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Introduction - Honda Security System Operating Instructions Manual

Honda security system operating instructions
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Congratulations on your purchase of this Honda Security System.
Your Honda Security System is the product of years of research
and development. It will give you many years of reliable
performance, protection, and convenience.
The system consists of two major components: a main unit and a
remote control transmitter.
The main unit is the "brain" of the system . The built-in
programmable microprocessor monitors your vehicle for optimal
protection while offering various options to tailor the system to the
preferences of different users.
The remote control allows you to turn the system on and off from
outside the vehicle while simultaneously locking and unlocking the
. The transmitter can also be used to intentionally activate
the horn in case of an emergency.
To take full advantage of your Honda Security System, we
encourage you to read this manual thoroughly.
The Security System can be operated with the vehicle's Keyless Entry System.
For operation of the Keyless Entry System, refer to the vehicle Owner's Manual or Owner's Manual for the optional keyless entry system.
Only on vehicles equipped with power door locks.
© 2004 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved.
Due to the expertise required to properly install the Honda
Security System, we highly recommend that the installation be
performed by your Honda dealer. Proper wiring and component
placement are essential for optimum system performance.



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