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Honda H5013 Owner's Manual

Honda mid-mount rotary mower owner's manual.
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  • Page 3: Safety

    Honda tractor dealer. LTD. 1990, ALL RIGHTS for your tractor. and maintenance of the Hon- tractor, type A2 (Two Wheel for the honda H5013 at any time without written permission. part of the rotary mower when sold. Pay special attention injury...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. SAFETY INFORMATION 2. SERIAL NUMBER 3. COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION 4. INSTALLING MOWER 1. Loose parts 2. How to measure 3. Installation of front tensioner of lift link ... 4. Installation 5. Installation of cutter deck 6. Installation/Adjustment 7. Leveling the cutter deck of cutter deck lift link ...

  • Page 5


  • Page 6: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION For your safety and the safety precautions: Operator Responsibility Keep the tractor poor, or questionable Be sure all safety place, these items are installed Know to stop emergency. Understand Allowing anyone result in injury. Allowing passengers may cause the tractor Wear sturdy, full coverage with...

  • Page 7

    Fire and Burn Hazard Gasoline is extremely Use extreme care when children. Refuel in a well ventilated Allowed the engine may ignite. The accumulation haust system, or on top pulleys) may ignite. It is illegal in some areas to operate an engine without spark arrester.

  • Page 8

    Thrown Object Hazard Objects hit by the blades can be thrown and may cause serious Before mowing, and other litter and loose objects. areas at night, so you can see and avoid objects Before operating or that the optional Disengage the Power Take Off (P.T.0.) crossing a gravel...

  • Page 9

    To avoid injury to yourself tended, ALWAYS, park on level ground. disengage the power take-off. lower the attachment(s). Lock the parking stop the engine. and remove the key. Be sure to follow ferential lock. Be sure that the main transmission and reduce engine Do not apply while turning...

  • Page 10

    MAINTENANCE SAFETY Before performing thoroughly. Before cleaning, inspecting Turn off and lower Stop the engine Remove the spark plug cap. If you hit an object, tachments. Fix any damage Operating the tractor severe personal injury. Leaves, grass clippings, become a fire hazard. areas are kept clean.

  • Page 11: Serial Number

    SERIAL NUMBER The serial number is used to identify your rotary mower and may be re- quired by the dealer when ordering replacement parts. The serial number is located on the right side of the deck. Record the number here for your reference. SERIAL NUMBER...

  • Page 12: Component Identification


  • Page 13: Installing Mower

    The rotary mower unless owner qualified. To prevent accidental disconnect the spark plug cap before installing Install with the tractor Lock the parking brake, set the transmission front and rear P.T.O. 1. Loose parts The parts carton contains rotary mower, check for any missing CUTTER DECK LIFT ROD SPZT PIN...

  • Page 14: How To Measure

    1 DRIVE BELT 2. How to measure MILLIMETERS ~~~~,~~~~,~~,,,~,,,~,,,,,,,,,~,,,,,,,,I~Il~II~IIII~l’ll~Ill’~llll~llll~llll~llll~llll~llll~llli~l~ll~llll~llll~llll~llll~llll~llll~ 12 mm PLAIN WASHERS Washers are specified by inside diameter in this manual. LOCK PIN LEVER BOLT (Belt Stopper B) hardware and components: 16 mm NUTS ARE SPECIFIED BY INSIDE DIAMETER (AT THREAD DEPTH) ONT DECK LINKS EAR DECK LINK...

  • Page 15: Installation

    3. Installation of front tensioner bracket 1 Remove and retain the six 8 x 20 mm flange bolts, three on each side, from the tractor frame, front hitch pivots. FLANGE BOLTS Bx20mm FRONT HlTdH PIVOT A 2. Remove and retain the lower cover B by removing the 8 x 16 mm flange...

  • Page 16

    3. Install the drive pulley on the front P.T.O. special flange torque. Torque specification: 4. Position the front tensioner four of the bolts removed torque. Retain the remaining Torque specification: FRONT TENSl6NER (shouldered) bolt. Tighten kg-m (16 ft-lb) bracket in Step 2. Tighten two bolts.

  • Page 17

    5. Insert the end of the tensioner arm. Hook the another 6. Install the front hitch pivot A removed in Step 1 on the frame from the inside. Install the tensioner as shown, using the six 8 x 20 mm flange and tighten to the specified Torque...

  • Page 18

    4. Installation of lift link 1 Pump grease through Insert the lift arm shaft through the left side. Adjust (14.6- 14.6 in), then tighten rod in the hole in the lift arm bracket. end of the deck lift rod and insert the lock in through Recommended PLAIN WASHER LOCK PIN...

  • Page 19

    3. Slide the right and left link pivots in the holes in the frame from the inside, and install using three 8 x 20 mm flange bolts for each pivot. Slide the lift link shaft through Recommended LIFT LINK SHAFT 4.

  • Page 20: Installation Of Cutter Deck

    5. Installation of cutter Cutter deck assembly 1. Install the discharge to specified torque: Torque specification: 2. Adjust length (5.9-6.0 in.), then tighten lift plates on the cutter deck with 14 mm plain washers (gold). Install rear deck washers and lock pins (gold). REAR DECK LI deck cover using two self-locking...

  • Page 21

    W Cutter deck installation 1. Connect the spark plug cap to the spark plug and insert the ignition key in the ignition NEUTRAL. Start the engine and move the hydraulic lever (optional with the hydraulic HYDRAUilC SELECTOR LEVER (OPTIONAL Turn the descent Stop the engine disconnect the spark plug cap.

  • Page 22

    3. Release the hydraulic know counterclockwise lever to “DOWN”, NOTE: Adjustment Connect right bracket on the tractor, mm lock pins (gold). Install the left cutter deck lift plate and rear deck link the same way. CUTTER DECK- LIFT PLATE REAR DECK LINK PLAIN W&HER lock by turning the hydraulic...

  • Page 23

    5. Adjust length (11.8- 11.9 in.), then tighten cutter deck link to the right side of the cutter bracket on the tractor. lock pins. NOTE: To ease bracket, raise the front of the deck slightly Align the hole in the right bracket of the front link protector pin at the center mm lock pin (black).

  • Page 24: Installation/adjustment

    6. Installation/Adjustment Never attempt ing. Remove the ignition spark plug caps to prevent Wear heavy gloves to protect working with the cutter If the tractor has been running, Allow them to cool before IMPORTANT NOTICE 1 To assure wear. Use only Honda 1.

  • Page 25

    3. Position the. V belt driven stopper install using 10 x 20 mm flange Tighten the bolt to the specified Torque specifications: 10 mm flange kg-m (29 ft-lb) 8 mm flange bolt: kg-m (16 ft-lb) V-BELT DRIVEN STOPPER (BELT STOPPER A) 4.

  • Page 26

    Check that the belt is properly twist between the drive pulley and the idler pulley. of the belt goes in the “V” 5. Start the engine, part) to “FRONT”, lift lever. 6. Turn descent descent. 7. Stop the engine 8. Screw in the belt tension tacts the stopper...

  • Page 27: Leveling The Cutter Deck

    7. Leveling the cutter 1. Place the tractor 2. Check that the gauge cutter deck with the hydraulic just knob fully remove and relocate speed adjust knob to its original position; The cutter descent speed adjust deck. 3. Front-to-back leveling: Measure the distance the ground...

  • Page 28

    4. To adjust, remove the lock pin and washer from the right and left link adjust pins. Loosen the adjust pin lock nuts and turn the pins an equal number of full turns: out lowers the front clearance; in raises the clearance.

  • Page 29

    8. Adjustment of cutter Cutter deck lift plate 1. Place the tractor brake. 2. Start the engine, part) to “FRONT”, lift lever. 3. Turn the descent 4. Stop the engine, 5. Adjust the deck lift plates until the height of the cutter deck is equal1 on both sides by loosening as required.

  • Page 30: Adjustment

    Cutter deck lift rod 1. The cutter deck lift rod can be adjusted cutter deck plate (step-5). After adjustment, securely. 2. Do not adjust the cutter deck lift rod less than 367 mm (I 4.5 in.) for the first time. If the height of the cutter in.) with the cutter deck lift rod being 367 mm (14.5 the height...

  • Page 31: Pre-operation Checks

    For safe and efficient before starting: Never run the engine adequate ventilation. that may cause loss of consciousness Inspect with the tractor Lock the parking brake, set the transmission front and rear P.T.O. NEUTRAL FRONT P.T.O. MAIN TRANSMSSION CLUTCH LEVER LEVER 1.

  • Page 32: Deck Drive Belt

    2. Deck drive belt To avoid disconnect the spark plug cap to prevent 1. Lower the cutter the spark plug lead. Visually other faults. If the drive belt is faulty, cedure described 2. Reconnect cylinder selector ter deck fully with the hydraulic ‘HYDRAULiC SELECTOR LEVER (OPTIONAL...

  • Page 33

    3. Turn the descent DESCENT SPEiD ADJUST KNOB 4. Push the hydraulic ter deck is locked in the fully raised position. “NEUTRAL” and then stop the engine and remove 5. With the cutter tacts the stopper If the arm does not contact clockwise until contact TENSIONER ARM...

  • Page 34: Blade Condition

    3. Blade condition Before each use, check each cutter 1. Start the engine tional part) to “FRONT”, hydraulic lift clockwise to prevent 2. Push the hydraulic ter deck is locked “NEUTRAL” and then stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug. To avoid severe Remove the ignition...

  • Page 35

    If any of the blades thorough inspection dull blade can be sharpened, otherwise damaged replacement, take the cutter deck to your authorized Or if you have the proper yourself. Severe personal injury thrown from under the cutter Never operate the lawn tractor Never operate the lawn tractor at the base of its upturned...

  • Page 36

    OPERATIOIN Never run the engine adequate ventilation. that may cause loss of consciousness 1. Adjusting cutting Be sure all moving height. Contacting moving 1. Park the tractor 2. Make sure the main transmission front and rear P.T.O. center (Neutral) 3. Start the engine, part) to “FRONT”...

  • Page 37: Starting

    2. Descent speed adjustment Adjust the descent speed of the cutter deck by turning adjust knob. Adjustment deck to lower from the highest Turning the knob clockwise turning it counterclockwise NOTE: Uneven mowing 3. Starting 1. Start the engine. auxiliary transmission CLUTCH PEDAL is normal if it takes...

  • Page 38

    2. Lower the cutter full throttle. 3. Depress the brake pedal and release the parking deck and increase engine THROTTLE LEVER BRAKE PEDAL speed. Always mow at brake lock lever. PARKING BRAKE LOCK LEVER...

  • Page 39

    The cutter blades will start to 4. Move the front P.T.O. lever to “ON”. rotate. FRONT P.T.O. LEVER...

  • Page 40: Two And Four Wheel Drive (a4 Type Only)

    4. Two and Four Wheel Two and four wheel wheel drive select lever. Prior to shifting, set the steering ing the tractor to a complete NOTE: If difficulty gears by driving the tractor engaged. In 4-wheel traction when rouding ground by the wheels.

  • Page 41: Mowing

    5. Mowing Before operating this tractor INFORMATION on pages 3-8. Rotating blades and thrown Always stop the engine Unseen hazards Look for and avoid terrain. Operating the tractor cause it to tip or roll over. Certain maneuvers surfaces; avoid sharp turns, Also, avoid backing Decomposing...

  • Page 42: Cutting Patterns

    6. Cutting patterns These cutting patterns surface. In a small area First make 2 or 3 turns continue cutting In a large area The first round of cuts is the key to making or 3 turns in a clockwise turn to the right and continue have finished the upper half of the area.

  • Page 43

    Mowing unsquare If your mowing area is not square several blocks so you can mow in a neat mowing Overlapping on straightaways. Be sure that each mowing overlap width is between the mower’s front tires. Overlapping in curves When cutting in curves and turns, shift to a slower speed and be sure to overlap the previous mower.

  • Page 44: Stopping

    7. Stopping To avoid injury to yourself tor unattended, ALWAYS: take-off (P.T.O.), lower the cutter brake, stop the engine In an emergency: Turn the engine switch In normal use: 1. Move the throttle 2. Depress the clutch Move the main transmission BRAKE PEDAL and others, park on level...

  • Page 45

    3. Shift the front and reat P.T.O. FRONT P.T.O:CLUTCH 4. Lower any attachment 5. Turn the engine levers to the “OFF” LEVER to the ground with the hydraulic LiFT LEVER HYDRAULIC switch to “OFF” and remove IGNITION SWITCH KEY position. lift lever.

  • Page 46

    6. Push down the park brake pedal. To avoid injury to yourself tor unattended, ALWAYS: take-off (P.T.O.), lower engine and remove the key. lock lever and others, park on level grounb, the attachment, set the parking while depressing the brake PARK BRAKE LOCK LEVER before leavina the trac-...

  • Page 47: Maintenance

    Periodic maintenance good operating condition. MAINTENANCE SHCEDULE. To avoid carbon monoxide ming any maintenance. or even partially enclosed, amount of exhaust sure the area is welLventilated. To avoid serious maintenance. Shut the engine maintenance. To prevent accidental disconnect the spark plug cap. The tractor should unless the owner...

  • Page 48: Deck Drive Belt Replacement

    2. Deck drive belt replacement Set the gauge wheel To replace the drive belt, observe 1. Lower the cutter LT STOPPER A (V-BELT DRIVEN STOPPER) 2. Loosen the belt tension pulley and remove posite side. BELT TiNSION ADJUST 3. Remove the belt from the cutter 4.

  • Page 49: Cutter Deck Removal

    3. Cutter deck removal 1. Start the engine tional part) to the “FRONT” hydraulic lift lever. 2. Stop the engine 3. Set the gauge wheel 4. Lower the cutter and disconnect To avoid severe and disconnect 5. Remove the cutter 6.

  • Page 50: Blade Belt Inspection

    8. Turn the steering the steering from right side of tractor. right side of tractor. 4. Blade belt inspection 1. Remove the cutter 2. Remove the five 8 mm nuts, remove the right and left pulley covers, and clean any grass and other foreign covers.

  • Page 51: Cutter Deck Cleaning

    5. Cutter deck cleaning To prevent ing the cutter deck. 1. Remove the cutter 2. Remove the five 8 mm nuts, covers. 3. Remove grass and other foreign 4. Turn the cutter and other debris. 5. Reinstall the belt covers, 6.

  • Page 52: Blade Bolt Tightness/blade

    7. Blade bolt tightness/Blade To avoid severe disconnect the spark plug cap to prevent heavy gloves to protect W Blade bolt tightness 1. Remove the cutter 2. Turn the cutter 3. Clean dirt and grass from the blade and the inside of the cutter deck. 4.

  • Page 53

    Blade installation 1. Clean dirt and grass from the blade, blade holder, the cutter deck. 2. Install the blade holder, 1 IMPORTANT NOTICE 1 Be sure blade tightening the blade bolt. Do not allow.the the holder. Install the washer The blade bolt and washer and must not be replaced 3.

  • Page 54

    8. Fasteners tightness/Lubrication Check all nuts, bolts and fasteners Check and apply grease Recommended Grease: GREiSE FITTING points and tighten where noted. SAE Multipurpose Grease securely if necessary.

  • Page 55: Storage

    1. Remove the cutter 2. Turn the cutter deck upside down. water, and dry thoroughly. 3. For longer service mower housing clean washing it down with brush and scraper. Cleaning and rust prevention storage. 1 IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Washing premature bearing wear.

  • Page 56: Cutting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Poor finishing/appearance. 1. Tractor speed too fast 2. Grass accumulation inside deck. 3. Dull blade 4. Tires improperly 5. Mower not level 6. Wrong cutter deck height- 7. Engine speed too low Blades do not rotate 1. Blade drive belt worn or broken 2.

  • Page 57

    Deep cut 1. Cutting height too low 2. Tractor speed too high 3. Uneven surface 4. Rough and uneven Excessive vibration 1. Unbalanced blades 2. Drive/blade belt damaged 3. Pulley (s) damaged alignment Engine speed drops excessively 1. Engine speed too low 2.

  • Page 58: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS MODEL Power products description Overall length Overall width Blade length Blade spindle speed Gauge wheel Deck lifting/lowering Deck mounting MID-MOUNT code 1,520 Left and center Right (2) 150 Hydraulic 4-point ROTARY MOWER mm (34.6 mm (59.8 mm (15.5 3,815 4,200 mm (5.9 in) Diameter...

  • Page 59: Warranty Service

    Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction and goodwill Honda warranty details ty. Normally, any problems dealer’s service department. been handled to your satisfaction, action: Discuss your problem with a member of dealership complaints can be quickly already been reviewed the dealership or the General If your problem still has not been resolved to your satisfaction, Power...

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