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Display Icons - Philips S10 User Manual

S10; s10a
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5 Display icons

In standby mode, the icons shown on top of
the main screen inform you about the status of
your phone.
When the handset is off the base
station/charger, the bars indicate the
battery level (from full to low).
When the handset is on the base
station/charger, the bars keep scrolling
until charging is complete.
When the battery is empty, this icon
flashes. If you are in a call you hear an
alert tone.
The battery is low and needs recharging.
The number of bars indicates the
connection status between the handset
and base station. The more bars are
shown, the better the signal strength is.
Bluetooth is activated.
The Bluetooth function is activated. A
white number means that this mobile
phone (or computer) is active, i.e.
connected and within range. A grey
number indicates a device that has been
previously paired but is not active. If you
do not see a number, it means no device
is currently paired with the phone.
It remains steadily on when a Bluetooth
headset is paired and activated. It is grey
when a Bluetooth headset is paired but
It flashes when there is a new missed
It disappears after all missed calls have
been viewed.
The silent mode is set, but is outside of
active period.
The silent mode is set and within active
period (the phone does not ring). It is
also visible if the ringer volume is set to
The alarm is activated.
Answering machine: it flashes when
there is a new message. It is displayed
when the telephone answering machine
is turned on.
It flashes when there is a new voice
The icon is not shown when there is no
voice message.
The ECO mode is activated.
The ECO+ mode is activated.



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