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Honda Connex SCD20 User Manual

Sophisticated vehicle tracking system
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Honda Connex SCD20
Honda Connex SCD20
User Manual



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  • Page 1 Honda Connex SCD20 Honda Connex SCD20 User Manual...
  • Page 2 Honda Connex SCD20...
  • Page 3 Honda Connex SCD20 Introduction Precaution Honda Connex is a sophisticated vehicle tracking system with a 24 hour To reduce the possibility of the car being broken into or stolen, the following precautions should always be taken when leaving the car Secure Operating Centre (SOC) theft monitoring and stolen vehicle unattended.
  • Page 4 Important Honda Connex recognises you as the authorised driver by detecting your To reduce the risk of car theft, lost driver card should immediately be reported unique driver card when you turn or push the ignition on to start the car.
  • Page 5 Honda Connex will also send an SMS alert if the car battery charge is Forced unset mode allows the car to be started and driven without the low. Have the car battery checked.
  • Page 6 Honda Connex SCD20 Compensation Guarantee (CG) Honda Connex CG is a unique Compensation Guarantee that addresses the financial implications associated with vehicle theft. Compensation Recovery and repair - if your car is broken into or stolen and recovered within 72 hours by the SOC, you will be compensated towards the cost of repair at an Authorised Honda Dealer.
  • Page 7 Honda Connex SCD20 What to do if you discover your car stolen What happens when the SOC receive a theft without any theft alert alert from your car? If a theft alert is generated from your car, for example if it is being...
  • Page 8: Web Application

    • Change your web access system generated password To access the web application, log on to, click the Login tab and enter your Client ID and Password. Your client ID is provided in your Honda Connex welcome letter and your Password is sent to your mobile phone in the welcome SMS message. Note Instructions for using the web application can be found in the web application on-line help. The online help provides full details of the features including detailed description of each window and how to navigate through the application.
  • Page 9 Honda Connex SCD20 Driver card battery change The driver card has an internal battery that will last in excess of 12 months. If the LED on the card blinks in an irregular way or fails to blink when the button is pressed for at least 10 seconds, this indicates that the battery is low.
  • Page 10 Connex Customer Service will be in contact with you when the service is due for renewal. Warranty The Honda Connex system warranty covers comprehensive parts and labour for 3 years from the date of purchase or service activation whichever is the earlier.
  • Page 11 Honda Connex SCD20 What messages you will receive via sms In addition to the security protection of Honda Connex, the system also monitors various other parameters and will send SMS messages to help you manage your service. These messages are described in the table below:...
  • Page 12 Honda Connex SCD20 Message Type Reason for Message Your Actions Call the SOC. Automatic disarm mode This message is sent if the configured time period for the Forced failure Unset mode has passed but the system has been unable to unset this mode in the device. The device has detected that the driver card battery is low.
  • Page 13 Honda Connex SCD20 Change of details Should any of your personal details change, call Connex Customer Service. For example: • You have changed the registration plate of your car. • You are selling your car. • You want to transfer the system to your new car. • You are a new owner who has bought a pre-owned Honda already fitted with Honda Connex and need to register with the SOC. • You have changed your address registered with the SOC. • You have changed your mobile phone number registered with the SOC.
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