby monitor and send the home or an external line. External line can an alert if the sound level exceeds a pre-set be a mobile phone or another fixed line outside limit.
  • Page 49: Set The Sensitivity Level Of The Baby Unit

    Send alert to a contact from the contact list from the main menu screen. Select [Send alert] > [External line], then tap [OK] to confirm. Tap + to browse and select a contact from the contact list. Set the sensitivity level of the baby unit from the main menu screen.
  • Page 50: Technical Data

    It only applies when the screen saver is turned off (see 'Screen saver' on page 40). General specification and features • 3.5” capacitive touchscreen with 16 million Weight and dimensions (S10 and S10A) colors • Handset: 121 grams • Talk time: 14 hours •...
  • Page 51: Notice

    Directive 1999/5/EC. You can find the Declaration of Conformity on When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is com. attached to a product it means that the product...
  • Page 52 When this logo is attached to a product, it means a financial contribution has been paid to the associated national recovery and recycling system. Environmental information All unnecessary packaging has been omitted. We have tried to make the packaging easy to separate into three materials: cardboard (box), polystyrene foam (buffer) and polyethylene (bags, protective foam sheet.)
  • Page 53: Trademarks

    26 Trademarks Bluetooth The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by WOOX Innovations Limited is under license.
  • Page 54: Frequently Asked Questions

    Press to go back to the standby screen. station. Press the center key to access the main I cannot pair S10/S10A with my mobile, or menu screen. synchronize the phonebook or call log. • When the Bluetooth device list is full, >...
  • Page 55 • Batteries are defective. Purchase new ones with the same specifications. You can order replacement batteries through or the Philips Service organization. No display • Make sure the battery is charged. •...
  • Page 56: Index

    28 Index ECO mode ECO+ mode additional handsets adjust the volume 16, 38 family notes alarm favorites announcements find handsets answer a call first ring answering machine answering machine language area code auto clock baby monitor base station home screens installation overview battery...
  • Page 57 calling barring power adapter recall time register/unregister remote access to the answering machine ring delay 29, 41 ringtone safety save a call record screen saver set the date and time signal strength silent mode silent mode exception software version sounds docking keytone sound preferences...
  • Page 60 0168 2014 © WOOX Innovations Limited. All rights reserved. Philips and the Philips’ Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used by WOOX Innovations Limited under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V. UM_S10/S10A_05_EN_V4.0 WK14121...

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