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System Features - Panasonic KX-TDA50 Brochure & Specs

Digital hybrid ip-pbx system.
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System Features

SD Card
Flexibility is the key with any telephone system. The system
software and local database information are stored perma-
nently on the removable Panasonic SD card. If for
some reason the system suffers a catastrophic
failure, you can be assured that all the important
information on your system can be easily loaded
back into the system from the SD card. In addition,
the SD card makes it a simple task to upgrade the
system with new features.
System Calling Features
Automatic Callback Busy (Camp On)
When making an intercom or CO call and the line is busy,
you can execute a callback. When the busy line becomes
free, the system will automatically alert the user that the busy
extension has become free. Once that line is picked up, the
system will automatically redial the line that was initially busy.
This is a great convenience for those who wish to continue other
projects instead of waiting around for a call to go through.
System Speed Dialing
The KX-TDA50 provides up to 1000 system speed dial
numbers (32 digits long for each) for all extension users. Both
the user and the system administrator can program system
speed dial numbers and names.
Programming and Maintenance
Panasonic TDA Certified Technicians have multiple password
protected access points to program the system and perform
maintenance. The system is equipped with a built-in RS232
and a USB port for onsite access and PC Programming. It can
also be set up so it can be accessed remotely via an optional
dial-up modem or through the Internet.
Additionally, some models in the KX-T7600 series, such as the
KX-T7636 and the KX-T7633 telephones, allow you to scroll
through the speed dial list, and simply hit the speakerphone
key to dial the number. This feature can be used for both
system and personal phone numbers.
The KX-TDA50 system allows the user to have multiple
conference calls from 3-party up to 8-party calls at the same
time. This feature can prove to be quite beneficial for those
who do a lot of conference calling within the same company.


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