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Presentation - Husqvarna DM 330 Operator's Manual

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DM 330
It is our wish that you will be satisfied with your product and
that it will be your companion for a long time. Think of this
operator's manual as a valuable document. By following its'
content (using, service, maintenance etc) the life span and
the second-hand value of the machine can be extended. If
you ever lend or sell this machine, make sure that the
borrower or buyer gets the operator's manual, so they will
also know how to properly maintain and use it.
A purchase of one of our products gives you access to
professional help with repairs and services. If the retailer who
sells your machine is not one of our authorised dealers, ask
him for the address of your nearest service workshop.
Husqvarna Construction Products has a policy of continuous
product development. Husqvarna reserves the right to modify
the design and appearance of products without prior notice
and without further obligation introduce design modifications.
DM 330 is an electric stand drill, intended for drilling holes
in concrete, bricks and various stone materials.
The drilling machine has a modular design and is easy to
The machine is equipped with a water connection which
can be rotated 180 degrees to facilitate work.
DM 330 has three speed ranges for drill sizes up to 350
mm on the low speed version and 250 mm on the high
speed version.
The machine has a water cooled gearbox with a pipe that
runs through the spindle.
The machine is equipped with LEDs which indicate the
power output. This way you can always get maximum
power output without damaging the machine.
The drilling machine is equipped with Softstart
, Elgard
and speed control.
10 –


softer start. Maximum speed is reached about three seconds
after the machine is turned on.
If the Smartstart
In Smartstart
button is pressed in again. These functions are of great use
for creating a pilot hole for drilling.
factors such as rated input voltage and ambient temperature.
This way you can always get maximum power output without
damaging the machine.
If the motor is overloaded, the overload protection pulses the
motor. Reduce the load and the motor returns to its normal
speed. The overload protection disconnects the power, if the
machine is subjected to heavy loads or if the drill bit jams.
Reset the machine by switching it off and then on again. If the
drill bit jams, the mechanical slip clutch protects the gearbox
before the overload protection disconnects the power.
Speed control
The speed control function provides the machine with a
limited idling speed. This provides a more effective cooling of
the machine at idle speed.
The carrying handle makes it easy to carry/transport the
machine and facilitates mounting it on the stand.
is an electronic current limiter which provides a
button is pressed in the speed is reduced.
mode the machine has less power until the
is an electronic overload protection. It considers