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Philips Xenium User Manual

Mobile phone
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: To Answer A Call

    To return to the previous menu: press and hold the Pilot Key. You can also return to the previous display by pressing the key. To return to the idle screen: press and hold PHILIPS SM S settings Hotkeys Read SMS Accessories Names...
  • Page 3 Caller ID <- Euro Quick settings Brick Game Personal Calculator Silence Alarm clock Autonomy Voice memo Outdoors Settings Meeting Sounds Ringer volume Ringer Key tones Minute beep Organiser alerts Battery low alert New SMS tone Vibrator * Visit us on
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Table of contents Events in idle screen Making a call Answering and ending a call Before first use Redial and reply Your very first call Voice dial Using the carousel Flash dial Example During a call… To adjust the contrast Adjusting the earpiece volume Activate/deactivate Mute the microphone...
  • Page 5 Maintenance Settings Looking after your phone Sounds Display Efficient use of your phone Security Troubleshooting Time and date Language Menu type Philips Authentic Accessories Accessories Hotkeys Voice command Network Index Call settings Quick settings Accessories settings Use of network services...
  • Page 6: Before First Use

    Before first use Your very first call Turn the phone face down 1 Insert the micro-SIM card. Remove the micro-SIM card from the Sim card. Push the metal retaining clip to the right and lift the cardholder. Slide in the SIM card between the retaining clip and the plastic tongue with the cut corner of the card as shown on the drawing.
  • Page 7 Turn the phone face up 3 To switch on the phone. 4 Enter your PIN code if asked Press and hold the key . (see page 11). If you make a mistake, press . Then confirm by pressing the Pilot Key by pressing PIN CODE NOTE...
  • Page 8: Using The Carousel

    Using the carousel The carousel is a circular loop of icons displayed on the screen. These icons provide access to the different menus and sub menus used to operate your phone. PHILIPS SMS settings Hotkeys Read SMS Accessories Names Voice command...
  • Page 9: Activate/Deactivate

    Settings This gives you access to the sub menu: Move the Pilot Key up or down and position the icon above the cursor. Then Display confirm by pressing the Pilot Key Display You enter the menu. Move the Pilot Key up or down and position the icon above the cursor.
  • Page 10: Glossary

    Glossary DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency. The tones are transmitted by the phone to the network. They are used to interrogate answering machines, transmit codes, ... Enhanced Full Rate. Standard for high quality sound. Your phone will switch on EFR if the GSM network supports this function and asks for it. Fixed Dialling Numbers.
  • Page 11: Your Phone

    Y our phone Description of the phone 4 Pilot Key It allows fast and easy access to the different menus and allows you to confirm your choice - During a call, it controls the volume. - In the Names list, menus or lists it scrolls up or down.
  • Page 12: Screen

    Screen Carousel: MENU A loop of icons on your display which provides access to the menu of your choice. Date and time Names Displayed in idle screen. To set the date and time, see "Settings" pages 37 and 42. Network Name Indicators Alarm clock Indicates that the alarm is activated.
  • Page 13: Initial Start Up Procedure

    Initial start up procedure The micro-SIM card To use your phone, you must insert a valid SIM card that is supplied by your GSM service provider. Your phone requires a micro-SIM card. The SIM card contains your subscription number and your GSM phone number. It also contains a memory in which you can store phone numbers and messages.
  • Page 14: The Battery

    The battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. A new battery is not fully charged. Charge it by following the procedure on page 12. A battery is only fully charged after having been charged and then totally discharged two or three times.
  • Page 15: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery A charger is supplied with the phone, in the box. • Clip the battery on the phone. • Plug the charger into the right socket at the base of the phone as shown below. • Plug the transformer unit into a mains AC power socket with easy access. symbol indicates the state of charge: •...
  • Page 16: Making An Emergency Call

    Making an emergency call 112: European emergency call Key in the emergency number for your present location (e.g. 112 or other official emergency number). Emergency numbers vary depending on the location. • Switch on the phone. The display shows the welcome screen. Even if you are asked for your PIN code, your phone will function without it.
  • Page 17: Using Your Phone

    Using your phone Switching on • Press and hold the key. • Enter your PIN code if asked and press the Pilot Key NOTE: The PIN code requirement is a security feature that you can switch on and off using the “PIN protection*” menu (see page 42).
  • Page 18: Events In Idle Screen

    For example, when using the basic text input, to enter "Love", you have to press thrice, press thrice, press thrice and press twice. The word "Love" will appear on the screen. For more details, see pages 21, 22 and 23. NOTES: A number can contain a maximum of 40 digits, depending on your SIM card.
  • Page 19: Answering And Ending A Call

    Answering and ending a call Incoming call When receiving a call, the phone rings, the animation and appear on the display, and the green LED flashes. Depending on your subscription, the caller’s number may be displayed, if your correspondent has enabled this information to be transmitted. If this number is in the Names list, the corresponding name shall be displayed instead of the number.
  • Page 20: Redial And Reply

    Redial and reply The phone stores the last 30 numbers (called, missed or received). You can redial or reply to any of these numbers and dial it directly. The most recent is displayed first. In idle screen: • Press the Pilot Key to access the main Menu.
  • Page 21: Flash Dial

    Flash dial You can associate any of the keys with a Names list entry to give you direct access, through a single long key press, to a frequently used phone number (see page 26). Keys are defined and cannot be changed. (See page 44). In idle screen: •...
  • Page 22: Unmute The Microphone

    Unmute the microphone If the microphone is muted. • Press the Pilot Key and select Unmute Confirm by pressing the Pilot Key The microphone is unmuted. Writing in the notepad The notepad is a temporary memory in which you can note down a number during a call. During a call: •...
  • Page 23: Locking The Keypad

    Locking the keypad You can lock the keypad to protect the keys from being pressed accidentally (for example, when the phone is in your pocket). In idle screen: • Press the Pilot Key in the Settings menu, select Security Keypad lock .
  • Page 24: Activate/Deactivate The Vibrator

    Activate/deactivate the vibrator If you have the Vibra battery and if you have set the function, your phone vibrates when you receive an incoming call. In idle screen: • Press the Pilot Key , select Settings Sounds then Vibrator Move the Pilot Key up or down to select and press the Pilot Key...
  • Page 25: How To Use T9™ Text Input

    of the character on the key. For example, entering the English word "easy" requires only 4 key presses with T9™ Text Input, but as many as 10 key presses with using a Multi-Tap technology, therefore, a significant productivity advantage exists with T9™ Text Input. How to use T9™...
  • Page 26: Basic Text Input

    Basic text input If your phone provides you with the T9™ Text Input by default, please select “ABC” basic text input using key to access the basic text input. While in this mode, the alphabets and symbols represented by each key are: Upper case Lower case space 1 @ # = <...
  • Page 27: Using The Menus

    Using the menus Easy to find and simple to use in either Advanced menu or Simple menu mode via the Pilot Key, the menus contain all your GSM phone functions. All the menus have icons with scrollable lists and are used in the same way. The messages displayed on the screen explain what you have to do.
  • Page 28 Display Voice command* Zoom Network Backlight Register again Animation* Preferred list Contrast Security Call settings Keypad lock Call forward Public names* Autoredial* Call barring* Any key answer* Change codes Call waiting* PIN protection Caller ID Time and date Quick settings Clock display Set date Personal...
  • Page 29: Names

    Names menu allows you to consult the list of your correspondents, add new names, write Names and send messages. The names are listed in alphabetical order. You can scroll through the list using the Pilot Key or by entering the first letter of the name. In the list you can choose from the following: <New>...
  • Page 30: Emergency

    Delete menu allows you to delete the number and selected name. Delete Change menu allows you to modify the selected name, number and determine whether Change it is a fax, phone or data transmission number. Emergency The selection displays the emergency call number. Press to dial.
  • Page 31 To see Add icon the image, the receiver needs a GSM mobile phone which supports emotion icons (Philips Savvy or Ozeo for example). Otherwise the equivalent code will be displayed at the end of the receiver’s message.
  • Page 32 Image Code sent Events Party o<I Cake Gift Drink >-I Coffee Holidays Cloudy Sunny >o< Flower @>- Money Snowman <:7 Music Shopping Lunch Sports Ball Shoot Goal! Victory :-> Red card Racquet Boarding Golf Save option allows you to store the current message and its associated icon if there is any Save before sending the message.
  • Page 33: Read Sms

    Read SMS menu allows you to consult the list of SMS you have saved and received. Read SMS Using different carousels, you can also delete, reply, re-send or forward these messages. Saved Messages MESSAGES The messages you sent are labelled with in normal mode or with in auto save SMS mode (see page 31).
  • Page 34: Broadcast Sms

    SMS centre option allows you to select your default SMS SMS centre centre. If not available on your SIM card, you can enter your SMS centre number. Signature option allows you to send a signature together with your SMS. This signature Signature consists of a series of characters showing your default account number and name.
  • Page 35: Mailboxes

    menu allows you to select the type of messages you would like to be District Code permanently displayed on the idle screen. As a result, for this special handling of the message, you must enter the type in both the menu and the menu.
  • Page 36 Add a New event This provides access to four different types of events: Meeting, To Do, Quick Settings, Holidays. Select one to create a new event. Meeting menu allows you to enter a date, a start and end time, the main details, and an Meeting alert.
  • Page 37: Day View, Week View And Month View

    Delete menu allows you to delete the event. It is better to remove the past events. Delete Day view, Week view and Month view In each organiser view moving the Pilot Key upwards Day view Week view Month view or downwards allows you to display the next or the previous day, week and month.
  • Page 38: Euro

    Show balance menu allows you to check the remaining credit (compared with your previously Show balance set limit). Cancel cost limit menu allows you to cancel the cost limit. It may be protected by PIN or PIN2 Cancel cost limit codes (depending on your subscription).
  • Page 39: Brick Game

    Brick Game consists in breaking a complete set of bricks with a ball and a racket. When Brick Game you have broken all of them, you play with a new set of bricks (new level). Game principle : • the ball is moving through the screen, rebounding on different elements. When it hits a brick, the brick disappears and your performance increases.
  • Page 40: Alarm Clock

    Alarm clock REPEAT EVENT menu allows you to activate, deactivate and set Alarm clock the alarm function of your phone. Every day : activates the alarm at a set hour on a set day. Once : activates the alarm at a set hour every day of the week. Every day : activates the alarm at a set hour on weekdays only.
  • Page 41: Sounds

    Sounds menu allows you to select the different ringer Sounds melodies and alert. Ringer volume option allows you to set the volume of your Ringer ringer: it may be Increasing, High, Medium, Low or Silent. You can use a Hotkey to activate the silent mode (see page 20). By default the ringer volume is set to ’Medium’.
  • Page 42: Key Tones

    How to obtain such a melody NOTES LENGTHS HEIGHTS TYPE VALUE note Minim 4 times note Dotted minim 3 times note Sharp B-flat 7 times and * note Dotted quaver B-sharp 6 times Key tones This menu allows you to activate or deactivate the key tones. Key tones Even if Key Tones are set Off, DTMF are "played"...
  • Page 43: Display

    Display menu allows you to set the zoom, the backlight, the contrast and screen Display animation (only in Advanced mode). Zoom menu allows you to activate or deactivate the Zoom zoom function. It enlarges the size of text used in the menus. Backlight menu allows you to select the backlight Backlight...
  • Page 44: Public Names

    Public names PUBLIC NAMES menu allows you to lend your phone with Public names your subscriber card. It allows you to restrict calls to numbers that you have previously defined in your Public Names list. This function may depend on your subscription Call restriction (in Advanced mode only).
  • Page 45: Time And Date

    menus enable you All calls International Inter. except home to bar Data calls All calls Voice calls Fax calls Incoming menu allows you to select . It also provides access to Incoming All calls When Roaming menu that removes bans on incoming calls. Cancel menu and the menu, allow you to select...
  • Page 46: Language

    Set date SET DATE 30/03/2000 option allows you to set the date by pressing Set date Thursday 30 the respective keys. You can set the date by moving the Pilot March 2000 key up or down Set time SET TIME option allows you to set the time.
  • Page 47: Hotkeys

    Speakers option allows you to listen to your phone conversations, either through the car Speakers kit speaker or the radio speaker (if available). Car kit command allows you to activate the voice dial via a voice tag. The phone plugged on the Car kit command car kit, use this menu to program the voice command by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Page 48: Voice Command

    Direct access to the calculator. Calculator Redials the last number dialled. Redial last num. Redials the number of the last incoming call. Reply last num. Immediate access to the zoom feature. Zoom on\off Dials the emergency call number. SOS call Sends a message selected from the messages list.
  • Page 49: Call Settings

    Preferred list menu allows you to build a network list in order of your preference. Once Preferred list defined, the phone will try to register on a network, according to your preferences. The following settings are available: • show the list of preferred networks and: - either delete a network from the list, - or move a network to a different position in the list, •...
  • Page 50: Autoredial

    The conditional option, in Simple mode will divert all incoming calls if you don’t reply, if you are not reachable or if you are busy. In Advanced mode, you can set any of these options independently. • Deactivate option allows you to deactivate the status of all call forwarding. Deactivate •...
  • Page 51: Quick Settings

    Caller ID menu allows you to choose whether you want to show or hide your identity Caller ID to your correspondent. The status option will inform you if this function is activated or not. This feature is only available if both the network and your subscription allow it. Quick settings menu allows you to access a group of Quick settings...
  • Page 52: Accessories Settings

    Accessories settings Headset Desktop Fast charger Data Car & Desktop & CLA & Fast charger & headset headset headset headset ¤ ¤ ¤ Vibrator* Inactive Inactive Inactive Ring Medium Loud Medium Loud Medium Medium volume ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ Key tones Active ¤...
  • Page 53: Use Of Network Services

    Use of network services Additional GSM network services (GSM strings) The phone supports standard GSM strings. These can be sent from the keypad to the network. They are used to activate all supplementary services provided by the network (see your service provider).
  • Page 54: Making A Second Call

    Interrogating your answering machine (example): To hear all messages (code 3, say) on your answering machine (password 8421) at phone 12345678w8421p3. number 12345678, you could call: The phone dials 12345678 and waits for the call to connect. When connected, the phone transmits 8421 (the password), pauses 2.5 seconds, and then sends the last digit.
  • Page 55: Answering A Second Call

    Answering a second call You are able to receive another call when already in communication (if this feature is available on your network). When you receive a second call the phone emits an alert beep and the screen displays Call waiting (see Call waiting menu, page 47).
  • Page 56: Conference Call (Subscription Dependent)

    Conference Call (Subscription dependent) The user can activate the conference call by making consecutive outgoing calls, or create it from a multiparty call context. The user may have up to five members at the same time. He can end the conference with .
  • Page 57: Precautions

    Precautions Radio wave safety Your cellular phone is a radio transmitter/receiver. When it is switched on, it transmits and receives radio waves in the frequency ranges of 880MHz to 960MHz and 1710MHz to 1885MHz. The GSM network controls the power at which the phone transmits. This varies between 0.01 watt and 2 watts.
  • Page 58: Battery Safety

    • Do not use battery chargers other than those specified in the manufacturer’s catalogue. The use of another charger may be dangerous and will invalidate any type approval given to the phone. • Under no circumstances should the removal plug section of the travel charger be connected to a main supply without the transformer attached.
  • Page 59: Use While Driving

    Please remember to observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of your packaging materials, exhausted batteries and old phone and where possible promote their recycling. Philips has marked the battery and packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your eventual waste. Battery: •...
  • Page 60: Maintenance

    Maintenance Your phone will give you years of trouble-free service if you give it a little care and attention. Look after it carefully, keep it clean and dry. Looking after your phone Your phone is a highly sophisticated electronic device. Treat it with care. •...
  • Page 61: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Solution The display shows Somebody tried to use your phone but didn’t know the PIN code nor the unblocking code (PUK). Contact your BLOCKED when you service provider. switch on. The network connection is lost. Either you are in a symbols radio shadow (in a tunnel or between tall buildings) or are not displayed.
  • Page 62 Problem Solution Your phone does not This feature is network dependent. The network, display the phone therefore, may not send the caller’s number to your number of incoming Call 1 mobile and the phone will display . Please note calls. that this feature is network or subscription dependent.
  • Page 63: Philips Authentic Accessories

    Philips Authentic Accessories "When Performance Counts ... Philips Authentic Accessories are Designed to Maximize the Performance of Your Philips Phone." BATTERIES Standard Vibra Battery BVX 169/P 9911 240 33036 • A Lightweight power pack-easy to insert and go. • Silent vibration alerts you to incoming calls.
  • Page 64: Desktop Charger

    9911 240 35136 90 – 240V • Compact and convenient solution to charging your phone and spare battery. • Compatible with Philips Authentic Fast Travel Charger and Cigarette Lighter Adapter. • Charges the batteries between 75 and 120 minutes* NOTE Approximate times depending upon battery type and usage.
  • Page 65 Internet. To maximize the performance of your phone and not void the warranty, always purchase Philips Authentic Accessories that are specially designed for use with your phone. Philips Consumer Communications cannot be held liable for any damage due to use with non authorised accessories.
  • Page 66: Index

    Index call counters 24 call forward 25 accessories 25 call forwarding 25 accessories menu 25 call list 24 accumulated call timers 24 call restriction 41 accumulated cost 24 call settings 25 activating car kit command 25 call waiting 25 activating network services 45 caller ID 25 advanced menu 25 caller identification option 25...
  • Page 67 earpiece 8 language 25 earpiece volume 18 language setting 25 easy hands-free car kit 61 last call info 24 emergency call 13 last call information 24 emotion icons 28 leather pouch 62 entering characters 8 LED 4 entering phone numbers 4 local laws and regulations 55 events 24 locking the keypad 20...
  • Page 68 Names list autonomy 48 car 49 add a flash dial 26 headset 49 add a voice tag 17 meeting 48 adding an entry 26 normal 48 call list 32 outdoors 48 calling from 6 silence 48 consulting 26 copying from the call list 32 deleting an entry 27 finding an entry 27 radio mute 61...
  • Page 69 SMS centre 24 volume keys 38 SMS settings 24 SOS call 13 wait characters 50 sounds 24 warranty 62 spare batteries 61 week view 24 speakers 25 writing a message 27 standard Vibra Battery tbd 60 storing a message 31 storing a name 26 zoom 25 storing a number 26...
  • Page 70 Tegic Euro. Pat. App. 0842463...