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Maintenance; General; Changing The Drill Bit; Cleaning - Husqvarna DM 330 Operator's Manual

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IMPORTANT! Inspection and/or maintenance should be
carried out with the motor switched off and the plug
The lifetime of your machine can be extended considerably if
it is used, cared for and maintained in the proper manner.

Changing the drill bit

1 Pull out the plug.
2 Get:
- The new drill bit.
- Open-ended spanners, size 24 mm and 32 mm.
- Water-resistant grease.
3 Remove the old drill bit using the open-ended spanners.
4 Apply water-resistant grease to the thread of the new drill
5 Attach the drill bit using the open-ended spanners.
Before the machine is started, carefully check that the new bit
is firmly attached.
12 –



Keep the machine and drill bit clean in order for drilling to
be carried out safely.
Keep the handle dry and free of grease and oil.
In order for the machine to always be cooled sufficiently
the cooling air openings must be kept clear and clean.
Use compressed air to periodically clean the motor.
Remove the inspection cover and clean the cover.

Electrical Feed

Check that the cord and extension cord are intact and in good
condition. Never use the machine if the cord is damaged,
hand it in to an authorized service workshop for repair.
WARNING! Never use damaged cables that
can cause serious, even fatal, personal