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General Working Instructions - Husqvarna DM 330 Operator's Manual

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General working instructions

WARNING! This section takes up the basic
safety precautions for working with the
drilling machine. This information is never a
substitute for professional skills and
experience. If you encounter a situation
where you are uncertain how to proceed you
should ask an expert. Contact your dealer,
service agent or an experienced drilling
machine user. Do not attempt any task that
you feel unsure of!
The machine has a very high torque. This demands good
concentration during work, as serious personal injuries
can occur if the drill bit suddenly jams.
Keep your hands at a safe distance from the drill spindle
and drill bit when the machine is running.
Keep an eye open for oil or water leakage. If water or oil
trickles out from the leakage hole on the top of the pinion
neck, the seals must be replaced.
Stand drilling
The machine is intended for stand mounted drilling.
We recommend the stand Husqvarna DS 450 for use with
the drill engine.
Make sure that the stand is secured correctly.
Make sure that the drilling machine is secured correctly in
the stand.
8 –
Drilling outdoors
Always use extension cables that are approved for
outdoor use.
Drilling in ceilings and the like
Use a water collector to avoid water penetrating into the
machine. The machine must be covered with plastic or the
like in order to prevent water penetrating into the machine,
but do not cover the air intakes and air outlets.
IMPORTANT! The air intake must not be covered.